Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ambika decides to find about Suraj’s past

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 19th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ambika praying to Ambe Maa to protect her son and writes his problems in her destiny, or show her some way so that she can find some solution for his problem. Her pallu catches fire while she is praying still. Hetal, Jinal and Jayati come to the bangle store to buy bangles. Hetal gets Shakuntala’s call repeatedly. She goes to side and picks the call. Shakuntala asks her if she got small work for Kesar’s marriage. She tries to provoke her and asks what will happen with your daughter. Hetal says your kids feel ashamed of you, and asks her not to call her again. Shakuntala says one day I will fill hatred in you for that saas and bahu. Ambika is praying for Suraj’s still, while the fire is spreading. Kesar tells Kabir that something is burning and asks if he can smell. They rush to Ambika. Kabir sets off the fire while Kesar takes Ambika to safety and asks why you didn’t feel that fire was around you. Suraj and others come there. Ambika says I am fine. Suraj says nothing will happen to you. Kabir is setting off the fire still. Suraj lifts Ambika and thinks I can’t see you in pain, though I have many complains with you.

Kabir comes home. Aarti applies ointment on his hand and asks about Ambika. Kabir says she was praying and the fire might have broken off due to diya. He asks how do you know about it? Shakuntala thinks Aarti might tell him and tells that Dhruvi has told her.

Suraj is worried for Ambika. Ambika asks her not to worry. Kesar brings tea for her. Suraj asks how can you be so careless. He gets the message and tells that Doctor has reached, he will bring him. Kesar asks Ambika why she was worried? Ambika tells that she heard someone threatening Suraj on phone call. Kesar tells that it must be some competitor and says it happens in business. Doctor comes there and checks Ambika. He tells Ambika that she is lucky to have Suraj like son. Kesar says even Suraj is lucky to have Maasu. Later Ambika wakes up as Ananya’s words echoes in her ears. She comes to the kitchen to drink water. Kesar also gets up to sleep in Ambika’s room. Ambika comes to drink water and finds someone going out. Kesar comes to Ambika’s room and think where is Maasu?

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Ambika looks outside. Suraj removes hood from his head and tells the men that he has given all the details and tells that no phone calls shall come to him now. He says he don’t want his past to ruin his future. Ambika thinks if she shall ask him, but he will refuse. She turns and sees Kesar standing. Kesar says yes, I am here and says what you shall tell me I have enquired myself. She says congratulates Ambika behen Rajgaur and says you have become saas, and not Maa. She says if you had thought me as your daughter then you would have enquired who is threatening Suraj. Ambika asks her to listen and cries. It is her imagination. Kesar comes there and asks what happened? Ambika says she saw someone going when she came to get water. Kesar makes her sit and asks what happened? Ambika says she saw someone going on. Kesar asks why the door is opened at this time. Suraj comes there and asks what Saas and Bahu are talking? Kesar says Maa and Beti. Ambika says yes. Suraj says he will not argue with smart ladies and says he will go and sleep. Kesar asks why you went out. He says he was nervous about marriage and that’s why went. Kesar says you are trapped now. Suraj asks Ambika why you are looking at me this way, and tells that he will make her beti as her bahu. Ambika says she will go and sleep. Kesar says I will sleep with you Maasu. Suraj says goodnight ladies. Kesar closes the door. Ambika thinks she has raised Kesar as her daughter and will find suraj’s truth.

Precap: Ambika asks Kabir to help her find about Suraj’s past and says I have to find it. Suraj hears them.