Kundali Bhagya 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update


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Preeta is about to go to Karan but Mohit takes her inside. Rajveer blocks the view so Karan could not see Preeta. Preeta asks Mohit that why he took her inside. Mohit tells her that Rajveer don’t want her to meet Shaurya’s father. She asks him that why Rajveer want that. He says that he did not meant that. He changes the topic to divert her attention. He tells her that she and Rajveer looks similar. He asks her to get ready and leaves the room.

Gurpreet gives tea to Karan. She tells him that she even made snacks for him and goes inside. Karan asks Rajveer that what the latter is thinking about. Gurpreet returns. Karan tells her that he want to use washroom. She takes him to washroom. Rajveer thinks that Preeta is not in the washroom so no tension.

Preeta gets ready. She searches her earrings. She realises that she kept her earrings in the washroom. She goes to washroom and takes her earrings. She runs from there before Karan sees her.

Nidhi informs Aarohi that Karan saw Preeta. Aarohi tells her that she don’t think the latter can handle this situation. She says that Karan will try his best to find Preeta. Nidhi asks her that what she should do. Aarohi tells her to find Preeta before Karan finds Preeta.

Rakhi comes there and scolds Nidhi for hurting Dadi. She says that they love Preeta and it won’t change. She asks her to control her jealousy because their feelings for Preeta won’t change. She warns her to not try to hurt them and leaves from there.

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Preeta asks Rajveer that who is in the washroom. Rajveer asks her that why she went to washroom. She tells him that she went to take her earrings. He tells her that he is hungry. She tells him that she will cook for him. Karan comes there. Rajveer sends Preeta to the kitchen before Karan sees Preeta. Karan asks him that what the latter is hiding from him.

Nidhi tells Rakhi that she don’t have any problem with Preeta. But they should not have false hopes. She says that Preeta hate Luthras that’s why she did not come to meet them. Rakhi tells her that it’s not like that. Nidhi asks her that how can a mother hate her child. She reminds her that Shaurya’s brother is not with them due to Preeta. Rakhi cries and leaves from there.

Rajveer tells Karan that he is not hiding anything from Karan. And Karan is no one to him. Karan tells him that he also had attitude like the latter. He offers a job to him. He thinks that he can find out the relationship of Rajveer and Preeta. He says that Rajveer is talented that’s why he is offering a job. Rajveer refuses to trust him. He rejects the job offer. They hears Preeta’s voice. Rajveer thinks that he can’t take risk. He accepts the job offer. Karan hugs him.