Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 17th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kesar telling that she will not let her relations change even after the bidaai. Suraj comes there and says your bidaai will not happen. He says always girls have a farewell, but I will come to you after my bidaai. Kesar gets touched by his words. He makes her sit and says you have spent more time than me in this house, and you are here in this room since your childhood, I am not mean to separate you from your memories, but I want to experience those memories with you, and asks her if she will give him permission to stay with her here. Kesar starts crying. Suraj says I am sorry Kesar, I will leave if you are hurt. Kesar keeps finger on his mouth and tells that you have sacrificed your childhood for me, I will come to your room. Suraj thinks Kesar got trapped in his honey like sweet lie and thinks he will make his Maa taste the same sweet lie.

Aarti teaches dance to kids. Ansh shows them different dance steps. Kids laugh. Aarti sees Ansh and sends them home. She takes stick and hits on his hand. Ansh feels pain. Aarti gets concerned for him. Ansh and Aarti get romantic. The kids laugh. Aarti asks them to go.

Suraj comes to Ambika and thinks Maa is in good mood, and thinks to impress her. He comes to Ambika and asks what happened, you are making my favorite palak pakodas. Ambika says yes, Maa and Maasu are making. She tells that after sending him to America, she missed him so much. She says once I made it and was emotional. She says Kesar asked me and then I told her that you used to like it, and then Kesar ate that. She says since then it has become her favorite. Suraj thinks Kesar has snatched his favorite things too, and thinks he will take revenge from everyone.

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Shakuntala calls Suraj and tells that something has happened to Aarti. She says Kabir is not at home and asks him to save her. Suraj says I am coming. He ends the call and thinks he don’t care even if she dies, but has to do one more favor on Kabir. Shakuntala says Damad come here, then you can’t go. Aarti comes home. Shakuntala asks her to have kheer. Aarti refuses. Shakuntala forces her to eat. Aarti eats it and faints. Shakuntala recalls adding some liquid in it. She then pours water around Aarti which she has fallen down. Suraj comes there. Shakuntala asks him to see what has happened to Aarti. Suraj says I will see. He goes near Aarti, slips and falls on her. Shakuntala takes the photos. She asks him to take Aarti to room. Kabir is coming there and gets the call. Suraj takes her to room. Shakuntala pushes Suraj on Aarti as he makes her lie down on the bed. She then accuses him of ruining Aarti’s life and molesting her. She shows the photos and says she will send them to Kesar and Ambika, and tells that he shall marry Aarti.

Kesar looks at the gift given by Suraj and gets happy. She talks to Kanha ji’s idol and tells that your other name is Prem. She says I see your reflection in Suraj. She makes Kanha ji’s idol wear necklace. She says when he accused me, I misunderstood him, and says situation was bad.

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