Kundali Bhagya 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Nidhi blames Kavya for stealing the money


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Kavya hugs Rajveer seeing which Varun starts smiling but Shristhi is shocked, Rajveer informs Shristhi maa that Kavya is his sister and he has promised to attend her wedding, therefor he will surely fulfill it mentioning he is going to do everything for his sister, hearing this Mr Khurana starts smiling but Shristhi is tensed.

Karan says in the mic that he knows Preeta has come to meet him so he also wants to meet her, he asks her to come to the reception where he will meet her vowing to not even move an inch until she comes, he asks her to come as he is waiting for her. Preeta gets a call from Shristhi who asks where is she, Preeta asks about the reason when Shristhi reveals their Rajveer is free and the allegations on him have been dropped, Preeta is very glad so exclaims she will come back to the house.

Karan is very excited saying it has been very long since they have met Preeta, he exclaims that today they would finally meet Preeta, Rakhi says that she will even come back home with them. Rishab says that he has only seen it in the movies but is seeing this for the first time, Rishab asks why is Karan waiting and should go to meet Preeta ji, Karan gets a call from Disha and answering it is shocked questioning why did she not stop him. Rishab asks what happened when Karan informs that Disha said that Preeta left in the car, Rishab panics questioning why did Karan not send anyone to stop Preeta. Karan gets a call from Nidhi who asks him to come back home quickly since Kavya is in a very big problem when Karan does not understand it so agrees to come home, Rishab also asks karan what did Nidhi say, he replies she said Kavya is in a very big problem so they all must come back home.

Kavya is walking with Varun when she asks him to go back home as he has already helped her a lot today and did not even have to come to the court, Varun says that she is going to be his wife and he promised to stand by her side at all times, he did not say it without meaning. Varun mentions if she wants then he would go back home but feels she would be more clam f he is by her side, Kavya once again thanks him when he questions what can he do about her behavior, he says they will talk once she manages to sort all of this problem.

Rajveer is having tea with the entire family, Preeta gets shocked seeing him from the door and so rushes to hug him informing that she is very glad he got released as she told them that the truth can not be defeated, Preeta apologizes Shristhi for leaving without telling her, she informs she went to meet Mr Luthra hearing this both Rajveer and Shristhi are shocked when they ask if Preeta met him, she says that she was about to meet him but then got such a good news so came back but she went because she thought that karan is a nice person so would surely side with Rajveer, she asks but how did this miracle happen when Shristhi informs that Kavya took the entire blame of stealing the money on herself, Mohit asks Preeta why does she think like it when she has never met kavya, Preeta replies she has this feeling because she saw Kavya from the video and knows she can never do anything so wrong. Shristhi thinks why would Preeta not feel like this when she is her mother and has a very deep relation to her, Rajveer says Preeta is right and Kavya has not done anything of the sort. Rajveer says Kavya arranged the amount with the help of her fiance as she knew in her heart that he is innocent, Preeta gets shocked thinking she took the blame to protect her, informing Kavya did this only for Rajveer saying she said she felt Kavya is very nice but now has understood she is also a nice women whose mother has given her such nice up bringing, explaining her mother would be very grateful to get such a nice daughter. Preeta asks Mohit how is Gurpreet di because she had a pain in her feet, Palki says that Gurpreet is fine and was feeling a bit low so she went to meet her mother. Mr Khurana mentions they must leave so Palki also agrees, Rajveer offers to drop them outside.

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Nidhi is furious when Shaurya questions what is he dong here when he said he does not want to live here, Arohi tells Shaurya that his mother needs his support, Shaurya says that he does not even have the support of his own sister, Nidhi exclaims Kavya ruined their entire plan because they are the ones who knew where the money was but Kavya ruined everything, she tells him that he should remain angry with her when Shaurya replies that he is already angry, Nidhi says that they have to be angry with her blaming that she has stolen the money. Nidhi sees Bani Dadi approaching so yells that Kavya has stolen the money. Kavya enters through the door when Nidhi says her favorite Grand daughter has come back, Kavya tries to take with Shaurya but he refuses to even talk with her.

Kavya thinks she knows what he has done but she does not want to humiliate him in front of everyone. Rishab also walks back with Karan asking Nidhi what has happened. Nidhi questions Karan why is he not asking his favorite daughter even when a lot of problem had happened in this house ut she remained quiet, Nidhi mentions they even blamed Shaurya for stealing the money when Kavya was the real one wrong. Karan yells at Nidhi saying she should not talk like this with Kavya, Nidhi says that he should ask kavya what has she done, blaming that she has stolen the money. Rishab asks Nidhi what is she saying, he asks if they have lost their minds. Rakhi and Karina bua also say that Kavya would ever do anything of the sort. Shaurya says but she ahs done it and says they all should ask her, Nidhi also asks Kavya to say the truth mentioning that she did not even stand to protect her own brother. Karan goes to Kavya mentioning he knows she can never steal so must reveal the truth and explain that she can never steal, Nidhi once again questions Kavya why is she quiet saying a lot has happened but she remained quiet, she keeps blaming Kavya which angers Karan who asks her to remain quiet for some time. Karan angrily questions Kavya what has happened and is the truth.

Mr Khurana asks Palki if her aunt is really injured, Palki refuses when he questions then why did they lie, Palki says they wanted to stop Preeta ji from coming to the court because she could have gotten tensed seeing Rajveer in that condition so this is why they had to lie, Mr Khurana leaves when Rajveer thanks palki, she asks the reason when he says she came there to protect him. Palki replies this means he would have to thank her for their entire lifetime as she will always stand by his side, Rajveer and Palki both get emotional thinking about the beautiful time which they have spent together when palki suddenly signals if she should leave and so walks out of the house, Rajveer keeps thinking about the time spent with her and is lost in the memories.