Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta manages to outsmart Nidhi in the Luthra Mansion


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Karan hands Preeta to perform the pooja which she takes in her hand, meanwhile Nidhi is constantly looking t Karan but he is not even turning towards her, Preeta quickly hands the Agni to someone else before following Nidhi out of the pooja , Shristhi also tries to look for Preeta but is not able to find her.

Nidhi says Shambu told her that Preeta is in the Luthra mansion so she has to leave before anyone sees her, Preeta thinks Nidhi always manages to run away from her eyesight, Shristhi tries to follow Preeta but Karina Bua holds her hand due to which she gets worried thinking what if she has been recognized, Karina bua however asks Shristhi to go and perform the pooja so she walks in front of the mandir, Karan starts looking for Preeta and so walks back meanwhile Rajveer is also searching for them.

Karan stops Rajveer asking where is Preeta when Rajveer questions what is he saying however Karan leaves apologizing for what has come out of his mouth, Rajveer wonders why did Maa come here as what might happen if someone sees her so he thinks he has to take her away from here, the pooja ends when Rajveer starts looking for Preeta, Pandit jee hands Rishab he Parshad to distribute amongst everyone in the house, they all are enjoying.

Nidhi closes the door of her room, she tries calling Nilesh but thinks tat he should have completed his work and now she would not have to worry about Preeta, she wonder why do they keep the phone when they do not have to answer it, there is someone knocking on the door when Nidhi gets worried wondering what if it is Preeta but she shuns the thought thinking she would be busy in the pooja, she thinks it will be Shaurya since he also does not like the pooja. Nidhi opens the door but is shocked to see Preeta standing there, she quickly closes the door locking it , Preeta asks why did Nidhi come to her when she does not understand so Preeta says she had come to suffocate her in the hospital but Nidhi questions what problem would she have with Preeta, she asks Nidhi the same questions when Nidhi mentions Preeta might be mistaken however Preeta questions why is she trying to kill her. Nidhi tries to explain that today is the festival and she should not do this drama but Preeta replies she will go and pull Nidhi with her outside blaming her for trying to take her life, Nidhi gets scared saying she has not done anything of the sort when Preeta says she would go and tell both Karan and Rishab Luthra who would come to know of the truth and get to know the real face of Nidhi.

Karan is walking when Rishab questions where is he going when Karan replies he is searching for Preeta as she was present in this house, Rishab requests Karan to not think of Preeta so much about Preeta ji, but Karan replies he has felt her presence in this house.

Preeta asks if Nidhi thinks that when she tells the truth to karan he would not blame her but instead she is wrong as Nidhi tried to kill her so what problem does she have with her but Nidhi tries to explain she has not done anything of the sort, Preeta is not convince d explaining she knows it from Shambu who accepted that Nidhi hired him to kill her with the car in an accident, Preeta asks the reason Nidhi gave the contract but Nidhi replies that she does not know of anyone named Shambu, Preeta blames Nidhi has given Shambu money to kill her, Preeta blames Nidhi for lying saying she thinks she would not tell her so she is going to forget that today there is a pooja because she will go and reveal the truth of her.

Rishab stops Karan where is he going explaining that today karan should stop and they both would go tomorrow, Karan says Preeta is in the same house but Rishab informs that both karan and Nidhi are upstairs so he should go down and meet everyone while he will surely accompany Karan tomorrow and find Preeta.

Preeta says that Nidhi is still not saying anything even after hearing so much but she says today she is also not going to leave and find out the truth, Nidhi questions what would she find out when there is no truth, Karan knocks on the door demanding that Nidhi should open the door and come downstairs, Preeta gets worried thinking she changed the dress so karan does not recognize her, Nidhi gets worried thinking the day came when Karan sees Preeta and her story ends in this house.

Palki gives the Parshad to the guests when she bumps into Shaurya who asks for some Parshad, she remember when Rajveer told her that he feels that Shaurya has some eye on her so she should ask Shanaya to keep away from him. Palki stops Shaurya saying that he should stay away from Shanaya since she is her younger sister, Shaurya says that he doe snot impose himself on anyone and girls like to talk with him, Shaurya asks where is Rajveer who always stay around her, and it feels they both are made for eahcother. Palki warns him to stay in his limits, Shaurya asks why does she not say that she loves Rajveer, Palki angrily leaves after giving Shaurya the Parshad when he asks if he said the truth.

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Rajveer wonders where should he search for his mom as today is JanMashtri and they have to make sure she hides from everyone .

Karan knocking the door demands Nidhi should open the door, Rishab suggests he would go downstairs and he can come later, Preeta asks Nidhi to go and open the door as then even she would talk with karan Luthra, she suggests there is another way because she should come with her to the back side of the house where they can both talk of the reason and then Karan would not have even seen her, Nidhi agrees and tells Karan that she will come later, karan and Rishab both get furious so leave.

Preeta opening the door asks Nidhi to follow her when she picks a knife to follow Preeta.

Shristhi while walking in the Luthra Mansion sees Shambu and thinks that she advised Mohit and Gurpreet je to take care of him as he is their proof, she wonders why did she trust them as Mohit is an idiot while Gurpreet e is rally innocent, Shristhi slowly starts following him, Shambu turns when Shristhi questions why did he turn and should have waited for a moment, she hits him in the back of head with a tray because of which he gets unconscious, she thinks she should take him to their house as he might run away.
Rakhi asks Karan and Rishab if they met Nidhi, Rishab says that she opened just a little door and said she will come late, he asks if this is the way to talk and Karan mentions Rakhi mom is very innocent but she should be angry as then Nidhi would always listen to her, Rakhi asks them both to stop as she is their mother and knows how to handle the children, Rishab and Karan both agree, Rakhi explains the rule of her life is that they should scold the children when it is required but not say anything, Rakhi leaves when Rishab and Karan both say that their mother is very cool, Rakhi comes from behind and starts pulling their ears asking what were they saying about her, both of them say that they were just praising her. Rakhi says she is the mother of The karan Luthra and Rishab Luthra so can do anything whenever she desires.

Preeta is pulling Nidhi who has the knife in her arms, she thinks Preeta furiously taking her out of the house so who knows what she would do but Nidhi thinks she will surely manage to save her, Nidhi points the knife at Preeta who distracts her with the name of Karan and picking the knife explains that she knew that Nidhi would try to do something like this but she had already prepared for it, Nidhi asks her to talk right here but she does not give the right answer when Preeta says tat she should come and talk in front of someone, Nidi is not able to understand it.

Kavya sitting in her room starts crying holding the bracelet, Varun sees her from the hall so asks permission to come inside, he sits beside her asking who is she thinking about when kavya says she is really missing her mother today, explaining she a met lady from the dance group and felt like she knew her, Kavya says she felt as if her mother came back to her so is really missing her, Varun asks if she really misses her mother when kavya replies they miss those whom they forget but she is not able to forget her mother so shows the bracelet which has her name. Kavya says she has a lot of memories but cannot remember her face, and so many years have passed but she never feels she is away from her. Rajveer reaches the window of the room when he sees Varun telling Kavya that she still has the bracelet of her mother and forget her face sine she was young but no one can forget the love they have fo their mothers, Varun says that they say it is of destiny that she would herself feel her mother is near her, Kavya asks how would she realize it when her mother is not near her. Rajveer says tat a mother is the same, he says he would make her meet his mother and she would be able to see her own mother in his mom, Rajveer is smiling.