Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 15th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Kesar get engaged again

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 15th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ambika telling Baa that Suraj and Kesar shall choose rings for each other. Suraj smiles. He gets Ananya’s call and rejects it. He thinks what the hell, she is calling him. Kesar asks what happened? Suraj tells that he got his friend’s call who gave diamond order. He goes to side and picks the call. He says Ananya please don’t my life and happiness by digging the land and bringing the buried dead bodies out. He says He doesnt know why she changed her mind and finds the call disconnected. Ambika calls Kabir and asks him to choose ring for Kesar. Kabir asks how can I choose? Baa says you are her childhood friend and knows her choice better. Hetal says we can’t decide and asks him to choose. Kabir selects a ring and says it will look best on Kesar. Kesar likes the ring. Baa says your childhood friend’s choice is good.

Suraj comes there and says I got late. He chooses the ring for Kesar, already liked by Kabir. Everyone laughs. Ambika says would be husband and friend’s choice is same. Baa asks them to get ready for puja. Suraj and Kesar sit for puja. Pandit ji says puja is completed, now we will do engagement. Ambika finds the ring changed. Suraj says leave it, even this ring will look good on Kesar. He recalls exchanging the ring with the ring chosen by him. Kesar says your choice is my choice. Kesar and Suraj make each other wear rings. Ambika gets emotional, while Kabir gets teary eyes. Darshan says 1..2..3 and the flower petals fall on Suraj and Kesar. Ambika says Ambe Maa ki Jai…..Pareen asks Jinal if she has found about the girl, and says next turn is of Ansh. Dhruvi records the video and says they have become of each other for forever. Kesar smiles. Suraj thinks once I marry, then I will shower my hatred on her one by one, and says my childhood was snatched from me due to Kesar. Baa blesses them to have children. Hetal says first let them marry, then only your blessing will be fulfilled. Everyone congratulates them.

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Kesar takes all elders’ blessings. Suraj comes to Kabir and says how much you got emotional, and asks him to keep some emotions for marriage. Kesar asks him not to tease him. Suraj asks if I can tease your bestfriend. Kabir congrats them both. Kesar thanks him. Kabir leaves everything on God and asks him to keep Suraj good with Kesar always. Baa gifts her necklace given by Dada ji to her. Kesar says it is Babu ji’s gift for you. Baa says it will look good on you and says if he gets fine and asks me again, then make me wear it. Kesar smiles. Baa tells them that she is happy that they are going to prove that Saas is Maa and Bahu is Beti, and tells that no misunderstanding shall come between you both. Kesar assures her.

Kabir comes home. Shakuntala asks him to have kheer. He says he is not hungry. Shakuntala says my would be bahu must have fed you with 56 bhogs. Kabir throws water on the ground and tells that Suraj and Kesar got engaged today again. He goes.

Kesar comes to Baa and Ambika and says she has changed Babu ji’s hearing aid machine. Jinal asks if the mother’s name is same on the card for both bride and groom, then it will look strange. Baa tells that people will gossip. Ambika says everyone knows about my swear. Kesar says when Masu can do my kanyadaan then why can’t her name be written on card. Everyone thinks. Ambika thinks and tells that there is a solution. She says my name is derived from Ambe Maa and says that’s why her parents’ name shall be Gauri and Shiv. Baa says it is good, they are everyone’s parents. She calls Kabir and asks him to bring the cards samples. Kabir prays to Ambe Maa that Suraj shall keep Kesar happy.

Later Kesar finds a gift and opens the box. She finds Kanha ji’s idol. Suraj comes there and says he thought to give it to her, as she has diamonds etc. Kesar gets happy. He says even he stayed away from his mother like Kanha ji.

Episode ends.