Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ambika asks Kabir to find about Suraj’s past

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kesar and Ambika are resting on the latter’s bed. Kesar and Ambika pray that they shall get mother and daughter like them to everyone. Kesar says good bye and turns to sleep. Ambika gets up and talks to Dheeran’s photo, and says being Kesar’s mother, I shall find out about Suraj though he is my son, before giving my daughter’s hand to him. Kesar tells the workers about the work and asks about Jyoti who is not coming for work. The other workers tell that Jyoti is unwell and says don’t know how she is taking care of her son. Kesar thinks to meet her. Ambika is in the temple and the temple bells rings by itself. She says if I ask such questions about Suraj, what anyone will think. She says if Suraj is my son, then Kesar is my daughter. She says how to find out about Suraj’s past and asks Ambe Maa to help her.

Kesar reaches Jyoti’s house. Her son opens the door. Kesar asks if I can come inside? She gets inside and sees Suraj sitting there and asking Jyoti to take medicines on time. Jyoti gets up. Kesar asks her not to get up. She asks how is she? Jyoti says she is fine because of Suraj. He says that day he heard Jyoti saying that she will send him to boarding, he asked her not to send him there. He says I came here to check if she agreed, and when I came here, she was unwell. He says he don’t want the same thing happen to her son what happened with her. He tells her that if kids are away from home, then they learn to stand on their feet, but they do many mistakes and much anger gets filled up in their hearts. Jyoti says she will not send her son. Kesar says her company will provide whatever she needs for her son. Suraj says we shall leave.

Kesar and Suraj are in the car. Kesar recalls Ambika’s decision and Suraj’s words. She thinks Suraj was telling about his childhood which was like a thorn and he feels pain even now. Ambika prays to Goddess still and asks whom to trust. Just then she hears Darshan calling Kabir and asking why he came late. She recalls the times when Kabir saved her. She thanks Ambe Maa.

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Ambika comes to Kabir. Darshan says he has improvement due to Kabir and Kesar. Suraj comes home. Ambika tells Kabir that it is mother’s responsibility to make sure that her daughter is marrying the right day and says she didn’t enquire as Suraj is her son, but she had forgotten that Suraj didn’t stay with her. She tells that she has a feeling that Suraj is hiding something from her, or that he is in trouble, she needs to know. Suraj hears her and gets upset. Ambika asks Kabir if he will help her to find out about Suraj for Kesar’s life. Suraj shouts Kesar Kesar always. He asks did you think about me even if 1 percent and wants to get my past postmortem done. Ambika tries to talk to him. Suraj says Mrs. Ambika Raj Gaur, you might be good mother for Kesar, but for me you couldn’t become a good mother and has terribly failed. It turns out to be his imagination. Ambika asks will you help me? Suraj thinks this idiot might open his mouth. Kabir says he will help her. Ambika tells Kabir that nobody shall know. Kabir promises that he will find out about Suraj’s past. Suraj thinks whatever you plan, along with Kabir, but I will not let Kesar come out of my trap, and will ruin her life after marriage, just as she has ruined my childhood.

Baa comes to Ambika and asks what she is seeing. Ambika says she thought to see Suraj’s childhood memories. Baa says what’s important that if Suraj and Kesar will be happy after marriage and if they will not hide anything from each other. Ambika thinks she is trying to find out.

Episode ends.