Kundali Bhagya 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta vows to talk with Mr Luthra


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The prosecutor says that ever since he came to Mumbai, this city gave him the chance to enjoy a high lifestyle so he stole when he got the chance when the defense says this is all a lie so the prosecutor says that he knows Rajveer is going to deny it so they are going to call the person who has filed this complaint against him who is Nidhi Luthra, he seeks the permission from the judge who allows it so Nidhi walks over to stand on the witness box, she is asked to be sworn when the prosecutor asks Nidhi why does she think that Rajveer has stolen that money, Nidhi replies only he has known the password, the defense says that even the family members know it when Shristhi stands up saying that even the family members can steal it, the judge asks Shristhi to sit down. Nidhi mentions because Rajveer has told them a lot of lies, as he said he jumped from the window because the door was jammed but they caught him and after which they found out that the door was not jammed, so why would anyone like Rajveer jump out of the window, she says she cannot give the answer to it. The prosecutor says that this is the truth and he stole the money, Preeta standing at the door says that this is not the truth, seeing her Rajveer along with everyone is shocked.

Kavya and Palki reach the Luthra Mansion in an auto when the guard asks why did she come in the auto, Kavya asks the guard if anyone came to the Luthra Mansion on the day of her function when the guard remains quiet so Kavya says that she knows he has a very sharp memory, the guard replies that no one came here but only Sunil.

Karan is sitting in his office getting ready to leave for the court when Sunil comes and is hesitant to see that Karan is leaving, karan asks what is the reason so says that he should speak it right now, Sunil informs that the managers who are working on the project of Rishab sir have been called for a meeting since today is the last day for the submission hearing this Karan ets worried and questions how long will it take, Sunil says it would take only twenty minutes when Karan asks him to send all the managers inside.

Kavya and Palki turn to leave when they decide to leave for the court, Kavya tells Palki that Sunil brought a bag with the money, Palki says it is really strange as Shaurya came that day to meet the aunt of Rajveer and even had a bag, Kavya asks how does Palki know, she replies the aunt of Rajveer told her, she remembers that Preeta je told her that Shaurya had a lot of cold so she made a herbal drink for him after which he left, Palki asked if he came to meet her when Preeta replies Shaurya never mentioned the name of Rajveer. Palki says she suspects Shaurya is the one behind it since he does not like Rajveer at all, Kavya defends Shaurya saying he can be a little arrogant but would never make such a plan.

Preeta says that Rajveer is innocnet when the judge asks her to say whatever she desires in the witness court, she also swears to tell the truth, Preeta informs the judge their Rajveer can never do anything wrong and has been wrongly blamed for stealing tens of millions of rupees when Rajveer has not even stolen a single penny. Preeta says he is a very honest and intelligent person, because of which he can earn the money by himself, and he has been given such teachings that he would never do anything wrong. Kavya is stunned seeing preeta and feels a very strange connection, Preeta mentions what else can be a proof other then the heart of a mother and she is saying that Rajveer has not stolen anything, she swears he is not guilty. Kavya sits behind Shaurya while constantly staring at Rajveer.

Kavya signals Shaurya to come as she wants to talk with him, seeing this Nidhi gets worried, Arohi whispers to Nidhi saying she must do anything to keep Shaurya away from Preeta because he does not even know that she is his real mother, Arohi says she is amazed and informs Nidhi that Shaurya cannot see tears in the eyes of Preeta.

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Preeta says that if Rajveer gets punished then it would be wrong, as the law says that an innocent person can never be judged, the judge says that she is a mother and her son can ever do anything wrong, he asks her to leave the witness box. The judge asks Mr Badra if he has any proof that Rajveer is innocent, Preeta remembers how the inspector said that she must ask the luthra’s take back their complaint.

Kavya is roaming when Shaurya comes asking why is she walking and should come to see what her so called brothers does, Kavya asks Shaurya if he went to meet the aunt of Rajveer, Shaurya says he has come here straight from their house. Kavya says she is asking about the day of her function, Shaurya remembers how he switched the money from the bags, he once again says that he was working in the office and she can go check the CCTV footage, Kavya asks if he is sure. Nidhi questions Kavya why is she mistrusting her brother, Nidhi says that she should trust her own brother since he is related to her but not that Rajveer when Nidhi warns her to not question her son, kavya says she was just asking a simple question that did Shaurya go to meet the aunt of Rajveer, but Nidhi asks if she is a court as should let the officials do their work, she asks Shaurya to come with her since Kavya has a lost her mind, she turning explains that kavya might have forgotten the responsibility of being a sister but she is a mother, so holds her hands in front of Kavya requesting her to not spoil the life of her own brother, Shaurya stops Nidhi from doing it when kavya says she is not doing anything wrong, explaining she will lose from both sides hearing which Nidhi asks her to stop talking and not say anything else, they both leave.

Palki comes to kavya who says she is not that bad and would never like to destroy the life of her own brother, Palki hugs Kavya and says she knows that Kavya would never do anything wrong, explaining how would they find out the truth, Palki mentions they should go to the the house of Rajveer and find out the truth.

Preeta steeps out from an auto outside the Luthra Mansion, thinking she is going to talk with Mr karan Luthra because she is a mother and would do anything to protect her son, she recalls when Shristhi said that if Preeta goes to the Luthra Mansion then it would make them feel as if they are guilty, she thinks she can do anything otherwise would not be able to live with the guilt that she did not do anything for her son as Mr Karan is also a father so she would ask that if Rajveer was his own son would he also not do anything, he would have to answer his questions.

Kavya and Palki step out of the auto when the shop owners stops Palki saying that she will come back after a while, but then Palki sees the camera so informs Kavya how they can watch the footage from it and find out if anything wrong happened that day, she asks the shop owner how can they see the footage, he says they can watch it in the office of the society, saying he will come and inform them so they both should go ahead.

The prosecutor says that the defense does not have any evidence to prove the innocence of Rajveer, the defense asks what proof does the prosecutor have against his client, the prosecutor replies he has the proof which is the password of the safe, hearing this Rajveer is shocked.