Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shaurya plots against Rajveer and Shanaya

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The doctors ask Nidhi if she is also going to say anything or just keep blaming them, Nidhi is tensed when Advocate Badra comes explaining that he has fulfilled all the formalities and will come to take his client Shambu in the evening, Gurpreet asks what is going on. The Inspector explains that the complaint has been filed by Preeta and Shristhi, he even introduces Gurpreet ji, Advocate Badra explains that Shambu was drunk and who knows what he said to the police under the influence that Nidhi instructed him to kill Preeta when the truth has been revealed, the Inspector says Nidhi can leave. Nidhi angrily goes to Shambu questioning why did he think he would blame Nidhi, Arohi also explains that Shambu thought he would blackmail Nidhi but now has to accept the punishment for his crimes, Nidhi and Arohi leave with a smile on their face.

Preeta questions what has the Inspector done because Shambu caused a very severe accident of her because of which she was even admitted to the hospital, Gurpreet also explains that Preeta is the real victim when the Inspector explains they can file a complaint if they believe Preeta is the victim but it would not bear any fruit since nothing of the sort has happened.

Shaurya comes into the room offering Kavya the Parshad, kavya does not understand it when Sandy says that Shaurya is doing it because of Nidhi aunti who said that it is going to end all the differences amongst them, Shaurya then serves it to Palki who after eating it explains that it is indeed very tasty, Shaurya however stops her from taking from the other bowl, Shaurya remembers when he took the Parshad from the pandit jee and then his friend brought the drugs, his friend suggests Shaurya should put a little in it but Shaurya replied that he desires people should do what he desires very quickly, Shaurya then asked Sanju to perform the Darshan while they will come back, Shaurya says that it is Parshad and he is going to give it to her once everyone else has had it, Shaurya is about to give it to Shanaya but she leaves after getting a call, Shaurya then with a smile on his face hands the Parshad to Rajveer who also eats it, Shaurya then turning to Palki says she desired to have the Parshad, Rajveer wonders why is Shaurya behaving so strangely on the instructions of Nidhi, he cannot believe it.

Nidhi and Arohi are walking out of the police station, Shristhi angrily stops them both from behind, Nidhi asks Arohi to go and take out the car, she leaves asking if Nidhi is sure, Shristhi warns Nidhi who asks if all the plan got failed, Nidhi explains that this is the problem with Preeta and Shristhi as they can never do anything of the sort, and what threats they were saying last night but everything got ruined, Shristhi warns Nidhi to not take the name of her sister from her tongue, Nidhi stops Shristhi saying she cannot do anything but she can do whatever she desires, Shristhi says she thought her sister Anjali was mad but Nidhi is far ahead of her sister as she can do anything, Nidhi questions why does Shristhi use such poor language, Nidhi explains she is the one who hired the lawyer of Shambu, Shristhi is shocked hearing it when Nidhi explains Shambu is her hired criminal and her men would never go against her, Shristhi says Nidhi does not have to tell her the truth as she can understand it, that Shambu is the criminal while Nidhi is even worse then her, Shristhi questions if Nidhi thinks she came here to say good bye, she knows the entire truth but has no proof against Nidhi, and whenever they try to search for it Nidhi does something that everything is ruined, Shristhi says she has just come here to say that it is enough, as if anything happens then she will come with the entire proof, Nidhi says it will happen if they find any proof. Nidhi explains her life had become boring but it is very exciting after both the Arora sisters came back into their life, Nidhi warns Shristhi to wait and see how she will not let Preeta form any new relation and in it Rajveer is going to be her pawn, even if something wrong happens to her. Shristhi explains Nidhi is so confident just after getting the name of Luthra family, she warns that tomorrow Nidhi is going to suffer, Nidhi questions how long is she going to threaten her saying she will do what she desires, Shristhi threatens her but Nidhi asks Shristhi to watch it before going to sit in her car, Nidhi leaves with a smile on her face.

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Shristhi is really worried when Preeta and Gurpreet come, Preeta asks why is Shristhi looking there but Shristhi keeps moving her head, Preeta says Shristhi would have come here to argue with Nidhi, Gurpreet says that Preeta should know that Nidhi would not have said something good, Gurpreet says she feels that Nidhi has said some things to her but Preeta asks Shristhi to not be worried as they must not take the threats of Nidhi seriously as they say who bark cannot bite, Preeta explains that she is surely going to handle everything right now.

Shaurya helps Rajveer into the room while he is not able to walk properly, Rajveer asks Shaurya to stay away as he does not want to talk to him and needs to drink some water, Rajveer sits down to have some water, Shaurya steps out of the room with his friends, explaining they have brought Rajveer here but must bring Shanaya here, Sanju says that Shanaya did not eat the Parshad with the mixture when Shaurya says they have to use another plan.

Gurpreet enters the house with Shristhi and Preeta, Shristhi gets worried so says she will come back after doing some work but Preeta also agrees to go with her however then Shristhi says she will go there later but needs to eat something. Gurpreet brings water for Shristhi who says she got in a very huge argument with Nidhi and she threatened that she will use Rajveer as a pawn to end all of the relations of Preeta with the Luthra family, she is really worried because of it, Gurpreet explains that she must not worry as Rajveer is also not a child and he can take care of himself so she must not be worried.

Shaurya is standing with Sandy who asks if he really thinks that Shanaya would do all those things with Rajveer, Shaurya says that a person can do a lot of things under the influence, he sees Shanaya so gives Sandy the powder asking him to mix it in two glasses. Shaurya stops Shanaya when she gets stunned so asks if she get scared, they both start talking with each other when Shaurya asks if she lies to the person for whom she cares the most or to those for whom she does not care at all, Shanaya says she lies to those for whom she cares a lot, Shaurya signals Sandy to put the powder in the glad, Sandy immediately turns back to put it in the glass, Shaurya takes both the glasses of juice from Sandy has hands one of it to Shanaya, he suggests if they both should compete for who drinks the juice faster, Shaurya then purposefully drops the juice glass from his hand, he says he forgot tot ell her that Rajveer was looking for her in the guest room, Shanaya turns to leave but she starts getting dizzy seeing which Shaurya is smiling.