Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta insists on going to the Luthra Mansion


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Shristhi mentions they started living their life with a lot of difficulty but day by day the mental condition of Preeta di got worse, she still remembers that Rudra was about to fall from the couch but Preeta di was lost in her own thoughts and when she asked Preeta di why did she not take care of hi, Preeta di said she should take care of him as he is her son, Preeta di did not even remember that Rudra is her son, Shristhi explains it all happened because of the Luthra family this is why she does not want Preeta di to once again suffer the same fate, Shristhi gets emotional when Gurpreet asks her to calm down, Shristhi informs Gurpreet whenever there is any wedding, Preeta gets attacks as she once again remembers the pains that she suffered due to the Luthra family. Shristhi wonders how can she go in front of Preeta di now, as she does not have any answer. Gurpreet brings water for Shristhi asking her to calm down when Palki rushes into the house, Palki asks when would the sister of her father come to tie Rakhi, she also praises Shristhi jee for looking beautiful.

Mohit drops the trunk and because of it gets injured, Shristhi asks them to help Mohit come and sit down when he gets a call from Rajveer explaining that a trunk fell on his leg, Rajveer questions why is he so tensed since Kavya just got bit by a snake and came back from death. Mohit says it loudly when Rajveer asks him to be quiet, but he does not know that Shristhi has turned on the loudspeaker, Rajveer mentions he took out the venom from her body and then also got affected by the venom. Rajveer asks if Mohit called him for some important reason, Shristhi leaves after slapping Mohit when Rajveer informs he will come back after going to the office and tells that Kavya is also going to tie Rakhi on his hand.

Gurpreet also leaves telling Palki she is going to come but it will take some time, Palki wonders why is Gurpreet so emotional and she knows Shristhi jee would be tensed because Rajveer is her son, and Kavya considers Rajveer as her brother, Mohit says that she still considers him but does not know that he is actually her brother. Mohit then asks Palki to go back home when they both will come.

Shaurya comes with Nidhi apologizing to everyone, he explains that he got a bit emotional because Kavya always tied the Rakhi on his hand but today has another brother whom she considers as her own brother, so because of this she got jealous. Shaurya looking at Nidhi thinks about how he refused to let Kavya tie the Rakhi but then Nidhi made him promise to just act for today after which she will surely make sure that Rajveer is thrown out of this house. Kavya asks Rajveer why is he standing in the corner and must come ahead since the time for tying the Rakhi is going to end. Rajveer comes forward but karan hugs Rajveer, seeing which the entire family is shocked. Rajveer asks what was this, Karan replies he felt he has done something wrong with Rajveer but the truth is that there is nothing of the sort, Karan mentions that there is no one in this world who can have a heart like him, Karan says the anger which Rajveer has made him realize that he has done something wrong with him, but he does not remember if he has done anything purposefully but even then he is sorry for whatever happens, Karan says there are a lot of people in this world whom he might have hurt but he does not care for them however cares for Rajveer since he is a member of this family so he needs to apologize. Karan with his heart apologizes to Rajveer who is also emotional, Karan then turns to Kavya before finally leaving. Kavya then signals Rajveer who once again hugs Karan, seeing which Shaurya gets really jealous. Karan starts smiling and then embraces Rajveer saying he is happy as Rajveer forgave him, he then asks kavya to start the ritual so Rajveer sits down. Kavya then lights the Diya and starts performing the Arti, seeing which Nidhi signals Shaurya to also start smiling. Kavya is performing the ritual, the entire family is smiling. Kavya ties the Rakhi on the hand of Shaurya and also Rajveer who is amazed to see it, Shaurya raises his hand so Rajveer also signals Kavya to first tie the Rakhi on his hand, Kavya fulfills the ritual after which Shaurya stands up to hug her, Shaurya then says this is his Rakhi gift and she can take whatever she desires, Rishab mentions it is with love from her brother when Nidhi also promises that she will bring a surprise gift for her tonight. Rajveer standing up explains she would have to stay without any gift today, Kavya asks what is he talking about since he protected her life today from the snake which is the most important gift she can get, she says they would surely have a past connection otherwise how can relations be formed like this seeing this Nidhi gets furious.

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Kavya asks Rajveer to sit down so she ties the Rakhi on his hand and then even gives him the sweet, Rajveer kneels to take her blessings seeing which Kavya gets emotional so hugs Rajveer, Rakhi and Karina also stand up seeing which Nidhi is really tensed as they all praise Rajveer. The entire Luthra family is smiling.

Gurpreet asks Shristhi how can it happen since it is not right, Shristhi replies she is also worried because Rajveer said that Kavya got bitten by snake and even Rajveer was poisoned so how did Preeta di take the name o Kavya and Rudra, Gurpreet says it is the relation between a mother and child since even if the child is far away, a mother knows about him. Gurpreet further says this relation is very weird as both of their hearts beat for each other and Bhagwan cannot break this relation, Shristhi agrees with Gurpreet mentioning Preeta di is still connected with her children even if she is unaware of them today but her heart is still beating for her children so what if she remembers each and everything. Preeta runs into the room demanding Shristhi should come with her to the Luthra house.

Bani Dadi is giving the dishes to Kavya, Rakhi suggests they should let Kavya decorate the ritual when Bani Dadi asks her to also take the help of Palki since she is always running after her with the medicines, Kavya says they cannot let Palki stay away from her since she then becomes irresponsible. Bani Dadi say that she has just become like Palki even when she is not a doctor.

Nidhi comes inside when Rakhi asks her to call the Pandit jee and ask him to not take any booking for JanMashtri, Nidhi gets shocked when Rakhi replies she meant Nidhi should give her the number, Nidhi says she came to ask Kavya what does she want as the gift when Kavya replies she desired Shaurya should give her a gift right on the spot but Nidhi can bring anything which she desires. Bani Dadi asks Kavya to also call Shanaya, Nidhi asks what is the need to call her as they can call an event company, Kavya replies that the decoration which is done by themselves is more beautiful. Nidhi leaves when Rajveer also comes so Bani Dadi asks him to come inside, he says that Mr Luthra is not letting to leave and so he goes back saying he needs to meet Mahesh sir.

Shristhi gets shocked asking what did Preeta di remember, Preeta says she saw the eyes of that women who was just like Nidhi, Shristhi says Preeta was in the ICU and she might be mistaken but Preeta mentions she was washing her face and then saw the face of her, she says she even scratched her face so they should go and meet Nidhi in the Luthra Mansion, if she has any marks on her face then it would surely be Nidhi. Gurpreet says Preeta would be mistaken as why would Nidhi come after her, but Preeta says she is also wondering what does Nidhi want from her. Shristhi says she saw Nidhi in the house but she did not have any marks. Shristhi asks if they should first go and meet the doctor, Preeta says Shristhi should not come if this is what she desires, Shristhi is forced to agree with her.

Shristhi sitting in the cabin of the doctor thinks what can she do since Preeta di wants to go to the Luthra mansion but if she goes there then everything would be ruined. The doctor comes with Preeta saying that everything is fine but she suggests that Preeta should come back after two days for the checkup, Preeta sits beside Shristhi saying she came to the doctor on her suggestions but now she must come with her to the Luthra mansion.