Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shaurya gets electrocuted at the launch party

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Shaurya while walking with Sandy sees Rajveer in the media room, Shaurya slowly walks behind Rajveer just as he is about to cut the wire, questioning what is he doing here, Rajveer says he came here to pick the glasses which everyone has left right here, Shaurya mentions that Rajveer should enjoy and complete his work, he purposefully causes the glasses to fall and apologizes for his mistake, explaining that Rajveer should go and change as he seems to have come from a very poor family, Shaurya once again taunts Rajveer, Sandy starts smiling when Rajveer leaves. Shaurya explains hat today the logo of his company is going to be revealed, and as they say it is time for the auspicious moment so he does not want to be late.

Mahesh comes with the event manager who shows him the final stage, Rishab comes asking what is he looking at, Mahesh informs that today the most youngest member of their family is about to start a new chapter in his life, Rishab replies that Mahesh has given him the chance to start and make his own way, and then eve Karan got such success in his life. Rishab asks kritika where does she go whenever there is any function, Kritika explains she saw Nidhi on her way to the party and she seemed very tensed, Mahesh informs they would have seen Preeta, hearing which Rishab gets shocked and looking at Rakhi and Karina bua mentions it seems as if they have seen something very wrong. Rishab goes to ask them what has happened, Dadi says that she is not tensed at all, while her daughter and daughter in law are not telling her anything, Karina asks Kritika to stop teasing her aunt and then enjoy the party, Rishab once again asks Rakhi what has happened, she thinking about how Shaurya behaved with her says that she has always thought of this house as a pure place where all the relations are nurtured and taken care of, but today something very wrong has happened in this house and she does not know how to handle it. Rishab mentions for it she would have to tell him and not make it like a story, he once again asks what has happened. Rishab turns seeing Shaurya talking with the media, who ask when is his first album going to be released, and what is the name of his company, Shaurya mentions that everyone is present here but not his father and so he will only reveal the name by them. Rajveer thinks that Mr Karan Luthra should come quickly as without him this event is not going to start and so then what is supposed to happen next would never occur, Rajveer thinks that Shaurya is the culprit who has to pay for his crimes.

Preeta is searching for Rajveer and enters the room, she does not know why anyone would leave the wardrobe open. Preeta thinks that Rajveer might have left the place, she starts smelling something weird and wonders if something is burning, Preeta goes to the kitchen but finds out that everything is fine there, she wonders why is she feeling that something is weird.

Karan reaches the servant quarter calling Preeta, he is shocked seeing the fire and is not able to enter so starts calling her. Preeta turns to leave when her Saree gets stuck in the cabinet, she tries to remove it however it tears so Preeta starts getting the flashbacks of her memories, she is not able to understand it properly so is just thinking about what is happening with her. Preeta is not even able to move, she starts panicking while getting those flashbacks, she not being able to control the emotions starts having a severe headache so she falls on the floor. Karan is calling Preeta asking if she can hear him, however Preeta is still sitting but then she falls unconscious, karan asks Preeta if she can hear him however when no one responds Karan gets worried, he demands that she should say something. Karan thinks he cannot remain standing here so leaves to bring some help.

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Rishab comes to the family members asking where is Karan because he was not able to find him anywhere, Shaurya asks if he has to wait for his father then thinks that he will do it alone, Shaurya walks onto the stage thinking that the name of the company is about to be revealed, he explains this logo is going to be really special. Shaurya stops seeing Palki standing there, he feels something weird while everyone else is clapping for him, Shaurya finally lifts the curtain to unveil the logo of his new music company, Palki turns to leave, Sandy walks up the stage to congratulate him, Nidhi also goes to hug him when all the reporters ask how is she feeling, she says she is immensely proud of his accomplishments. Rishab along with everyone else starts rejoicing, Rishab mentions now Shaurya has all the stage to himself so he can enjoy. Rajveer goes to thee repoter explaining that he is a very big fan of Shaurya, he suggests her some questions which she should ask him. The reporters ask him how is he feeling on this very special day, however one of them asks him to come and reply on the mic. Shaurya mentions he is very thankful and grateful as he has achieved such a big moment in his life, he touches the mic so gets electrocuted by it and falls on the stage, Rajveer leaves with Palki. The entire Luthra family rush to him when they say that he should be taken to the room.

Palki gets furious with Rajveer questioning how can he do this mentioning even his life could be at risk, Rajveer replies he knows that he was wrong but Shaurya really wronged her, but was even then very proud of his actions. Rajveer explains he just came to take revenge and after coming here realized that Shaurya is like this even with his own family, Palki asks why is he bothered with how Shaurya behaves with his own family, as he is not a member of it. Palki realizing it apologizes to Rajveer mentioning she never wanted to hurt him, Rajveer assures that he is fine however Palki asks him to not lie explaining she saw that he felt bad when she talked about his family. Palki explains he is a very nice person but what he did today was not right, she asks what can they do with the way he behaved with his own family. Rajveer asks Palki if she remembers the lady whom he brought home, Palki remembers her when Rajveer says that her name is Rakhi Luthra and she is the Grandmother of Shaurya, Rajveer replies Shaurya was even misbehaving with her so how can he bear it, Palki accepts how can anyone misbehave with her, she explains they have not taken the responsibility to correct him but what if he gets in any trouble, Rajveer insists with Palki to go back home but she refuses to leave without him and says that she will only go and wait outside, Rajveer gets worried wondering why does she not listen to him.

Karan is running calling for help when he feels he ahs seen Preeta, he slowly walks back to the room when he sees Preeta lying down on the floor, karan walking to the door starts calling Preeta, she suddenly wakes up wondering who is calling her. Preeta starts walking when she gets scared seeing the fire and is shocked.