Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Phirki to confess

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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Samaira says back baby? Chandrani says he is my baby. Samaira says thank you for bringing your mom back. Chandrani says have a surprise for you too. Phirki comes in. Phirki says didi please take me to Dubai as well. They will give me to police as well. Please take me. Please don’t leave me. samaira slaps her and says shut up. Kuldeep says your game is over. Your Phirki has said everything. You will be in police custody soon. Your game is over. Samaira says oh shut up. Who can take me to police? Kuldeep says me. I can take you there. Who knows your plans better than me. You didn’t want me to go back to Shubhra. You wanted me to you so you killed baba so I get scared and come to you. But you made one mistake, you asked the person to kill baba and gave her your Mumbai house and a gift that is an important key in this case as a proof. Phirki murderer and you her partner. If you don’t go there, police can come. Cancel dubai ticket and book a jail ticket.

Samaira says have water.. Then I will tell you something. You might not be able to breathe after listening to it. She says Phirki go inside. Kuldeep says she will only go to police station. Samaira says you must have scared her into a fake confession. Police doesn’t accept it. Remember that video? Who was in jail? Who took it? You can scare Phirki bbut if you touch me you will go to jail. I challenge you, you, your ex-wife and your mom all will go to jail. Kuldeep says I trust our justice system. Let’s go to police station and see who will win.

Scene 2
Shubhra comes to the police station and says sir Kuldeep brought that maid. She was working with baba and she’s Samaira’s maid Phirki. He says is there any proof? She says yes the watch, her voice. I will get the CCTV footage too. He says it’s a complicated case. His body wasn’t found, his postmortem wasn’t done. There’s no motive. How will you prove Samaira is behind all this? Shubhra says you have to find that out. Phirki confessed that. He says in front of you. Not the police. He says even if she confessed it’s not proved that Samaira asked her to kill. She might be insane. Shubhra says this is her social media account. Does she look insane? He says bring her here and make her surrender.

Scene 3
Samaira says no one will go anywhere. Kuldeep says you both will have to go. Samaira says meet your kids before you get jailed. You all will be jailed, Phirki and I will walk out of jail. Shubhra comes and says we will come out and you will stay in jail. Phirki tries to run. The police come in. The inspector says we need to talk to this girl. Samaira says sit and talk. They are fooling you. He says let us do our work. We have to investigate from Phirki.

The inspector asks Phirki did you go to Shubhra’s house as a fake maid? Did you kill her dad? She says I am being trapped. I didn’t kill her. The inspector says they said you confessed. She says he forced and scared me. He says then why did you go to Narain’s house as fake maid? Who was the other person? How did you get this expensive watch? Tell us the truth and you can save yourself. Tell us what do you know about the murder. Samaira says you can’t intimidate her. Phirki cries and says I don’t know anything. Samaira hugs her and says they can’t force you to say anything. My lawyers are coming. They will talk to the police. He asks Phirki to get her ID. She goes in and says where am I stuck. I told Samaria not to do it. They take photo of Phirki’s ID card. He says call me every morning. Don’t walk out to the city. Shubhra says thank you.

Phirki says did what is happening? I can’t do all this. I am going.. She runs. Shubhra calls inspector and says Phirki is running. Arrest her. Phirki says no didi. Don’t do this. I won’t go anywhere. Shubhra says I was only pretending but if you try to run I will tell the police. Kuldeep says you were trying to run. that means you killed Shubhra’s dad? You will go to the jail. She asked you to murder right? Shubhra says you both will be in jail. Why did you kill my dad? She asked you right? Samaira says in heart they think Phirki murderd Narain. I will save myself. Phirki will get trapped. Who cares.

Shubhra says tell me why did you do my dad’s murder? Phirki says don’t accuse me. Why would I kill your dad? You’re calling me a murderer. I didn’t murder your dad. Ask the one you have animosity with. Samaira says Phirki.. She throws a vase at Phirki. Phirki faints. Samaira locks her door. Chandrani says let’s call the police. Shubhra says no they’re not taking it seriously. We have to make her confess. Kuldeep says Samaira has lost her mind. She could kill Phirki. You both should go from here. It’s not safe. I will make this Phirki confess. Chandrani says I am not scared of her. I am staying here. I will break her hands. Kuldeep says I can’t take this risk. Please go with Shubhra. Chandrani says I wont’ go anywhere. Shubhra says I lost baba already. I only have you and aai. If you don’t come I will bring Rishi and ROli here. Chandrani says don’t do that. I am coming. Kuldeep says I will keep informing you. I will stay here till she confesses.

Scene 4
The kids play. Chandrani and Shubhra come in. Madhura ignores her. She goes inside. Chandrani says I know you are hurt. I lost Chadha ji. You also lost your life partner. Our lives and pain are the same. Tears.. don’t rememeber him with those. He would like to see you smile and miss him. the way I miss Chadha ji. I am sure they’re friends up there and they talk a lot. We should also talk. We can have a peg too. They will get jealous and come here to meet us. Madhura says I am sorry. I don’t know where was I lost. I sent you away from me. But not anymore. I won’t let you go anywhere. We will stay together. Chandrani says we will stay together and die together and then tease our husbands up there. Roli says do pinky promise. Chandrani says who’s that? She makes her do pinky promise. Chandrani says we will always be friends. She dances with Madhura. Everyone laughs. Chandrani asks Rishi do you still fight with nani? He says never. Rishi hugs him. Madhura says I promise you I won’t ever figh with you. your aa ji is also a child now and you are growing up. Kids fight, that’s why I was fighting with you. Sorry. She hugs him. They all dance and smile. Shubhra says few more days and Kuldeep will also be a part of this family picture. Everything will be fine.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kuldeep says if you are hiding such a big secret then ask for a big prize. Phirki says on call I want 5 lacs. Samaira says let me tell Shubhra you murdered her dad. Phirki says to Kuldeep I didn’t murder. Kuldeep says then who did? Phirki says Samaira.