Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update: The photos of Palki and Rajveer are being played on the projector

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Palki is sitting with Ketan on the Mandap when one person suddenly interferes mentioning he has something to say and just as the bride and groom should be the one to decide where they have to go to honeymoon, he asks the DJ to start the projector which is showing the photos of some beautiful places but suddenly a photo of Rajveer and Palki appears which shocks everyone, sometime earlier.

Mahi informs Palki that Shaurya just wants to irritate her and make her feel uncomfortable and the worst part is that she is getting affected, Mahi informs even she has a bad feeling about Shaurya, Mahi questions Palki what does she have to say about Rajveer, she walks to the mirror when palki asks what does she mean, Mahi informs she feels Rajveer is looking at her the way Shahrukh khan looks at Kajol in Dilwale Dulhania lei jayen gai, Palki hesitantly explains that Mahi might be mistaken about Rajveer however Mahi asks how does Palki know what she is feeling as she has seen the way he keeps looking at her and is always smiling, Palki asks if Mahi has started to like him but Mahi immediately refuses saying that she is talking about his feeling. Mahi immediately asks Palki if she likes Rajveer, palki replies that she is getting married to someone else today when mahi explains that anything can happen in this world, Palki instructs Mahi to stop talking as she is suffering from a headache, Mahi leaves when Palki thinks she has lied to her but what about her own feelings because she feels good when he is around her, Palki thinks she has to control her feelings and convince herself that she should not think about him.

Shaurya is walking with his friends who enter before him but Shaurya drops his phone and just as he kneels to pick it up, Rajveer stops him when Shaurya questions what is he doing, Rajveer informs that he knows the personality of Shaurya so he should tell him what is he planning, Shaurya replies he has come here to attend the wedding so Rajveer should chill. Rajveer replies he knows Shaurya has a reason to go anywhere, and is the villain who would ruin everything. Shaurya says even he knows what is Rajveer like but he would not like it if he does anything, Rajveer pulls Shaurya into the room when Shaurya says that he ahs the image of the bad boy but Rajveer is doing such things, Shaurya taunts that he knows Rajveer is worried about the food serving, so he throws some money on Rajveer but he keeps demanding to know the truth.

Rajveer says he knows Shaurya does not have any interest in the pooja so why did he refuse to go to his favorite concert and come here. Shaurya replies Rajveer deserves the truth, he informs Palki is not good for anything and ever since she came into his life, everything has been ruined including the award function and his contract while she has him by her side and they both make even the smallest problems become the biggest of his life. Rajveer once again asks what is Shaurya planning who says he must remember what he had done to him in the past so he is going to give them both a befitting reply, Rajveer demands the truth when Shaurya mentions he mut wait in suspense explaining that Rajveer is not going to forget the wedding of Palki today, and every other memory is going to be small while Rajveer will remember the wedding, he informs not only Rajveer but each and every guest present in this wedding is going to remember it. Shaurya tries to leave when Rajveer holds him demanding to know what he is planning, Shaurya instructs Rajveer to let him go but he keeps demanding to know the truth, threatening to not let him leave until he finds out the truth. Shaurya sees Mr Khukreja so starts requesting Rajveer to let him go, Mr Khukreja also questions Rajveer what is this behavior, Shaurya going to him explains Rajveer is very short tempered but they both should leave to go and enjoy the wedding.

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Mahi is smiling thinking about Rajveer, she goes to palki explaining she will talk with her informing that a lot of boys fall for her and like her, and there has been a new boy in their neighborhood, meaning Rajveer so a lot og girls would also be in love with him but what if anyone starts liking him, Palki is sure that a lot of people like mahi, she replies Palki is right as Ketan also brought the proposal for her. The sisters come to the room mentioning that they are calling palki, Mahi informs they are not going to come out like this but are going to make them all wait, Palki however gets up to leave which shocks Mahi who follows them both.

Pandit jee is reciting the Mantar while everyone is waiting, Shaurya reaches with Mr Khukreja and Rajveer angrily walks past him, seeing which Preeta gets worried. Palki comes so Daljeet goes to her explaining that her daughter is no less then a shining moon, Ketan standing up raises his hand to help Palki get onto the Mandap. Palki and Ketan both sit on the Mandap while Rajveer gets really worried.
The Pandit jee is just about to start the Mantar when he introduces himself as Vishal, Shaurya starts smiling when Vishal explains he is the brother of Ketan. Vishal demands a clap for his introduction explaining he has a very important thing to tell them which is a secret, he asks what do they think that Ketan is a boring film maker, he informs Ketan has made a romantic plan. Ketan tries to stop Vishal but he says normally the bride and groom decide where they have to go for their honeymoon but he has decided everything by himself, Vishal says he really liked this plan but he would like to know about their opinion, he requests the DJ to start the projector, Ketan asks Vishal to have some background music otherwise even a simple thing does not look good, Shaurya says to Mr Khukreja that Vishal is funny. The honeymoon plan is being displayed on the projector, everyone is really amazed seeing it and are smiling. Mahi whispers to Daljeet how Ketan seems to be very romantic when Daljeet asks if she has made a mistake by getting palki married to her, she asks Mahi to tell her what she feels, Mahi replies she is feeling good for her sister.

Vishal explains that the feelings would change when they both go to Paris as a couple, Ketan asks Vishal to not go ahead saying it is enough, Rajveer is angrily standing facing the guests when suddenly they all are shocked seeing the photo, ketan turns to palki who also looks at him but seeing the photo of her hugging Rajveer, she is also left shocked so she turns to stare at Rajveer who does not have any idea, he finally turns back and even he is left stunned thinking how the photos of the bungalow where palki was kept hostage are being telecasted on the projector, he turns to look at Palki in a state of confusion, she is also worried.

Precap: Ketan says to palki that today was her marriage while she was doing all this with Rajveer yesterday, Rajveer tries to assure that they all are mistaken and nothing is as what it seems on the projector, Preeta is worried.