Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 10th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kesar and Suraj dance in the party

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 10th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kesar is making list of her marriage arrangements. Suraj thinks Kabir’s Mom called me to tell a secret and I am making list here. He snatches Paper from her hand and tells that the wedding planner can do this, and says he dont want her to forget her work. He says if her lab grown business are on track then come to office with me, and bring some ideas for me from your brilliant brain. He says don’t let your ideas go waste. Kesar says I will give my ideas to you, but today is an important day for me and I want to be at home. Suraj thinks this is what he wanted.

Kabir fills the air in the balloon and thinks he didn’t do even the half work given by Ambika. Kesar calls him and asks him to come home. Kabir says he can’t come as he is busy. He says Amma gave me a big list for Saloon stuff. Kesar asks him to come home after the work and says you wanted to tell me something, I understood you seeing your face. Suraj hears them and says you knows him so well, I will see how he tells you any of my secret. Kabir thinks how I will tell truth to Kesar on party day. Darshan comes to Kesar and says he is in team Darshan. Kesar says he is in Team Darshan. Darshan says he will fulfill all responsibilities of a brother. Kesar says how he met with an accident and gets teary eyes. Darshan looks at her papers and tells that it is wrong calculation. He tells that she has calculated wrong and tells her the right figures. Kesar is stunned and tells him that he has already proved himself good at maths. She appreciates him for doing the difficult calculation rightly.

Everyone is making the party arrangements. Pareen says he will not wear this tie. Baa says even your father will wear it. Hetal sees Kesar and asks everyone to hide the party stuff. Jayati asks Kesar what happened, if Darshan has done something. Kesar tells that Darshan is talented and he shall use his talent, and says if he wanted and agree then I want to give my accounts dept responsibility to Darshan. Ansh, Riddhi and Dhruvi hug Darshan. Pareen tells Kesar that this decision is emotional and not practical. Jayati says if there is any loss in business then Darshan will be blamed. She says she can’t give permission to Darshan and her, and says sorry. Kesar asks if anyone is here, who has not done any mistake in life. She asks Ansh, Riddhi and Dhruvi if they haven’t done any mistake in college. They say they did. Kesar says even I have done many mistakes. She assures that if Darshan do any mistake then also she will not let anyone blame him. Jayati recalls her bad behavior towards Kesar and then she agrees. Kesar hugs Darshan. Baa tells Ambika that she has chosen right bahu for her.

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Later Kesar gets ready and thinks why Masu asked her to get ready now, where they are going. Kabir comes there and tells Kesar that he will tell her infront of the family. Kesar asks him to tell her first, what is the matter? He brings her downstairs. Kesar asks where is everyone? Everyone comes there and says surprise. Kesar says Kabir’s joke will give me heart attack one day. She asks Ambika if she knew about this. Baa says it was Ambika’s idea and says she is mischievous. Suraj comes there and says this party is for you, to celebrate new journey with you. He makes her wear mask. Baa asks Dada ji to ask her to dance sometime. Kabir thinks kesar is so happy, how to tell her about Suraj’s secret. Ansh says its’ time to dance. Kabir plays the song. Suraj and Kesar start dancing on the song Tu mera koi na hoke bhi kuck laage….Shakuntala and Aarti come there wearing mask. Jinal asks who are they? Shakuntala tells that she is Chunagarh queen and says Ambika behen called us. She asks where is she? Jinal signs that she is there and goes. Aarti says it is good that we didn’t get expose. Shakuntala says she is good at acting and asks Aarti to see how Suraj is dancing and how Kabir is crying. She says she will help him get his love. Aarti asks her not to do any drama.

Suraj and Kesar continue to dance. Darshan comes to them and asks Suraj, if he can dance with Kesar for sometime. Suraj asks why not? He goes. Darshan and Kesar have a dance. Kabir thinks this is the right time to tell her truth. Suraj comes to him and asks him not to think of going close to Kesar.

Precap: Shakuntala shows Kabir’s confession video to Suraj. Suraj gets shocked and angry. He shouts and beats Kabir for eying his would be wife. Kesar and Ambika are shocked. Kesar tells Ambika that Suraj is so dangerous, she can’t marry him.