Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nidhi demands the truth from Rajveer


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Kritika hugs Kavya exclaiming she loves her, Mahesh coming from behind mentions they both are expressing their feelings for each other and must also show some affection towards him, he asks what have they come here to cook, kavya informs she came here to search for the laddo, Mahesh asks who wants to eat them, Kritika explains Kavya wants them for someone special, Mahesh mentions there is no reason to be worried as he knows where they are since he is the one who stole them, he explains no one allows him to eat them so he has to hide them but would tell them the truth about it if they promise to not tell Rakhi. Kritika explains that Rakhi aunt would get very furious, Mahesh mentions that the best place to hide from the police is the jail cell as they would not search there, he says this is when hid them in the cabinet under the burner, kavya leaves with the entire jar without giving both Mahesh and kritika even a single piece.

Karan standing in the cabin of Shaurya instructs the peon to pick up the files, Nidhi thinks if she asks Karan the truth if he met Preeta, he might refuse or even never accept it, she thinks she has to find the truth and not ask Karan about it face to face, as he might not even know that Preeta came here and so Karan would start searching for her, she turns back to leave thinking Karan must not get any news about Preeta from her and she has to ask Rajveer what relation does he have with Preeta, she thinks he would be in his cabin. Nidhi goes to stand in front of Rajveer while he is working, she asks if he knows her, he questions if she needs to inform about her identity when nidhi explains she is Nidhi Ahuja. Rajveer relies he came to her house and was almost about to get arrested because of her but the only thing he cannot understand is what does she want from him, Nidhi warns him to not try and be smart in front of her, Rajveer says he is not answerable to her and if she thinks this is his attitude then he cannot change it, she should be glad that he saved the company of Shaurya otherwise it would fail before even starting Nidhi angrily demands him to tell her about Preeta, Rajveer says he does not know what she is talking about and he cannot do anything since he is working. Nidhi starts pulling Rajveer asking him to come with her, he says they can talk in his cabin. Nidhi takes him to the security room instructing the operator to take the video from the fourth floor, Nidhi asks them to stop the video recording and then leave, she questions Rajveer who is this women and why did she come here, Nidhi asks why did Preeta came here, Rajveer asks if Nidhi was talking about this Preeta je, he says that she runs a catering service and used to deliver the food in his last company. Rajveer asks why does Nidhi want to know about her he asks her to see from which condition she is going through as she prepares the food but seems of a very good family. Rajveer exclaims he does not know who has snatched her place and is living her life, but would have done really bad. Rajveer asks her to come as he will make sure she tried the food. Nidhi asks if he is telling the truth, Rajveer then rewinds the video in which they can see Preeta coming out of the lift with a lunch box, Rajveer asks if he can leave so is glad that Nidhi believed him, he leaves when karan comes to the CCTV room and is shocked to see Nidhi so asks her to come with him.

Karan walks into the cabin and questions Nidhi what is she doing in the office, she asks if she cannot come when Karan explains that the guests are coming to meet Kavya so she should be there, explains she wanted to ask him if anyone came here to meet him, karan questions who would come to meet him, Nidhi apologizes explaining that she has come here for her son Shaurya, Karan gets furious asking if Shaurya is a cry baby and he called his mother for it, Nidhi says that every child is still young for their parents, she requests Karan to show some leniency towards him. Karan explains that he anted to talk about this with Nidhi, as there is no place of relations in this company as the business comes first. Nidhi informs she has always convinced him but this time his frustration is right and for the correct reason, Karan says if Shaurya wants to do good business then has to work with good people, he says Nidhi should also be like a good mother who scolds their children when they make a mistake but he says Nidhi always supports Shaurya. He informs a mother informs her children about their mistakes and even praises them on their achievements, he is about to leave when she stops him but he explains he does not want to talk about this topic and leaves. Nidhi thinks she will not talk about Preeta in front of karan and wait for the time when he himself talks of her, she will also ask the receptionist to make sure no one from the catering company is send upstairs.

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Rajveer enters the cabin and is very tensed, he thinks it is not the fault of his mother as he forgot the tiffin in the house. Rajveer takes out the plates to serve the food, he thinks he cannot get distracted and does not even have to indulge in the matters relating to Shaurya.

Rajveer starts eating the food when Karan enters the cabin, he requests Rajveer to keep eating mentioning he came to apologize on behalf of Shaurya since he should not have behaved in this manner. Karan mentions the food is smelling very good, Rajveer tries to talk about it when Karan exclaims he can taste the food until his own food arrives. Karan after tasting the food asks who cooked it, Rajveer informs that it of a very reputed caterer. Preeta starts calling Rajveer but he gets worried thinking how can he answer it, he ignores it when karan mentions he must answer it but Rajveer says he does not answer his call while eating, Karan says he has no problem however but Rajveer informs he does not want anyone to touch his phone. Karan thinks he is sure that Rajveer is hiding something,

Shaurya is angrily walking when Mahesh stops him explaining he is sure that Shaurya came back because he also loves kavya, Shaurya is furious when Mahesh asks the reason but Shaurya replies he is just the owner of Luthra industries and not his Grandfather, Mahesh asks how would he be able to help Shaurya when he does not know anything, Shaurya says that his father who is the owner of Luthra industries, has hired the one person whom he hates the most in this world and who had tried to ruin his launch party by electrocuting him. Maheh asks if he is talking about Rajveer, Shaurya says that he has been given the right to make decisions of his company but Mahesh is shocked when Shaurya says that he is giving he same reaction and should let him sort out his own problems.

Preeta standing outside the office is calling Rajveer but he does not answer it, she gets furious so is about to enter the office when she hits Karan who manages to protect her but he leaves when someone hits his car. Preeta thinks he is the same person who protected her. Preeea then gets a call from Rajveer so she informs him she has returned to his office, he gets shocked asking why did she come back when Preeta says she wanted to ask from where can she take the bus back to their house, Rajveer starts panicking and so rushes out mentioning that they both can go back home together on his bike.

Rakhi is sitting with Kavya so asks her to go and get ready and wear something which Varun likes, Karina also teases her when Kavya gets up but she hits Nidhi however leaves Nidhi is about to walk upstairs when Rakhi requests her to come and sit with them but Nidhi asks why do they always have to celebrate everything without considering the tensions of anyone. Rakhi asks Nidhi to tell her the problem as she might be able to help her, Nidhi thinks about Preeta when Bani Dadi comes and seeing the preparations mentions she really misses Preeta as she could prepare everything without any problem, Nidhi gets furious asking if they have nothing else to do besides talking about Preeta, she is furious.