Kundali Bhagya 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Palki decide to find proof against Varun


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Nidhi sees Varun walking to the cafe with another girl so tells that they come in front of her even when she takes their name, Arohi tries to look for them but asks if it is Varun and kavya, Nidhi says that they keep coming in front of her eyes because she did not want to see them but they donot leave her, Arohi asks her to not focus on them and ignore it all so they can order something, Arohi orders two coffee for them when Varun also calls the waiter and then goes inside asking his wife to wait, he orders two orange juices before going to sit back.

Rajveer is working in the office when Shaurya sees him so wonders how dare he sit on this chair, Shaurya thinks Rajveer does not deserve it and thinks he is very lucky to sit on the chair when his father was angry with him and this is why Rajveer got it, then the worker asks Shaurya what does he desires when he asks for the SMT file so the employee informs that karan sir has given the file to Rajveer as Karan sir is really impressed with his work, Shaurya leaves angrily.

The waiter comes to serve thee orange juice to Nidhi and Arohi while taking the coffee to Varun and Aaliya, Arohi gets up to complain about the waiter to the manager, Varun sees Arohi so tells Aaliya they have to leave but as they get up Nidhi sees Aaliya so gets stunned by it, realizing Varun is not with kavya, Nidhi tells Arohi they should leave but then sits explaining they should drink coffee before leaving, she asks the worker to bring the coffee a bit quickly and so he apologizes assuring of bringing it as soon as possible. Nidhi starts smiling but Arohi notices she is worried.

Shaurya is waiting in the cabin thinking how his Nidhi mom advised him to make sure Rajveer does not manipulate his father as she even heard that his Dad was going to transfer the entire property to Rajveer, Shaurya going to the console opens the drawer from which he takes out a dark and starts throwing it at the board. Shaurya keeps aiming when Sandy enters the cabin wishing him good morning but then asks what is Shaurya thinking, and says he knows Shaurya is tensed because he plays it when he is worried so should tell him the reason for it, Shaurya says Rajveer has made him lose his mind and he knows Rajveer might be good at everything he cannot let it happen that his father gives Rajveer his place, he thinks they have to do something that Rajveer loses his respect in the eyes of his father, Shaurya explains they have to make sure Rjaveer gets fired with the reason that he does not even get a job in any other company so he wants Rajveer to lose it all.

Kavya says she cannot understand how the pain suddenly started, Bani Dadi replies it is not from this but a of a very long time and when Palki or Preeta massage it then it gets better, Bani Dadi says she just made preeta her therapist when Palki says Bani Dadi is talking as if it happened a long time ago, Palki replies Preeta just came to Mumbai a few months ago, Bani Dadi thinks that Palki does not know anything of the past so she asks Kavya where is Varun as they have to talk about her marriage functions, hearing this Kavya starts getting nervous when Preeta also coming to the door explains that they should not say anything to Kavya. Bani Dadi asks how is she feeling, Preeta replies she is feeling better and gets even better when she sees them all, Bani Dadi says that palki is also a good doctor but not like Preeta, Palki says she did not feel bad and cannot compare herself to Preeta je, both Preeta and Palki start performing the treatment when Preeta says that it will hurt her for some time but then she will get better, Bani Dadi says that preeta gives her a lot of pain and then expects her to not say anything, Preeta asks Bani Dadi to wait and then pulls it with force so Bani Dadi screams for a moment, preeta asks if she is feeling better now, Bani Dadi replies that Preeta is right to say that pain goes away after inflicting it. The three of them start smiling while Nidhi leaves, Bani Dadi asks Kavya to bring her socks when she leaves. Kavya entering the room is shocked seeing him reading the file and asks what is he doing here, he says that he just entered the room to find her but saw the file and asks her to make sure they are kept locked in the safe, Kavya leaves to give the socks when preeta coming to the door asks Varun what is he looking at, she says he is seeing that entire property is in the name of kavya and what does he desire, Varun asks Preeta to go and do her work as he needs to see something else, preeta snatches the file from his hand but he requests her to not irritate her because then he gets angry and can do anything at that moment, explaining he is just looking at what is in the name of Kavya so why is she irritating him, Preeta asks why does he want to know it because Varun will not get anything, Varun asks if she thinks he does not have money but it is not the case and he does not live in the small locality like her, Preeta replies but there are still a lot of things that she wants to find out the truth about, Varun tells Preeta that he is the son in law of this house and if he tells it to this family then they would also show her the real place. Nidhi wonders why is Varun talking to preeta in this manner.

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Mahesh and Karan are in the conference room discussing when Mahesh says he wants to ask karan about a project, Shaurya enters the room so karan explains they were waiting for him, Shaurya asks why did his father give the SMT project to Rajveer, karan explains that this company never gives any project based on their sir name but of their capability, the employee comes and hands Karan the file sent by Rajveer. Shaurya warns that Rajveer is not his son and has been involved in purposefully losing the projects before because of Anshuman Panday, he warns Karan that he should only trust the family and not anyone else, he asks why does Karan trust Rajveer so much. Mahesh asks Shaurya to calm down explaining they will talk about it, Rajveer enters the conference room when karan makes him sit beside him saying he is going to tell about the project as the details about the quotation are very secret and they are going to lose this project if the quotations get leaked, Shaurya leaves when Karan explains he had forcefully kept Shaurya here, so starts explaining about the project. Rajveer thinks that Shaurya left here as he was very angry for not getting the project.

Arohi is stunned when Nidhi tells her how Varun talked to Preeta, Arohi asks why does Nidhi not see that Preeta is just like a servant in the house and she comes here for Bani Dadi while someone else asks her to make tea, and Dadi while calling her Beta Beta makes her do a lot of work so Preeta is just a servant, Nidhi agrees with her but says there is something wrong as Varun was talking in a very rude manner, Arohi says Varun is from the modern generation and behaves politely due to the family but she feels he is right, Nidhi recalls when she saw Varun with Aaliya in the cafe so tells Arohi that there is something wrong and she needs to find out about it because he is about to be married to Kavya for which she must find out how is Varun.

Varun comes out to see Kavya looking at the designs with Palki and thinks that she should smile all she wants but when he brings tears to the eyes of Kavya then this entire family is going to have tears of blood, Kavya asks Varun to come and sit here as Palki is helping her select the fabric of the wedding dress, Varun tries to say the color is dull, Preeta looks at them from the balcony so preeta says Varun is just acting and pretending in front of everyone while their Kavya is not able to see his real face, Varun declines a call but he keeps getting it so leaves saying he has an urgent call, Palki notices him. Varun answers it, Aaliya asks why is he not answering the calla s they are getting late, Preeta looks to Palki who signals her. Aaliya tells Varun she loses her cool when he does not answer her call and then Varun thinks Aaliya is surely going to ruin it all, he tells Kavya that he must leave but she asks if he has to go s suddenly when he replies that it is a surprise for her and so hugs Kavya before walking away. Preeta walks over to stand by Palki, Kavya tells Preeta ma that she might have surely done something good in her past life to get such a loving husband, Kavya leaves when Preeta asks Palki if she can see what is happening as Varun is a very bad person and she needs to follow him and find some proof, she exclaims she is sure he is going to someplace to give them shock and wants to hide it from them all, Preeta informs that Kavya is about to be married so they need to find the truth, Palki agrees explaining they can follow Varun and once his truth is revealed then they would expose him,