Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Karan questions Rajveer about the truth


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Karina suggest Shaurya should thank Rajveer but he always says bad things to him, Karina mentions she sees the image of Nidhi in his behavior, Karina explains it is all the fault of his upbringing because Nidhi has wronged him, she suggests he should use his brain and think that he has to thank Rajveer. Karina then turning to Nidhi asks if this is what she has taught their son but she has not done anything good as Nidhi is going after Rajveer and so is Shaurya. Karina mentions Nidhi was shouting as claiming that Kavya is her daughter but forgot that Rajveer saved their daughter, Nidhi asks what has she said when Kritika explains Nidhi is the one who came forward and said that what would happen if the boy dies. The doctor asks them to not be worried as both of them would be fine, he says he is glad Rajveer managed to take out the entire poison before his arrival otherwise they would have certainly lost their daughter, the doctor even suggests they should call someone to catch the snake as it is very poisonous, he says that Rajveer managed to save Kavya but what if there is no one else to protect them. Rishab requests if the doctor can give them an anti venom which they can keep in the first aid box. The doctor leaves without their help.

Rakhi stops Kavya from getting up but she says the auspicious time for the Raksha Bandhan would end, Rishab suggest they all are present here but Bani Dadi asks them to let Kavya perform the ritual, Rajveer standing up mentions he should leave for his house since everyone would be waiting for him. Kavya stops him saying that on Raksha Bandhan the brother promises that he would always protect his daughter, she says he has already done it before the ritual but they should also fulfill the religion, Kavya says that Bhagwan makes some relations while the others are formed in this world and it is the same between them both, Rajveer replies she has only brought one Rakhi for the ritual so can he bring another, Kavya questions who told him that she only has one Rakhi, because since she has two brothers so brought two Rakhi. Shaurya gets furious and so leaves the entire family, Karan gets furious at Shaurya saying that he should not fulfill the ritual but must know that the brothers are the ones who are eager for this function. Rajveer says that the way Mr Luthra is scolding Shaurya proves that relations are a joke for him, hearing which everyone is shocked.

Shristhi is helping Preeta who is still very confused when Shristhi asks if she is fine Preeta questions why are they both looking to her like this, Shristhi is glad that Preeta di was not able to remember the past. Preeta says they were about to tie the Rakhi to kania jee, Shristhi says she got a bit dizzy, Gurpreet jee also asks her to calm down and rest so Preeta sits on the bed.

Karan is shocked when Rajveer replies that karan heard what he said as he just was wrong right now, Rajveer explains that relations are a joke for karan so how can he ask Kavya to not tie Rakhi to her brother, when this event is for brothers and sisters so how can he say such a thing, karan gets furious mentioning Rajveer has saved the life of his daughter otherwise he would have given such a befitting reply, Rishab and Kritika calms him down, when Rishab tells Rajveer that his brother is like a coconut and never meant that Kavya should not tie the Rakhi to Shaurya but after hearing Rajveer has realized he knows what is meant by fulfilling the relations and it is as simple as that, Rajveer apologizes to Mr Luthra for his behavior, explaining he knows that nothing is worth more then relations, Karan says he cares most for humans while Rishab says and he cares for the family because everyone in the family is different so they should not compare anyone, when Mahesh says that Rishab got this attitude from him, Bani Dadi says that Mahesh got them from her but Mahesh says that he feels he would have gotten it from his father as she is always scolding him. Rakhi with a smile says that Karan got these bad habits from her, Karina is shocked asking what bad habits does he have, Kavya says the way he talks with other. Rajveer once again says that Shaurya is just like Mr Luthra, hearing this Karan gets shocked saying that he feels that there is something against him in the heart of Rajveer because of which he keeps talking in this manner. Karan asks what is the problem because seeing the anger he feels he has done something very bad to him so Rajveer should say it to his face, Rajveer remembers when Shristhi maa informed him who did this to his mother, Rajveer does not say anything, Karan replies he can clearly see the anger in the eyes of Rajveer so he is asking what is the problem while standing right in front of him.

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Shaurya angrily entering the room explains he is furious hearing the name of Rajveer in this house, he starts thrashing the room saying he does not want to live here. Nidhi entering the room asks what is he doing, Shaurya replies his heart has been broken, while KD his own sister is praising him and called him her so called brother while even the doctor praised him, Nidhi tries to calm him down but he questions what was the need for her to say to everyone that Rajveer should have died, Nidhi explains they have to sometimes talk in such a manner. After seeing the situation, she says between life and emotions life always means, Nidhi explains they have to be careful otherwise Shaurya will lose his position, Nidhi says Rajveer has made his position in front of the entire family by saving the life of Kavya, very soon rest of them would also praise Rajveer and if they do not go downstairs then it would be wrong for them.

Karan asks Rajveer to tell him what is the matter, Rakhi asks is it necessary that they must do it today during Raksha Bandhan, Karan asks what does she mean by today since they always have events in this country. Rajveer gets a call but he declines it when Mahesh questions why is he not answering the call, Rishab then asks if Rajveer would listen to him, Rajveer asks what has he done that made him feel this way, so Rishab asks him to go and answer the call when he leaves.

Rishab turns to Karan questioning what has gotten into him because he has a problem with Shaurya but why is he behaving in this manner to Rajveer. Karina also scolds Karan saying he makes a very big situation of a small thing, Kavya also tells Karan that he is wrong so he turns to Kritika saying that she is his sister and knows him so should tell what is real thing, Kritika explains that he is indeed wrong in this situation because Rajveer is a child so karan should behave in a mature manner. Karan says he accepts that it is his mistake since he is standing between them all, Karan asks what should he do and apologies to Rajveer but Kavya says he should just hug him. Karan agrees with Kavya saying the event has already gotten very delayed, Kavya replies even then she is very happy since she has her entire family, Karan hugs Kavya who thinks she just does not have her mother..

Shristhi is very tensed when Gurpreet apologizes to her because she might need her help but she has to go to her brothers house. Gurpreet asks Shristhi what is wrong with her when Shristhi replies Preeta di is remembering her past and what would happen if she remembers everything, Gurpreet says everything would be fine as she would get fine because it is a better thing but Shristhi says nothing would be good as she will remember that karan Luthra is her husband while Shaurya is her son. Gurpreet gets shocked asking if Karan Luthra is her husband, Shristhi pleads with Gurpreet to not say anything to anyone, Shristhi mentions she is trusting her so reveals Karan Luthra is the husband of Preeta di, while their Rajveer is the son of karan and Shaurya along with Rajveer are twins, she says that Kavya is the elder sister of both Rajveer and Shaurya. Shristhi explains she does not know what Preeta di is remembering as she is talking of the snake attack, she feels it might the incident that happened all those years ago. Shristhi explains it will not be good if Preeta remember everything, Gurpreet asks what happen all those years ago that caused Preeta di to be in this condition.

Shristhi mentions she still remembers all those incidents but still remembers that Preeta di went with the children to get the injections, and Karina bua also tried to stop them when Preeta said that the doctor is leaving for UK, Shristhi explains that on the way both Karan Luthra and Preeta di got in an accident which was caused by the mad sister of Anjali, Shristhi reveals the people saved both karan and Preeta but they were not able to find Rudra, she informs that the Luthra took Shaurya and then threw Preeta out of the hospital, saying that they snatched Shaurya from her hands and ousted her from the family. Shristhi explains Preeta managed to save Rudra from Anjali but she once again caused the accident however she fell in the cliff but Preeta di managed to save Rudra but was hanging from the cliff, Shristhi mentions she saved both Preeta di and Rudra but then she vowed to never see the Luthra family and break all the relations with them.