Kundali Bhagya 24th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Nidhi hires Nilesh to kill Preeta


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Karan is driving the car when he gets a call from Rakhi who tells him that Bani Dadi fell down and has gotten a lot of swelling, informing that Palki has gone to bring the wheelchair saying they might have to take her to the hospital, Karan says he is surely coming but might get late reaching back home so they all should take Bani Dadi to the hospital where he will meet them, Palki rushes with the wheelchair when they help Bani Dadi sit on it and so they leave for the hospital.

Nidhi is in the hospital when Arohi comes so Nidhi tells her that Preeta did not die in the accident and she tried to kill her but Preeta has a lot of strength and she held her hand so strongly so she knows it was difficult to break free from her, Arohi suggest that Nidhi should call Nilesh as he might have a solution, Nidhi walks away to call Nilesh mentioning Preeta did not die and she wants him to finish the work, Nilesh says Shambu is not available when Nidhi replies she just wants Preeta to die and they must complete their work, Nilesh says he is still available and would be able to complete the work, he is reaching the hospital very soon.

Bani Dadi asks them to not hurry and calm down, Karina is shcoked seeing Nidhi so asks what is he doing here, Nidhi is not able to answer properly when Bani Dadi asks them all to come and take her as she is in a lot of pain, Rakhi says Karina di should take Maa ji to the doctor while she will fill the formalities, Nidhi is glad she made an excuse of headache.

Karan reaches the hospital wondering what was the need for Bani Dadi to dance, he stops a nurse but does not ask her since he forgot the room number, karan calls Rakhi while standing outside of room number five and Preeta after waking up sees him, karan asks Rkahi who tells him that she is standing a bit ahead of room number five, Preeta calls Karan but then falls unconscious meanwhile Karan also leaves.

Arohi thinks that this is where she left her so sees Nidhi sitting on the couch when Arohi asks what happened, Nidhi explains the entire Luthra family is here, Arohi gets shocked asking if they have come to meet Preeta when Nidhi asks her to at least think informing they have come because of Bani Dadi who would have fallen somewhere in the house as she still does not stay in one place but feels like roaming, so now she would be worried if there is any problem. Nidhi wonders what sort of problem do they have with her, Arohi asks her to calm down informing they have hired the detective who will take care of Preeta, she offers coffee to Nidhi who refuses to take it.

Shristhi is coming out of the room when she gets a call from Rajveer she wonders what should she say to him as she kept scolding him for not taking care of Preeta di, Rajveer asks where are they as Gurpreet aunti said that they are in the market but he is not able to find them, Shristhi explains that they are in the hospital because a car came in the market with increased speed, Rajveer asks if everything is fine when Shristhi informs Preeta di got in an accident and they are still in the hospital, Rajveer gets shocked asking if Maa is fine when Shristhi says she is out of danger but still in the hospital, Rajveer says he is going to come right now.

Bani Dadi is sitting on the bed when Karan comes scolding her, questioning why does she keep walking when the doctor warned her to rest but she has to dance, he says that they are feeling nice to see her in pain. Palki apologizes that she was not able to take care of Bani Dadi, Karan says he knows how Dadi is like since she is his first girlfriend, Palki is shocked when Karan says he knows her and what she is capable of doing, Karina asks how is he talking with Bani Dadi since she is already in a lot of pain, Karan argues with her when Rakhi also says that he is just scolding her when they are worried because Bani Dadi got a fracture but he is just scolding her, Karina says Rakhi is right since she is her mother and he must not talk to her like this, Rakhi says he is taking out the anger of someone else on her she asks him to go out when Bani Dadi asks the reason because karan is right and she is the one who should not have danced, Rakhi and Karina both get jealous saying they are taking her side but she is defending Karan he starts smiling, Bani Dadi asks him to hug her explaining they all must listen that Karan is her boyfriend so no one should say anything to him, Karan explains that she knows he can never scold her because he loves her a lot, and whenever she gets in pain then he feels bad, Bani Dadi says she never felt because she knows it was his love for her, Karan says he will come back after setting the bill but eats the apple, Bani Dadi asks him to come back quickly otherwise both Rakhi and Karina would go against her, Rakhi says she scolded Karan a lot but Bani Dad changed her side, Karina says that she loves her more then karan when Bani Dadi replies she does not see it, Rakhi explains they all love her more then Karan when Bani Dadi says she loves Karan more then her daughter and daughter in law, Karina asks Rakhi to come as they must leave when Karina says she can at least talk politely with them both.

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Karan goes to the reception asking the nurse that he wants to pay the remaining bill of room number five, she trying the card for the first time says it does not have the balance when Karan mentions it can never happen since the credit card has a limit of one crore when the nurse asks if there is a card with so much limit when he says that there are indeed cards with even greater limit, he says he could have helped her if she was in need, he says that he feels she can make a house whenever she feels like but there are people who need help when they are suffering from health needs, he leaves after getting a call when Shristhi comes so the nurse says that she has to fill the bill of forty thousand when Shristhi requests if she can pay it in Installments when the nurse replies she has to still pay half the amount and Shristhi leaves assuring she will arrange it, karan comes back when the nurse says he said he helps people and there is a lady who need treatment but her family is not able to arrange forty thousand so if he feels like then can help them, Karan asks the nurse to charge all of the payment on his card when she asks the reason for it when he does not even know them, Karan says that he has heard the need of that lady from her so would surely like to help them, the nurse says that she feels they only help those with whom they have a relation in the past life.

Nidhi is very anxious when Arohi asks the reason suggesting she must calm down, Nidhi says she would ask Arohi if she was in her position revealing that she has a very nice lifestyle which is far better then that of Preeta but still Karan has never looked at her with that feeling of love, she is furious at Nilesh who comes but she starts scolding him, Nilesh assures he would complete her work when she tells him the room number, Shristhi recognizes the voice of Nidhi and coming to them questions what is going on because the room five is where her sister is admitted and what is going on, Arohi is shocked when Shristhi asks if Nidhi is trying to get her sister killed, Shristhi gets furious at Nidhi but she warns her to mind her language, Shristhi says Nidhi should stop all of her schemes because ever since she found out her family came to Mumbai, ever since then they have been suffering and so what if Nidhi is behind everything, Shristhi says that there have been a lot of attempts on the life of her sister so asks if Nidhi is behind them, hearing this Nidhi and Arohi get worried.