Kundali Bhagya 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer protects Kavya


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In the the morning Shauyra is sleeping when the quilt starts slipping from his bed, he starts picking it up and then wonders who is it, he is shocked to see Kavya so asks if she came back, she asks why did he not come downstairs to meet her when he informs that he came back late from a party Kavya asks if he is not happy to see her, Shaurya mentions he is indeed happy but very tried so needs some sleep. Kavya explains she really wants to be with him, he assures he will come down after sleeping for a few more hours. Kavya thinks that she had two brothers but now only one of them is alive and if her second brother was with her then she would have go talk with him, Kavya leaves after closing the door

Rajveer is quickly packing his belongings while Preeta is cooking in the kitchen so asks him to wait for a moment, she packs his lunch and instructs him to not forget eating his lunch under the pressure of his work. Preeta explains he must not leave without eating yogurt.

Rajveer enters back to his room after getting a call, he realizes ti is Palki who desires to ask him something but is not able to do so, Rajveer explains she must first ask the question, however they both keep arguing when Rajveer mentions he knows she wants to ask him why did he accept the proposal of Luthra industries, Palki informs she was indeed shocked however Rajveer is hesitant when she says there is no need to tell her if he is not comfortable, Rajveer replies there are still a lot of things which he has not told her and she might not even like them. Palki assures that she knows he is not a wrong person, Rajveer replies he is glad that Palki realizes what he has to say without even listening to him. Preeta comes out calling Rajveer, he tells Palki that he has to leave for his job since he is getting very late. Preeta makes him have the yogurt and praises that he should get whatever he desires in his life. Preeta thinks that sh felt she should have informed Shristhi about the job of Rajveer but he stopped her, she wonders what goals does he have in his mind because of which he has stopped her.

Shaurya enters the office when the employee drops the files seeing Shauyra, Rishab also comes from behind an congratulates Shaurya informing that this is his new home, Rishab explains he will show Shaurya the office but he says that he will see his office by himself. Rishab says his office is better then that of Shaurya. Karan comes asking Rishab if Shaurya came to the office, Rishab explains that today Shaurya is going to be part of the meeting where he will decide how he will run the company. Karan praises Rishab for being the best mentor as he has already brought Karan to the business world when he used to only think about playing cricket but is now businesses tycoon. Rishab replies he had nothing to do with it and karan was able to achieve it because of his own vision and hard work, all he did was show them the right path. Karan tells the receptionist that Rajveer arora is going to come to the office, Rishab is amazed when karan informs he has hired Rajveer because of his business capabilities and the ability to solve any problem. Karan leaves when Rishab informs that he made a very good decision.

Nidhi is in the room thinking Shaurya would have reached the office so she must call him as he needs to make all of his decisions after consulting her. She calls Shaurya who explains he is amazed after seeing the office and has just seen the cabin of his father which is on the sixth floor, he has realized why his father likes to spend most of his time in the office, Nidhi explains Shaurya must excel in the business world so that everyone knows how well she has trained him. She ends the call explaining they will talk in the lunch hour.

Rakhi along with Karina and Kavya reach the mandir, where they start the pooj and Rakhi prays that her karan should always remain happy and without any problem. Karina prays that no problem should come in the life of their family member. Kavya prays for a miracle due to which she gets back her mother and her brother Rudra, she prays that there is a void in her life even when she has everything. Kavya sits in the Mandir and then wonders how can she ask for her brother without proper way, she thinks she knows she cannot get what she is asking but she is still asking Mata Rani, she bows down when she gets the blessings of Mata Rani. Rakhi and Karina are amazed, Rakhi asks Karina if she saw how the flower fell on Kavya which means she has got the blessings, Karina exclaims this means Mata Rani would surely fulfill the wish, Rakhi asks Karina bua to come as they will feed one hundred and one poor people as Kavya returned. Kavya gets a call so leaves explaining she will come back.

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Kavya walks out of the Mandir as she is not able to answer the call, someone leaves after snatching her purse and Kavya follows the criminal, she is shocked to see that there are so many criminals but she still asks back her purse. The criminal questions what is in this purse that she came all this way, they start teasing Kavya demanding she should come and take it, kavya tries to take it but they all keep tossing it around while she demands they must return it, the criminals explain that they have just one condition that she should come with them for a few hours, Kavya demands it back when they say they have agreed to give it back only if she comes with them, kavya tries to leave but they form a circle around her saying she will only leave if they desire, they throw her dupatta when a biker stops his bike which he starts twisting in the mud, seeing this all the criminals are shcoked.

Rajveer finally removes his helmet, and holds the dupatta in his hands, he is furious so starts beating the criminals one by one, Kavya is shocked seeing how he is beating them all, Rajveer quickly hands her back her dupatta after which he starts besting them all with a rod so they run away on their bikes, he comes to her asking if she is fine, Kavya appreciates him for coming on time, she asks if they donot have any women in their homes. Rajveer explains he also does not have any sister but this does not mean they should get like this, Kavya asks if he does not have any sister when she hugs him mentioning since he protected her now is her brother, Kavya hugs him, when Rajveer explaining that he has heard this word after a long time. Rajveer assures that since he is now her brother so would always fulfill the duty of being a brother. Rajveer mentions there is no need to cry as he will always protect her, he asks if she wants him to drop her somewhere, Kavya replies she needs to go to the Mandir so he drops her at the mandir, Rajveer leaves after looking at the time when Karina ass Kavya where did she go as they both were very tensed, Kavya thinks she cannot tell about what has happened so leaves with Rakkhi and Karina.

Rajveer enters the Luthra office thinking it is a very big industrial empire but very soon this company would not have any name in the business world. Karan is in his cabin informing he does not want to hear from this company, the manager explains karan himself said this company might be profitable but karan replies he thought about it but now does not feel it can happen. He gets a call from the receptionist informing Rajveer arora has arrived, he asks her to send Rajveer with a peon. Rajveer thinks that karan thinks he will be able to further the business empire with his help but is wrong since this time the entire Luthra empire would be destroyed.

Preeta comes out and is shocked to see that Rajveer forgot his lunch, she wonders where is her phone so she can call him.

Rajveer is walking with the peon towards the office of Karan, thinking this is the place where people like the Luthra’s take advantage of the poor and make decisions that affect their lives. The manager asks Karan if he has given the formal letter, karan says he just wants the manager to show Rajveer the office after which he can start the work, the manager replies Karan has never done this for anyone, Karan says he has never met anyone like Rajveer as he feels that Rajveer can surely give him something which he desires, he thinks how he saw Rajveer talking with Preeta so thinks only Rajveer can help him reach Preeta.