Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer plans to reveal the entire truth to Preeta


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Mahesh asks if both Karan and Rishab are going to the house of Rajveer for his Roka event when Rishab says that it is his decision, Nidhi asks what is the need to go since they have a lot of work in their own house, karan replies that ever since they found out they have never done anything and this decoration happened without their help, Rishab agrees saying they were playing emails, Rishab says that they donot have any work in this house and so they should go, Rakhi says she is very happy they both are going to the Roka of Rajveer and Palki but she feels the entire family should go however a lot of problems has happened in this house so she is glad they both are going, Karina also agrees explaining that Rajveer is also the son of this house and they should also go to the event, Bani Dadi explains that Rajveer has always been present whenever they need his help and so both Rishab and Karan should go, Kavya further says he is also her brother so it is their duty to go there, Rakhi asks Rishab to give both Rajveer and palki her blessing informing that when a mother gives the blessings then ti is very fruitful, Mahesh says he would himself give his blessings when he meets Rajveer. Bani Dadi gives Rishab a handkerchief saying that he should give it to her boyfriend when Rishab agrees however Nidhi stops them, Karan asks if she also wants to give some blessings but Nidhi explains she feels she should also come with them since she is a women and even the motherly figure in the house, Kritika starts coughing hearing it which angers Nidhi but she does not say anything, Karan says what problem could they have with it, Nidhi gets excited saying she would come back in a moment with the car keys so they should meet her in the parking.

Preeta is serving the guests with water, Gurpreet after noticing her for a while stops questioning why is she serving herself, preeta replies she enjoys doing such kind of work so they should let Mohit enjoy but he takes the tray from her hand, Preeta then welcomes the ladies who sit on the drum asking when they should start, Preeta says she is just going to ask the family of Palki when she will arrive so then she starts calling her, Preeta thinks of going to go to their house when she sees Mr Khurana along with Shanaya entering so welcomes them, she asks where is palki when Mr Khurana explains she will come very soon. Pandit jee informs Preeta that the auspicious time would be after half an hour, Preeta explains then they should start the songs and enjoy waiting for the time, Gurpreet asks Shanaya to dance who says she would leave as soon as the function ends since she even has to go and attend her own Roka, Rajveer is worried wondering what sort of situation would happen today, Preeta notices him so even asks him to dance but he refuses at first however Rajveer is smiling seeing Preeta dancing and he enjoys it a lot.

Karan is driving the car while Nidhi sitting in the back seat wonders she must do something right now because if they reach then Karan would surely meet Preeta after which everything would fail, she thinks she has to plan something right now so they donot meet each other, Karan tells Rishab that Rajveer would be surprised seeing him when Rishab says that Rajveer would be pleasant seeing him, Karan asks if Rishab has told him but he says that he has seen Rajveer, Karan replies even Rajveer respects him a lot so Rishab questions how does he know it, Karan thinks of when Rajveer hugged him in the office and explains that the way he hugs him he feels a sense of piece, Nidhi thinks Karan does not know that whenever he hugs Rajveer he is hugging his own son, she is scared thinking what if he finds out that Rajveer is his own son then what would happen to her, she thinks he might get a heart attack so Nidhi thinks she has got the plan, she starts screaming while placing her hand on the chest when they both ask her what happened, she says she has immense pain on her chest so Rishab explains he will call the doctor, karan asks Nidhi to calm down when Rishab calls the doctor informing Nidhi has some problem and they are coming to his clinic.

Shaurya and Sandy are in the car when Sandy asks if Shaurya does not feel he should be given some drugs but Shaurya says if Sandy did not hear hat he said that drugs are not good for them so he would not give anything, Sandy stops Shaurya asking him to look ahead as there is a police barricade when Shaurya gets worried saying that if the police catch them both then they would suffer the same fate that they are trying to do with Rajveer. Shaurya starts revering the car when they are not able to do it with the car behind them, the inspector says that since it is the new years then they are checking the cars for drugs, he orders them t check the trunk when they donot find anything there but then he starts checking the dashboard, the inspector finds the drugs but Shaurya says that he has no idea who they belong to, he quickly drives away while the inspector orders everyone to follow the car as it is the one with the drugs.

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Preeta is in the kitchen working when Rjaveer comes thinking he does not know if what he is doing is right but he does not want anything sudden to happen to her as she would not be able to bear it so he has to tell her the entire truth about the Luthra’s, Preeta is shocked seeing Rajveer and asks when did he come here, he says he wants to tell her something, Preeta notices he is tensed and asks if it is something about the problematic situation, Rajveer says he has known something for a long time but if he did not tell her it today and she finds from some other source then he would feel really bad, Preeta asks what is he hiding, Rajveer says he wants to tell her the truth, Rajveer takes the name of Luthra so preeta asks if he meant Karan Luthra, Preeta stops Rajveer saying that she already knows it and that Karan Luthra is in love with her but he is already married to Nidhi, Rajveer is shocked asking when did she find out the truth and did she not remember anything even then, preeta replies that she does not know when karan Luthra saw her and started liking her but she knows the wife of Karan Luthra Nidhi does not like her, she thinks she is not feeling comfortable talking about these situations to him, Rjaveer is about to explain when Gurpreet calls Preeta saying that Pandit jee is calling her so she leaves.

Nidhi is taken to the clinic when Rishab asks Karan if Nidhi told him anything about the condition but Karan asks if she told anything to him when Rishab says that she is the one who raised Shaurya however in the mean time Nidhi comes out with the doctor, Karan asks if her if Nidhi is fine, the doctor replies she might have suffered it due to the heat, Nidhi is frustrated as she was not able to stop them both even after causing such drama, Rishab suggests they would drop her back home but Nidhi thinks that she has to surely go with them so insist, karan assures the doctor that they would keep a close eye on Nidhi and take care of her, they all leave the clinic.

Shanaya is dancing when she sees Priyanka so goes to hug her, Mr Khurana asks Priyanka where is Palki, she says that palki is just coming when she starts dancing with Shanaya as they are enjoying the event. Preeta comes out asking pandit jee if she needs anything which she would bring, Pandit jee tells Preeta the things that he needs, Gurpreet says Pandit jee could have told her however Preeta informs that everything is ready for the Pooja, she leaves when Rajveer is waiting so Mohit pulls him, Rajveer says that he was about to tell the truth to his mother but then Shristhi maa has already said something to his mother and it might be that Mr Luthra has some soft corner for his mother, Mohit asks if Rjaveer is saying that he has a soft corner, Rjaveer replies he does not like when Mr Luthra sees her, Mohit says that his mother is very pretty and he should be glad that she did not marry anyone else, Rajveer explains that everything would end if the Luthra’s come here, Mohit asks Rajveer to not think because he was not able to do anything even when he was thinking, Preeta brings the things needed for the pooja and asks if the pandit jee if there is anything left but eh says that everything is in order, Daljeet arrives with Palki who is looking stunning, Preeta rushes to hug her, Rajveer is not able to take his eyes off her while Palki is also searching for him. Mohit signals Rajveer so goes to meet her when she asks him where is Rajveer, Mohit points to the corner where Rajveer is standing, they both are not able to take their eyes of each other and are just smiling, Rajveer asks how s he looking, palki signals that he is looking amazing when even Rajveer signals that she is looking very pretty, they both are smiling.