Kundali Bhagya 23rd June 2023 Written Episode Update: The Luthra’s interrogate Raja


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The inspector reveals they have not bee able to catch Ak but Raja revealed that someone from this house has hired him to murder someone, Nidhi asks the worker to go and call Karina bua and Rakhi mom.

Karina tells Rakhi there is no comparison between Shaurya and Rajveer, Rakhi explains that there is no comparison but the aunt of Rajveer showed compassion and took back her complaint so they being the elders should also show some compassion, Rakhi reveals that Rajveer helped her in the Mandir when she got injured. Karina questions why is she supporting Rajveer even when he tried to harm Shaurya and what if something happened to him, Rakhi requests Karina to not say anything of the sort, Karina manipulates her saying then she must support her family, Rakhi assures she loves Shaurya a lot but says she cannot say anything for a lie. Garesh comes asking them both to come downstairs as the criminal has been caught.

Nidhi thinks that Raja is indeed supporting her but she does not trust him, she thinks of calling Ak and her friend Arohi but they both are not answering their call. Nidhi thinks that she has to find a solution to this problem even it seems impossible.

Palki says she cannot understand how Raja is unconscious when his pulse rate is working, Shaurya explains that Palki should be arrested since she does not know how to do her job, Palki replies Shaurya has no knowledge of the medical filed so should not comment on anything, Shaurya keeps arguing questioning then why is he not awake, Rajveer pokes him in the stomach mentioning because Raja is acting, he advises Shaurya should trust the honest people. The Inspector keeps questioning Raja demanding on whose orders did he come here, Mahesh mentions Raja has an old quarrel with their family, he might have come back to take revenge from Karan, he asks Rishab where is Karan who informs he might be in the guest room so goes to check.

Karan wakes up in the out house but is trapped in the fire.

Rishab enters the guest room but is not able to find Karan, Nidhi also enters the room informing Karan had gone out after asking her when Rishab questions why did she let him leave knowing his condition, she replies Karan does not listen to anyone. Nidhi is sure Karan would have gone to save Preeta in te out house, she thinks of going to find him

Nidhi seeing the magnitude of the fire thinks karan would not be here, Rishab also comes and then asks what is Nidhi doing here, she replies she came to check if everything was going smoothly but now they both should check together, Rishab leaves with Nidhi.

Ak thinks that he should take Preeta out from the back door since the police are covering the front door, Karan seeing Preeta being pulled away tries to get up but does not have the strength.

Mahesh appreciates the Inspector for allowing him to talk with Raja, he explains if Raja does not know him then he is once again going to introduce themselves and explains that his family can take the life of anyone or even give their own life so he will not accept the lie that someone from their family has given the money to kill someone. Bani Dadi questions Mahesh what is he doing, he replies he was asking nicely but if she allows then he would interrogate in the right manner, Mahesh starts slapping Raja who still does not utter even a single word, Raja not being able to bear it pushes Mahesh, Shaurya and Rajveer both start beating Raja, Rishab questions what are they doing so instructs them both to stay back as the police will handle, Rajveer and Shaurya at once explain that Raja has beaten their Grandfather. They both turn to look at Mahesh who is shocked, Shaurya then angrily turns to Rajveer who is also shocked by his reaction, Rajveer then explains Raja has beaten the Grandfather of Shaurya, Rishab replies they do not have the right whatever the situation. Rishab informs the constable are waiting for them since their jeep has not been able to fix, he asks the Inspector to leave Raja with them.

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Rishab ifnorsm the golden rule of life is never take the law in their hands in-front of the police but after they leave, Rishab punches Raja seeing which both Shaurya and Rajveer also start beating Raja including Sandy. Raja assures that he will tell everything and explains the person is present in this house whom he was sent to kill. Nidhi stops them all questioning if they really think that Raja will reveal the ruth as he is a criminal so would only lie, Nidhi says they must let the Inspector take him away as they would interrogate him. Palki agrees with Nidhi saying they cannot hit him but can check his phone as it will still have the contact and name of the person, Rishab mentions it is a brilliant idea as they were not able to think of it, he forces Raja to give his mobile and then mentions the first call is to Ak while the second number is not saved but ends with 86. Nidhi gets worried thinking that this number belongs to her so now her game would end, she is not able to turn off her mobile on time so acts as if she is dizzy so causes Rishab to drop the phone. They all help her sit on the chair when Rishab wonders where did the phone go, they all start searching for it however are not able to find it at once. The Inspector returns mentioning that there was no need to push the jeep so now that it has been fixed they can take the criminal away. Rishab agrees so the police leave with Raja.

Rishab comes to Nidhi who says they can search for the phone together, Nidhi slowly takes out the mobile from her saree.

Raja requests the Inspector to let him go since e does not know anything, but the Inspector does not believe him Ak signals Raja that he will save him, he calls his men ordering them to save Raja at any cost, he thinks he will burn Preeta in the same fire.

The Luthra’s are not able to find the mobile and Rishab explains that it feels the mobile was swallowed by the earth, Nidhi instructs Garesh to find the mobile.

Nidhi mentions they should come on the main discussion which is to get Rajveer arrested for what he has done to Shaurya. Paki asks if they are still going to get Rajveer arrested even after knowing the entire truth, she argues that the law does not consider the family relations and emotions but just the truth. Nidhi mentions what matters at the moment is to get Rajveer arrested which she is surely going to do, she leaves holding the hand of Rajveer while everyone tries t stop them.

Ak takes Preeta back into the out house, thinking he has to finish his work otherwise Nidhi mam will not help him in saving Raja.

Karan is slowly crawling towards Preeta who is also trying to reach him, Ak thinks he will throw the wooden stick on her so she will die right here. Karan sees Ak going so he manages to stand up but once again falls down, Ak burns his hand while trying to move the wood, Karan still tries to get up as Ak is busy in moving the woods however is not successful, Ak finally manages to hold all of the woods together which he will throw on Preeta but Karan hits AK with the stick due to which he burns his hands, karan meanwhile protects Preeta while lying down on top of her, all the woods fall on him. Preeta just keeps looking at Karan who is not able to move.