Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishab interrogates Rajveer demanding the truth

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Preeta comes out towards the door, she gets shocked seeing the fire and thinks how did it happen, she starts panicking thinking how can she get out from here and even tries to open the door but burns her hand, Preeta thinks she should bring water from the kitchen and runs there when she is shocked to see that even the kitchen is on fire, she starts throwing the water to end the fire but is not able to achieve it, she gets really tensed so starts searching for some other water source.

Rishab asks everyone to take care of Shaurya while he leaves to call the doctor, Dadi asks Rakhi to rub his hands, Nidhi demands that anyone should call the doctor, Rishab asks Mahesh to keep trying as he will go and sit beside Shaurya, Rishab demands Shaurya should open his eyes, kritika asks how did it happen as Shaurya was giving his speech but then got electrocuted. Nidhi blames it all on the event manager saying it was his job to arrange this event, Nidhi says they have even suffered a lot of humiliation. Sandy thinks about what Shaurya did to Rajveer so explains it might be a case of revenge hearing this everyone is shocked. Mahesh manages to call the doctor so asks him to come quickly since Shaurya got electrocuted. Rishab stands up asking what is Sandy saying that this could be revenge, Sandy says he is sure that it is revenge, Nidhi questions what is he talking about, Sandy informs that he is sure that the boy is behind it because he did not even react when Shaurya humiliated him in this party, where he was working as a waiter but does no do it by profession. Rishab angrily demands the name of the boy, Kritika also gets furious by it while even Karina mentions that Shaurya has not done anything so who would take revenge from him, Sandy blames it all on Rajveer explaining he and Shaurya saw Rajveer behind the scene with the wire of the mic, Rishab gets worried.

Rajveer is leaving when Palki comes to him demanding that he should come with her, asking if he understands what he is doing saying that these people are really powerful and wealthy, she mentions they will not let this go away so easily informing there are a lot of cameras in this house and the luthra’s might even call the police. Palki requests him to come but Rajveer informs that he has been really careful and even if he gets trapped in any problem then he has a secondary plan. Palki gets furious mentioning he does not listen to her, Rajveer assures he has to go and check on Shaurya so suggests that Palki must leave, she holds his hand asking if he is sure, they both start looking at each other when after a while Rajveer asks her to leave but when he turns back he notices that she is still standing here, he comes back signaling her to leave Palki says he never listens to her, she threatens to kill him with her own hands if he gets in any trouble, Rajveer mentions she has always been scolding him ever since they met, Palki mentions he is joking even in such a serious situation. Rajveer mentions he will go and drop her outside the Mansion otherwise she will come back.

Mohit sitting in his house thinks he will go and tell Mr Khurana and Daljeet about what is going on between Rajveer and Palki, he thinks they might just scold him for it but he knows both of them like each other and he even likes Rajveer a lot. Mohit thinks of telling Daljeet but then takes out his phone however he after a while thinks he will tell his uncle but in person.

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Preeta tries to get out but she gets trapped as a burning log falls in front of her, Karan realizes that Preeta is indeed trapped in the servant quarter so assures he will help her, karan wonders what can he do so leaves. Preeta tries her best to put out the fire using the water. Karan stnaidng outside asks Preeta if she can hear him, she replies yes when karan assures he would not let anything happen to her and questions if she got trapped in the fire. Karan tries his best to protect Preeta.

Rishab angrily walks down with Mahesh and Nidhi followed by Sandy, Rishab questions where is the boy in the red dress, Sandy sees Rajveer so they rush to him. Rishab questions if Rajveer is the one behind it and did he purposefully caused the accident due to which Shaurya got electrocuted. Sandy blames Rajveer mentioning he saw him in the back room but did not give it much thought, Rajveer angrily warns Sandy to back off, Rishab replies that Rajveer should remain in his limits and not even think of mis behaving until he has told the entire truth, he demands the truth from Rajveer.

Karan is shocked seeing that the entire kitchen is on fire so calls to Preeta asking if she can hear him, Preeta replies to him however has no idea who is calling her, she is really scared while even karan is worried.

Rishab asks Rajveer who does he love the most, so makes him swear on the life of his aunt. Rajveer finally accepts that he is the one behind everything that has happened here today, Nidhi gets furious and is about to slap Rajveer but Mahesh stops her and questions Rajveer what is the reason for him taking revenge from Shaurya, Rajveer replies he has not done anything remotely compared to what Shaurya has done, explaining he has ruined the life of a girl explaining they all would know how it feels like when the life of someone gets ruined. Rajveer reveals Shaurya broke the wedding of Palki, and got her kidnapped one day before so he managed to save her but during that time Shaurya took some photos in which it seemed as if they were having an affair. Rajveer explains Shaurya played the photos on the projector, so this means that Shaurya is wrong and a what he did was a crime.

Sandy mentions he was right and Rajveer is the one behind everything, Rajveer says he could have told a number of lies to them but he instead revealed the entire truth, Nidhi warns him to come straight to the point. Rishab angrily calls the Inspector asking him to come to the Luthra Mansion as there is something urgent, Rajveer agrees mentioning he can play this game but needs to search for his aunt, Rishab asks if Rajveer can see anyone from his family present here but all of their guests have come and this is not a joke, Rishab says that Rajveer would not move even an inch from here till the police finds out the truth, Mahesh suggests they should take him inside.

Karan runs up to the hall and starts calling everyone however he is not able to find anyone and then even tries calling them but could not reach as his phone is dead, he gets frustrated. Preeta is still trapped in the servant quarter.