Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer finds out the truth about his relation with Preeta

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The doctors are treating Preeta in the hospital while she is still unconscious, they check her when the nurse asks what has happened, the doctor explains she is losing blood really fast and Preeta has even sustained internal injuries so she wonders how do the people tend to behave these days, and they can notice that she is from a very well off family. The doctor rushes out of the room to call the nurse, Shristhi asks what has happened, when the doctor explains that the blood group B+ is very common, when the nurse informs that it is not available in the hospital. The doctor asks if he is sure his blood would be a match, Shristhi questions then whose blood would match her. Rajveer is shocked when the doctor instructs the nurse to check if the blood is actually a match while she prepares for a blood transfusion. Rajveer threatens to burn everything if something happens to his aunt, he informs they live after seeing her each and every day, the doctor instructs the nurse to leave with him.

Rajveer and preeta both are lying down on the bed, Shristhi coming to the room starts getting emotional seeing them both and she even starts praying to Bhagwan, the doctor expresses that Preeta is really lucky to have such a child who is ready to give his entire blood, Shristhi crying rushes out of the room and then slowly wipes of her tears before going to the front, she thinks when Rajveer expressed he cannot see Preeta aunt in this condition, he even offered to give his entire blood just to save her, she even recalls the day when the twins were named and she informed she is surely going to be very close to the twin with the cute eyes, she gets scared hearing the thunder, and Rajveer explained that he feels Preeta is his mother because she understands him each and every time, Shristhi while crying questions why has Bhagwan trapped her in such a condition because even if Preeta di cannot remember anything their relation is of blood and no matter how much she tries to hide it, destiny tends to inform her that Rajveer is her son, she holding her head wonders what can she do now saying she cannot do it any longer. Shristhi sits down while not being able to control herself, Rajveer places his hand on her shoulder so she stands up in shock, he notices that she is crying when Shristhi tries to hide it, he asks her if everything is fine calling her as Maa, Rajveer then questions if his aunt is fine, Shristhi coming to Rajveer hugs him very tightly, the nurse calls Revere who leaves. Shristhi immediately rushes away.

Preeta is still unconscious when Shristhi opens the door, she entering the room recalls when the neighbor said she is going to arrange the blood, Rajveer even said that his aunt is their soul so they need her to live.

The doctor instructs Rajveer to sign the form and she apologizes for what happened in the wedding, Rajveer says that nothing happens with just a sorry because such people tend to become strangers when the doctor explains she was not able to handle the situation at that time. Rajveer informs he just loves two women in his life, his mother and his aunt and even the aunt is just like his mother. The doctor explains that she feels Preeta is his biological mother which can be seen from the way she was looking at her in the tent, even their faces are a match. She says when Shristhi said whose blood would be a match if not them then it proves how Shristhi is hiding something.

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Rajveer tries calls the day when Shristhi requested Preeta to not favor him so much since she would be the first mother who is herself ruining her child, Preeta started arguing with her and she informed it is nothing to be so shocked about as Preeta is also his aunt. The nurse once again asks him to sign the form, he is really tensed after signing it.

Shristhi sits beside preeta explains that she is really mature and responsible while Shristhi is not responsible at all, she asks when preeta knew how she is then why did she give her so many responsibilities that caused her to be so much mature in a moment, she knows that she is the same old Shristhi who fights with everyone. She at the time of Rajveer’s birth did not even knew what type of coffee she likes, she explains she loves Preeta the most in her life and then she loved herself but today if she is going to ask the same question again, Shristhi would say she loves Rajveer the most after her, as her soul resides in them.

Rajveer slowly walking in the hospital recalls what the doctor said that she feels Preeta is his actually mother as they both have the same features, and even Shristhi explained she feels nice seeing how much he is caring for his mother, due to which he got shocked hearing it.

Shristhi holding the hand of Preeta explains she is only his mother for the world but Preeta feels something is wrong whenever he is in some sort of trouble, Shristhi informs she tried alot to tell him the truth but she never got the strength however she informs that today he has become suspicious and she could see it in his eyes, he just wanted to know if Preeta is his mother.
Rajveer standing in the hall thinks if his aunt is actually his biological mother. Shristhi requests Preeta to help him because it is the right of every child to call his mother by her name and even get her love, Rajveer opens the door, Shristhi explains he feels she is her mother but the world and even he does not know that she is his actual mother. Rajveer closes the door.
Rajveer standing outside thinks his mother said it feels that the aunt is his mother and he also feels the same thing. Rajveer wonders it cannot be the truth because his blood group would be a match to a lot of people however he wonders why did he believe if the nurse said it. Shristhi also says even the world has started to think that Preeta is his actually mother. Rajveer thinks he is not going to ask his mother this questions as she would get really angry with it.

Shristhi once again asks Preeta what should she tell him, Rajveer opens the door to hear Shristhi asking if she should tell him that Preeta’s blood flows in his veins and she is his real mother, Shristhi is crying explaining she cannot tell a lie anymore so Preeta should tell her what should she do, when he will ask her if his aunt is his mother then she should give him the answer, Shristhi while crying requests Preeta to say something, if she should reveal the secret which they had kept hidden for so many years. Rajveer is not able to believe what he has just heard, he starts getting emotional realizing the truth so remembers how Preeta would take care of him and she really loved him, she has done a lot for him and even sewed his shoes, he is really emotional.