Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Shaurya refuses to take back the complaint against Rajveer


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Nidhi says her own family is having the meeting against her, she asks why do they all think she is wrong because no matter how hard she tries to be supportive but they all are always against her even when she has given so much to this family, she demands why does she not get love. Rakhi tells Nidhi to stop explaining they all are very tensed, Nidhi once again asks what does she feel like saying and explains she is the one who does so much for the house but has to keep saying it over and over again, Nidhi asks if not now then when, Bani Dadi says this is what she was saying. The door bell rings so they all are worried, the entire Luthra family is shocked to see Preeta standing at the main entrance, Nidhi says she has returned again. Rakhi questions why is she still standing outside and suggests she should come, Preeta furiously walks to stand in front of them all saying today she has not come here as the therapist but the mother of a son, Preeta says even if Rajveer is not her biological son but she considers him not less then it, Nidhi asks why does Preeta always come here as they donot have that much free time to listen to her nonsense., Preeta replies she has come to tell her truth in front of everyone explaining that Nidhi is not as she seems explaining she claims to be the wife of Karan and daughter in law to this house but she is deceiving her own family then why not her, Preeta blames Nidhi for being the reason that her son is locked up and says that she is the one behind it all, and if a women can do this to son then she herself is not worthy to be called a mother, Preeta says Nidhi is a very bad women and keeps taking revenge.

Nidhi asks preeta to stop as she is standing in her house, Preeta asks if Nidhi even knows the meaning of the house as one supports their family and spend time with them but she feels Nidhi does not consider this family as her own, Preeta replies Nidhi should behave as a women has a lot of emotions but she does not have anything, Nidhi questions how did Preeta dare talk to her in this manner, Preeta replies a mother has a lot of strength so Nidhi demands that she should show it, Preeta warns that if Nidhi even thinks about harming her son then she would such things to her that Nidhi would not be able to bear it, Nidhi says what does she have to do in it all when Shaurya thought that Rajveer has committed a fraud with their company but Preeta replies that Nidhi is the one who instigated Rajveer, Nidhi asks who leaked the quotation and blames that Rajveer is the one who did it so Shaurya got him arrested. Preeta replies that everyone in this family knows the intentions of Rajveer and how much he loves them a lot, Nidhi asks how did he get the money as the middle class people donot have any money, Preeta then puts the gold ring in the palm of Nidhi saying that she can also call the police while blaming Nidhi for stealing the ring. Nidhi asks who would believe it, preeta replies Nidhi is the one who had made sure that someone puts the money in his wardrobe, Nidhi asks if Preeta really wants to say that she is the one who did it.

Nidhi says preeta should leave when preeta replies she always leaves but this time it is about the respect of her son so Nidhi says it is enough. Preeta replies she will not bear it, Nidhi furiously says she is going to say it the last time, Nidhi then furiously demands Preeta to leave the house after putting the gold ring in her hand. Preeta refuses to leave until Nidhi accepts her mistake explaining she said today a mother has come here and in a mother there is a lioness which tends to tear all the enemies, Preeta vows to do this same to her explaining she is surely going to prove that her son is true. Shaurya walking down the stairs asks what is going on here, they all turn to him.

Varun is making a drink for himself but then Roma puts it away saying she has been instructed to not let him drink so much, Varun asks if he has to call a doctor as she should not pretend to be his mother when his real mother is Sherlin Malthora, Varun says she should save the acting for the Luthra Mansion when Roma asks why does he not listen to her, he says she should go and check who is at the door while not stare at him. Roma opening the door is shocked to see her and then Varun is also glad to see his Grandmother so runs to hug her, Varun hugging her says that he really missed her so asks how is Sherlin mom, she replies that Sherlin is fine and is the one who sent her to him as he needs her help.

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Preeta says she is glad that Shaurya came and they must go to the police station when he asks what sort of help, she says he should take back the complaint but Nidhi stops him saying if he does it then the police would suspect him of trapping Rajveer, Rakhi asks why is Nidhi talking like this when the aunt of Rajveer si talking, Nidhi asks why is she interfering but Mahesh warns her to not misbehave with his wife, Nidhi replies Rakhi should also be stopped from interfering, bani Dadi tries to stop Nidhi but Nidhi says she is trying to save her son, Kavya informs that Nidhi mom is trying to put wrong blame on them all the entire family. Nidhi says that Preeta has instigated Kavya and Shaurya against her so tells Shaurya they want him to be arrested, Kavya also asks Nidhi mom to not talk like this, Preeta questions how is Nidhi talking to Kavya when she is her daughter, Karina says Nidhi knows that Preeta is telling the truth about how Nidhi is talking to kavya. Preeta says Shaurya must come with her to the police station as she needs his help, Nidhi stops him saying he is not going anywhere but Preeta replies Shaurya is going to go with her to the police station. Nidhi then lets go of his hand, requesting him to come with her so she starts pulling Shaurya out of the Luthra mansion but then Shaurya says he is not going to go, Preeta asks Shaurya to understand as he is the one who filed the complaint against Rajveer and if he takes back the complaint then nothing is going to come on him as she herself heard Nidhi talking to Arohi about how she manipulated him against Rajveer.

Preeta explains that she knows that Shaurya is very innocent which is why his own mother is using him against everyone, Shaurya asks if Preeta really thinks she can say this all against his mother but he is quiet as he respects her however she cannot say such things against his mother, Shaurya replies he is shocked that the entire family is standing here and why are they not taking a stand for his mom. Shaurya replies this pain is for the aunt of Rajveer as who knows what has happened to her while they have said so much for his mom but she is still standing here, he says he is not going to tolerate it. Shaurya asks if preeta desires he should take back his complaint but he says he is not going to do it explaining he told Sandy he has not seen a mother like the aunt of Rajveer and he felt like spending time with her but today he is feeling he was wrong while his mother was right about her as she just thinks bad for him. Shaurya says she is just standing here so he can take back the complaint and trap himself in it.

Preeta replies she does not feel she is wrong as the love is true and she also feels the same but why is Shaurya talking like this, Shaurya replies Preeta just acts as the love is fake but she is still standing here only for Rajveer. Mahesh and Rakhi request Shaurya to not talk like with her, Kavya also says Shaurya will behave with her as she is like their mother however preeta is worried requesting Shaurya to come and take back the complaint because the money was planted in the wardrobe and it was the plan. Preeta says Nidhi is the one who did it as she herself heard her talking to Arohi, Preeta says Nidhi just hates her and Rajveer so she had him trapped through Shaurya so he must take back the complaint. Shaurya agrees to take back the complaint however refuses to do it for Rajveer saying he does not even want to listen to her. Nidhi is smiling while Preeta is worried.