Kundali Bhagya 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Shristhi follow Shambu


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Nidhi is walking when she gets a call, asking if he got the time but he did not answer her call. Shambu says he wants the money which she owes because he did such a big task when Nidhi replies that he did not complete the work so why should she pay him because he never completed the task. Shambu mentions he is talking patiently but does not have any patience anymore so would surely take his money, Nidhi ends the call asking if she has so much money that she should give it to anyone.

Preeta tells Shristhi that she came here for the checkup but now Shristhi must come with her to the Luthra Mansion, Shristhi gets a bit worried when Preeta says she would herself go to the Luthra Mansion if she does not want to come with her, Shristhi says she has always been by the side of Preeta di so would surely come with her to the Luthra Mansion.

Nidhi is in the market when she sees Shristhi and Preeta getting out of the auto so wonders why does she always see them everywhere she goes, Nidhi then gets shocked seeing Shambu in the market who takes her away before she can do anything to Preeta or Shristhi. Preeta tells that she is glad Shristhi came with her to the Luthra Mansion, they both start talking about when sometimes they are not even aware of who breaks their trust , Preeta says she has been fortunate as she did not meet anyone who would do this to her while her family has always supported her.

Nidhi comes out of hiding when she sees Shambu who is still checking his scooty, Nidhi thinks if she does not give money to Shambu then he would reveal the truth to everyone about her plan and it will ruin everything. Shambu comes from behind demanding his money, Nidhi asks for a moment when she asks if he si following her, he says he is a very innocent criminal and is only demanding the money for which he worked but is he is still not paid then has knowledge of so many ways with which he can take it out from them. Preeta while walking is shocked when the saree falls down, they both see a shop from where they can get a pin. Shristhi and Preeta are unaware that Shambu and Nidhi are standing behind the shop.

Palki asks Kavya why did she not call her or ask someone else to call her, Kavya replies that then Palki would have come after leaving everything when Palki says that she also had to tie a Rakhi to her brother. Kavya questions Shanaya how is she able to maintain herself after eating so much, Shanaya says she has to maintain her figure, Rakhi questions why are the girls so concerned about their shape, as they are worried they would get fat if they eat while also get tensed for not eating. Rakhi mentions they used to enjoy the life in their time and was not so conscious but informs that it is necessary to be a good human being to lead a good life, she therefor advises them to always help others whenever they get the chance even if the person asks or does not after which life would be very good, Rajveer coming from behind says Palki is just like this, says Palki goes to Gurdwara and even helps in preparing the food, while even goes to the slums to teach the children. Palki asks if he knows, Rajveer replies it is not necessary to always tell what they know, Kavya starts smiling hearing it when Palki wonders why did he not find out what is in her heart for him. Palki tries to leave after picking her bag but is about to fall when Rajveer helps her stand up, seeing this Shanaya gets worried. Shaurya is also furious looking at them both from the stairs, as both Rajveer and Palki keep staring each other in the eyes when Shanaya asks what happened to her, and how does she behave like this around Rajveer because she slips around him, Palki scolds Shanaya who starts smiling. Shanaya then holds the arm of Rajveer seeing which even he gets worried, Shanaya says that Shaurya is looking at her and so she wants to show that she is interested in him and is therefor behaving like this, she asks him to eat a chip for which eh agrees and then even gives Shanaya one. Kavya gets shocked thinking that something is going between Rajveer and Palki but is now feeling that Rajveer is interested in Shanaya.

Rakhi comes talking on the phone, she asks Rajveer to keep coming and considers it as his own home. Palki also hugs Rakhi and leaves after taking her blessing when Shaurya texts Shanaya asking her for coffee tomorrow, she replies she cannot go with him seeing which he gets worried but she leaves after waving at him.

Nidhi questions if Shambu is threatening her as she is Nidhi Ahuja, Shambu warns her to not take him lightly when she says that he came without doing any work. Nidhi asks him to call his boss since she gave him the money. Nidhi thinks of walking away not knowing that Preeta and Shristhi are just standing behind her, she slowly walks away after calling the driver and leaves in the car while Shambu follows her demanding she should give the money, Shambu says she ordered him to perform the accident of Preeta which he did but now he needs the entire money. Preeta and Shristhi are shocked to see the Shambu, Nidhi warns him to not yell but he vows to teach her a lesson, she demands he should come and show her what he can do.

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Shristhi remembers when she saw Shambu after the accident and so points that he is the same person who was involved in the accident and then ran away, Shristhi stops the auto asking him to follow the car and hurry up, they both are sitting when Shristhi asks if Preeta heard that the criminal took her name, this means he was talking to someone who really wants to take her life but she is furious as they were not able to see the person. Shristhi once again tells the auto driver to hurry up and follow the car. Preeta says she has not even see his face and would like to know who harmed her. Shristhi says she was right to suspect that someone is trying to kill her and would have seen his face today but missed it.

Mr Khurana enters the house when Daljeet starts smiling asking if he came back home, Mr Khurana asks if she is feeling well when Daljeet says that he came back home after working and now she would have to make tea for him while the two daughters are always roaming in the house. Mr Khurana asks Shanaya if something has happened, Daljeet gets really furious saying she wakes up in the morning and then prepares everything for them all but they leave after getting ready, and then she cleans the entire house but they do not care about her. Mr Khurana informs he knows she is very tired so Palki apologizes saying she will go and take care of the kitchen while Mr Khurana leaves to turn on the water motor. Daljeet turns to Shanaya who says she will not do anything for her, but just bring a son in law for her, Daljeet asks when will it happen, Shanaya informs Shaurya asked her for a coffee date but she refused, Daljeet asks the reason but Shanaya replies this is her game which she needs to play according to her own rules.

Shristhi once again requests the auto driver to hurry up as they need to catch the car, Preeta is also worried thinking who would want to kill her. Shristhi prays that the person should be an outsider rather then someone from the Luthra family as then she would have to enter the Luthra Mansion, Shristhi wonders why is she so scared rather worried. Preeta asks what happened to her when Shristhi replies she is wondering who wants to harm her sister, Preeta exclaims she wants to know why someone is trying to harm her, Shristhi thinks she knows the reason but does not want Preeta di to find out as it might really hurt her feelings. Shristhi sees that Shambu has slowed the car so asks the auto driver to also be a bit slow, Shambu gets out from his car when Preeta and Shristhi get out and are looking for Shambu, he sees them both so also leaves. Preeta thinks that Shambu has seen them, Shristhi wonders how would he recognize them when Shristhi gets up but informs he has left. Preeta and Shristhi both start searching for Shambu but are not able to find him, Preeta then asks the tea vendor where did the driver go, he asks if they would like to have some tea which irritates Shristhi Preeta replies that he would not know anything so is offering tea for them. Preeta asks Shristhi to come as they need to leave otherwise it will cause even more problem, Shristhi asks the auto driver to start the auto and then leave, Shambu slowly gets out from the trunk of his car.

Nidhi enters the room wondering how many times is Shambu going to call, she thinks his hands would get tired by themselves. Shambu thinks that Nidhi is not giving his hard earned money however thinks that she will have to pay for her actions, he thinks he would have to kill her if she does not pay him and wants to warn Nidhi that Preeta is trying to follow her. Nidhi ends the call and enters the washroom, Shambu accidentally drops the phone but sees the constables coming so wonders if they have come to find him, he then leaves with his phone. The police constables go to the tea stall asking for the tea.

Preeta asks Shristhi to stop the auto in the market, Shristhi says that their house is on the other road when Preeta explains if they walk from this road then they would reach the house quickly.

Karan and Rishab are in the car when Rishab asks Karan to break the signal for which he agrees but then Rishab stops him saying this is what he was checking, that weather Karan breaks the signal when he is alone. Karan gets really irritated by it all but seeing his condition Rishab starts smiling, informing he really respects all the laws of his country and believes they must always obey them. Karan gets a strange feeling as Preeta and Shristhi step out of the auto, and start walking towards their house.