Kundali Bhagya 24th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer gets suspicious of Nidhi

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Nidhi informs that Rajveer answered the call of rocky who started asking what should they do about the parcel but she is glad he did not hear anything, Arohi gets worried asking if Rajveer has heard anything, Nidhi replies she does not feel like it because had he gotten suspicious then would have surely questioned them, she asks Arohi what should they do now, Arohi asks Nidhi to first sit down and calm herself telling they would not be able to think of anything if she takes so much stress.

Partham in the car mentions they are getting very late and need to hurry because who knows what would happen to Shristhi je, he mentions that the lives of over 90 % people are at risk in such situations, the chance of finding her would become low the longer it takes them to find her, he says they are very far away from the thoughts o the kidnappers and need to find her quickly, Mohit turning back questions what is he saying but then Gurpreet asks him to look at the front when the car suddenly hits the tree, Preeta is shocked seeing the condition of Partham who falls on the dashboard from the back seat, Preeta asks Mohit if he is fine, Gurpreet explains that Partham is the one who got most injured, Preeta asks Mohit to take Partham to the hospital as he needs the help, Preeta asks Gurpreet to go to the hospital while she will go to Rajveer, Partham asks them all to leave him right here as they need to first save the life of Shristhi jee, Preeta promises she would be able to reach her sister and knows Bhagwan will help her but Partham must first go to the hospital, she asks Mohit to stop a taxi and even asks Gurpreet to go with Mohit as he is also in a shock state, Preeta says that she will first go to Rajveer but Gurpreet is worried as Preeta is alone however she replies she always has the support of Mata Rani, Gurpreet leaves saying Preeta should call her whenever she gets to know anything, Preeta thinks that today is a very problematic day so Bhagwan should help her get to Shristhi, Preeta stops an auto.

Rajveer is trying to call when palki sees him so comes to greet him, she asks why does he look so tensed but he replies that everything is fine, Palki asks if he would even lie to her so should tell the truth if he considers her as his won, Rajveer replies he is very worried of Shristhi maa, Palki asks why is he so worried suddenly when Rajveer replies he does not know why he is getting this feeling because he is suddenly thinking about Shristhi maa and even the winds feel tensed, Palki holding his hands explains she is Shristhi jee and would be with everyone in the event in their neighborhood, Rajveer replies he does not feel like it since he thinks that something is about to happen. Palki says that she will call Bua jee and make sure she gets him to talk with Shristhi jee.

Gurpreet and Mohit take Partham to the hospital when Gurpreet runs to the reception asking them to take the details as his name is Partham, Mohit tells her that her phone is ringing when she answers it, palki requests her to give the phone to Shristhi jee as Rajveer is really worried about her, Gurpreet replies that Preeta je is coming to them so they can ask her and ends the call, Nidhi hearing them both questions who is coming but Rajveer leaves saying that no one is coming and tells Palki he is going back home, Palki also leaves with him while Nidhi wonders why did they say that Preeta is coming.

Shanaya enters the kitchen with Karina and Rakhi and sits on the bench, Rakhi asks Karina if she would ask the questions when Karina agrees asking Shanaya if she loves Shaurya, she replies that she does love him hearing which Rakhi gets excited when Karina asks her if she thinks that Shaurya loves her, Shanaya replies that she feels he loves her, Rakhi exclaims that they both know he loves her so why is she confusing such a nice girl, Karina asks if Shanaya loves them both, Shanaya explains she really likes this entire family and loves them a lot, Karina questions what is the need to get so much nervous as she is asking her this in a straight forward manner, Rakhi says that Karina di is intimidating the girl so how would she share her feelings, Rakhi sitting in front of Shanaya asks her to not be worried and say what is in her heart, Karina mentions that Shanaya should not lie because it would be a very big problem if she has to lie in the future, Shanaya agrees mentioning that she wants to marry him, Rakhi and Karina both get excited and decide to celebrate by eating sweets, Rakhi however says there are no sweets but Karina mentions that Sugar is also sweet, they all celebrate. Karina tells Shanaya that she should not hide anything from them both if she wants to live happily in this house and should go to her mother saying she must come to their house, Rakhi gets excited explaining that Shanaya should send her mother as they need to prepare so much things when Karina requests her to control herself but Rakhi replies she cannot. Rakhi and Karina send Shanaya away when Rakhi is glad that the time of wedding has arrived, Karina exclaims that Shaurya is finally getting married.

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Bani Dadi comes out of the bathroom when she sees Karina sitting in the room so asks why is she so tensed, Karina asks if she cannot come to her room when Bani Dadi mentions she lives in her heart but why is she so tensed, Karina explains she is very tensed and thinking what should she wear in the wedding, Bani Dadi gets furious questioning why is she tensed about such a small thing because she got worried thinking it was a big thing, Karina asks Bani Dadi what is she wearing when Bani Dadi says that every girl in this house is a dream girl and she would look nice in whatever she wears, Bani Dadi says that she is the most beautiful girl in this house, Karina explains a lot of things have changed and she wants to look perfect, Bani Dadi mentions she has asked Shanaya and Kavya to decide but Karina replies she is talking about the wedding of Shaurya and Shanaya, Bani Dadi asks if she is not getting so obsessed with Shaurya just like she was with Karan, Karina replies that she loves them both and Rishab lives in her breath, Bani Dadi asks if the wedding ate has been fixed when Karina replies even the formal conversation has not started, Karina leaves after getting the call from a designer when bani Dadi says she wants an orange saree.

Nidhi questions how did they dare come to her house because what would happen if anyone sees them here when Nikhil replies that they had to come here since they are criminals and leave after completing their work but Nidhi is not answering their call nor even listening to their conversation, Rajveer sees Nidhi talking and wonders who is the person talking by her, he tries to go and listen but Karan calls Rajveer asking him to come and help him, Rajveer requests for a moment but Karan asks him to come quickly so Nidhi immediately sends Rocky away, Nidhi gets worried thinking Rajveer has gotten suspicious about her so it might be a problem in the future.

Karan asks Rajveer which color would go together with the decoration when Kavya and Rakhi also come asking what are they doing, Karan replies he is doing what they both are planning to do, Rajveer asks karan since when did he get so interested in the decoration because he has never seen him do it before and he lives in this attitude, Karan asks what is Rajveer talking about as he is not like that when even Rakhi asks Rajveer to stop, Rajveer asks what is the reason for this decoration when Rakhi informs him that tomorrow is the birthday of Preeta and they are doing this decoration to celebrate it, Rajveer is shocked when Karan thinks he knows Rajveer would know the likes and dislikes of Preeta, Rakhi explains Karan always takes the help of Rajveer since he feels that Rajveer is just like Preeta when Rajveer thinks that he has lived his entire life with Preeta so would decide like her. Rajveer leaves when Karan also wonders what is the problem with Rajveer as now even when everyone has said it openly that they are missing Preeta but he is still quiet. Kavya also leaves thanking Karan but he does not understand anything when Rakhi informs Karan that Kavya is also really happy like the rest of the Luthra family and she mentions she is also waiting for tomorrow which is when Preeta would come back to this house and their family would be complete.

Preeta in the auto is constantly trying to contact Rajveer but he is not answering his phone so she thinks that she would go to the Luthra Mansion because Rjaveer never answers his call whenever he is there and she needs to talk with him about what has happened to Shristhi.

Palki asks Rajveer why does he hate Nidhi, Rajveer replies that the right time has not come so Palki says that he will tell her when it is the right time, Rajveer replies everything would be clear at that moment, Palki leaves saying she has to give Bani Dadi her medicine, Rajveer starts thinking what is the parcel which Nidhi was talking about and who are the people that came to meet her, he feels as if it was a code language, Rajveer is tensed.