Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Nidhi reaches the hospital to kill Shristhi


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Rakhi goes to Kavya informing that her mother has returned back, she leaves after praying to Mata rani. Kavya slowly walks over to stand beside the bed, she hugs Karan tightly who also embraces Kavya consoling her, Karan asks what is the need to cry now that her mother has returned and there is nothing else left so Kavya agrees that indeed there is nothing left and he has brought back her mother home, now this family is complete while she thought that it would be a dream for her to see her mother but her father has fulfilled her dream. Karan is glad so asks Kavya to go and meet her mother. Kavya slowly sits in front of Preeta who is still unconscious, she slowly holds the hand of Preeta while not being able to control her emotions, she remembers when she would talk with her mother in the childhood an even play with her, kavya says to Karan that her mother is really beautiful, Karan agrees explaining her mother is indeed very beautiful, kavya mentions her mother has only returned due to him and he has completed her family. Kavya says she already knew it that only her father can do such a thing, she slowly removes her hand from Preeta. Karan appreciates Kavya for having so much trust in him when Kavya replies he has completed her family but now the trust has gotten even more strong as he fulfilled her dream by bringing back her mother. Karan asks Kavya to go and help Rakhi mom start the preparations of her birthday because he will bring her down as soon as she regains consciousness, they will become a happy family. Kavya hugs Preeta and then even kisses her on the forehead, she then also turns to hug her father Karan who exclaims he loves her. Kavya slowly starts walking out of the room but cannot take her eyes off Preeta, she is finally forced to leave. Karan is still smiling but then calls the doctor asking him to not come from the front gate and with the back door because he does not want anyone to know that the doctor came to their house. Karan mentions that he does not want to tell anyone about what happened to Preeta because they would get worried without any reason and he also does not have the answer to those questions, he promises to f ind the person who did it with Preeta and swears to surely find that person and not let them get away so easily. Karan is furious.

Nidhi reaches the hospital when she sees Rocky who points towards the hall, she signals him to start leading the way when he immediately turns back after seeing Rajveer, Nidhi asks why did he stop so Rocky explains he is the same boy who rescued Nidhi and might cause a lot of problems for them. Nidhi mentions she is not going to leave without completing the task, she says she will disguise herself in the doctors clothes but Rocky tells her that he found out she had also tried to kill Preeta in these same clothes and this is bad luck for him but she should leave while he will surely handle the situation and call her after the work is complete.

Rajveer is standing outside the door constantly checking on Shristhi when Mohit asks him to calm down since the doctor said that she would be fine after twenty four hours. Mohit hugs Rajveer when Rocky comes questioning what are they both doing here when they know it is a very sensitive area however Rajveer pleads with him to not let them leave this location as he would not be able to live without her but Rocky says that no one is allowed to stay here, Mohit stops Rajveer and he himself requests Rocky to let them stay here but he replies that he would have to call the security hearing which they both leave. Rocky looking at Shristhi calls Nidhi explaining that now she can come here as the path is clear and the room number is five, he says now she can do whatever she likes with her. Nidhi agrees and is about to walk towards the hall but she immediately turns after seeing Rajveer and Mohit, Nidhi slowly walks towards the room when Rajveer gets suspicious about her, Mohit asks what happened so Rajveer replies he felt as if he saw someone whom he knows.

Nidhi walks to Rocky, he says he has done his work and now she can do whatever she likes with this girl after which he leaves. Nidhi entering the room of Shristhi takes off the veil, exclaiming she never wanted to take the life of Shristhi even when she hates her, she also wants to kill Preeta but now Shristhi must die as she has seen the entire truth, and now if there is a choice between herself or Shristhi then she is obviously going to chose herself, Nidhi putting down the bag takes out the lighter fluid saying that they say that death comes to the place where it must because people come to save their lives in the hospital while Shristhi is going to lose her life here and will die ere. Nidhi pours all of the liquid exclaiming that the countdown to her death begins now, Nidhi is furiously looking at Shristhi.

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Karan slowly sits beside Preeta explaining the doctor performed the full checkup and said that she is completely fine, he exclaims he felt very good hearing ti while the doctor has also given her an injection and said she would wake up very soon. Karan sitting beside Preeta holds her hands, saying she does not know what he was when she was not with them and what has he become now, he says that his entire life and family was not complete but she after returning has completed it, he felt as if he had the entire ocean but just needed a drop which he got due to her return. Karan explains he has gotten such happiness as he never had gotten before, he praises Bhagwan that she has finally come back to his life. Karan asks if she is listening when she slowly starts to open her eyes seeing which karan gets excited explaining that she is regaining consciousness, he asks her to wake up but then exclaims there is no need to wake up but must rest as the doctor suggested she should rest., karan gets excited explaining she has finally regained consciousness so he will go back downstairs for ten to twenty minutes as today is her birthday and they are going to cut the birthday cake, Karan exclaims he wants to be the first one to wish her on the Birthday, saying he is going to come back very soon.

Preeta while still unconscious remembers how Shristhi was kidnapped so she slowly wakes up, Preeta is shocked wondering where is she but then remembers the incident when karan saved her from the fire, she recognizes that this is the room of Karan Luthra. Preeta wonders where is Shristhi because if she is here then where is she, Preeta tries calling Rajveer using the phone in Luthra Mansion, Rajveer asks who owns the number, Preeta asks where is Shristhi when Rajveer replies they have found her but not able to find who is behind the kidnapping, Preeta questions where are they when Rajveer informs at City hospital because Shristhi maa has been admitted here, Preeta ends the call saying she will come right away so Preeta leaves the Luthra Mansion. Mohit asks Rajveer what has happened when he replies that Maa is coming here, Mohit goes to check on Shristhi jee.

Nidhi sitting beside Shristhi explains that whenever she decides something then does not change it, and she has decided that Shristhi is going to die so now it will happen but Shristhi must not make her task even more difficult and die peacefully, Nidhi slowly removes the oxygen mask due to which Shristhi starts breathing, Nidhi gets scared at first but wonders what is the need to be scared as how can Shristhi harm her, she thinks about checking her as this is a hospital and if Shristhi screams then it might make things worse, Nidhi starts slapping the face of Shristhi asking her to say something and why is she quiet, Nidhi keeps hitting her demanding that she should fight and argue with her but is glad when Shristhi does not react so thinks that it will be the final action of her death. Shristhi mentions that after her death her sister Preeta is going to be alone and no one will even remember there was any girl named Shristhi but after her death it will be the turn of her sister Preeta for whom she behaved like a protector but when she will herself not have any body then how would she protect her sister, Nidhi exclaims first Shristhi will die then her sister Preeta. Shristhi starts suffocating Nidhi warning that she cannot even harm even a single hair of her sister, Shristhi using her strength tries to get up and then starts throwing the things from the tray at Nidhi, seeing this Nidhi starts laughing at the condition fo Shristhi who even picks the pillow but Nidhi snatches it from her hand and placing it over the face of Shristhi pushes he down on the table, Shristhi manages to remove a gold bangle from the wrist of Nidhi but then stops moving, Nidhi gets glad after which she places her head on the pillow, Nidhi checks if Shristhi si breathing and there is any heartbeat but she exclaims that Shristhi has died, Nidhi even corrects the feet of Shristhi exclaiming she is really powerful, because she even died however they cannot take any risk so she would have to burn her body after which everyone will think that a patient died from burning but how would anyone know that Nidhi had killed Shristhi with her own hands. Nidhi takes out the lighter from her purse which she lights and throws over the quilt of Shristhi who is still unconscious, Nidhi walks out of the room while placing a trap at the door so no one is able to come inside, she is standing outside the door which she has locked before walking out of the hospital. Shristhi is still unconscious but then starts breathing while the quilt is on fire, she is breathing heavily.