Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kesar forgives Suraj

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 12th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with everyone getting worried for Suraj and asking him to get down from the burning coal. Riddhi, Dhruvi and Ansh ask Suraj to stop. Suraj refuses. Kesar asks Suraj to stop it, holds his hand and pulls his out. Suraj thinks he will bear any pain to become superior than her, infront of his family. Kesar tells Suraj that more than repentance, penance is more important. She says repentance is done in a moment, but Penance takes all life. She says you will get just physical pain by walking on the burning coal, and tells that she never wanted him to agni pariksha. She says if we break someone’s eye in return then everyone will be blind. Suraj says I will not get peace until you forgive me, how I will get forgiveness? Kesar says I have forgiven you, but few things will be forgiven, but not forgotten, and today my self respect is hurt, and I will pray that God shall give me courage to move on forgetting whatever has happened today. She asks him to apply the ointment and says the wound which can be healed, atleast it shall be healed. She goes.

Kabir recalls the recent happenings and is worried. He comes home. Aarti hugs him and asks how is he? Kabir says he is fine and asks her to let him come inside. He sees mark on her hand and asks if Amma has done something. Aarti tells him everything about Moksh. Kabir gets angry and says he will give Moksh to Moksh.

Kesar looks at Suraj and her photo frames. Ansh, Riddhi, Dhruvi come there and shows her lehenga. Ansh asks how is it? Kesar recalls Suraj telling her that she will be more bright than Diwali light wearing this. She recalls Suraj asking her to get medical test done, and injures her hand. Riddhi gets concern for her. Ansh tells Kesar that they used to hate her, since their childhood, but now they have understood and is with her. They have a hug. Kabir comes to Moksh’s clinic and sees Moksh giving blood to his lookalike. He thinks two Moksh. Kiran tells that he wants to meet Aarti and don’t want cheating. Aarti tells Ansh on call, that Kabir went to Moksh’s clinic and gets worried for him. Kabir comes inside. Kiran hides. Kabir asks him about the injection mark on her hand, but Moksh distracts him with his excuse. Kabir warns him.

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Hetal tells Jayati and Jinal that she was wrong, but Jinesh was always with her. She says Kesar shall get Suraj’s support. Riddhi faints and falls down. Hetal checks her and says she is not drunk. She tells Jinal that it seems Riddhi is in bad company and tells that her nail color has changed and has dark circles under her eyes, and it means that she takes drugs. Jinal is shocked. Hetal says we shall not call Doctor now and shall find out the truth now. Ambika and Baa talk to Pandit ji, who tells the marriage mahurat after 7 days on ekadashi day. Ambika says we can’t force Kesar to marry. Suraj hears and thinks Kesar has to agree. Baa comes to Kesar and says Deepavali’s festival gives the message of victory of good over evil. She says I am happy that Suraj has realized his mistake and asks her to forget everything and make a new start. She says you are would be bahu of the Raj Gaur family and that’s why I want you to do today’s puja with Suraj. She asks her to take aarti. Kesar is hesitant and takes the aarti plate.

Suraj comes to know from hospital staff that Bachchan went in coma. He thinks now he can fully focus on Kesar. Ansh tells that Ambika will make them buy gold coins like always. Dhruvi asks if you will help us to make rangoli. Kesar asks where is Riddhi? Just then Suraj comes there and says Basundi and dhokla, and sits to have it. Kesar is about to go. Suraj holds her hand and asks her to have food with him. Kesar refuses. Suraj tells that he deeply regret for what he has done and says he will correct his mistake and asks what you want to do? Kesar says I want you to understand that I am a human and not a machine, and asks him to give sometime to her.

Precap: Baa tells Kesar and Suraj to do the puja. Kesar asks Baa to give her sometime, and says she has many confusion in her heart and says until she solves it, she can’t sit for puja. Suraj thinks once we get married, I will end the difference between beti and bahu and your drama also.