Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta meets Kavya in the Luthra Mansion


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Preeta exclaims that this event of Krishan Bhagwan but Nidhi keeps running away from her, Shristhi pulls Preeta to the corner questioning what is she doing as this is the house of Karan Luthra and what if he sees her, Preeta asks what would he do if they see her face since she has not done anything wrong to them, Shristhi asks if Preeta thinks she is scared of anyone but they are wealthy people who can do anything for the sake of money and only worry about their position, they can send anyone to jail on the wrong charges just as they did with Rajveer, she never wants the same to happen with either her of Preeta di, Shristhi explains that their hearts are filled with hatred, she asks if Preeta is listening to what she is saying, Preeta says that they can not be so negative since they pray to Bhagwan and even celebrate such events so cannot be so evil, Shristhi replies that even bad people perform the pooja of Bhagwan and she must not forget that they have secretly entered the house so they might get them arrested, Preeta questions why would they get her arrested since she has come here to ask the questions of her problems. Shristhi asks what would Preeta say if the police come here and they are arrested, Shristhi asks what would she say to the police that Nidhi is hiring people to kill her as no one would believe her and trust Nidhi, Preeta is not ready to listen when Shristhi explains they should first take Nidhi to the corner and quietly ask her what is the reason she is trying to harm them, Preeta says that she cannot understand Shristhi is the same girl who would not even talk but rather fight with people but is now really tensed, Preeta replies she will not listen to anything but even kill Nidhi if she tries to harm her again, Shristhi explains Preeta must remain safe from Karan because he is madly in love with her so she needs to hide, Preeta says that today is the event of JanMashtri so he would surely help her today, Shristhi suggests that Preeta should change her clothes as karan Luthra might recognize her in this dress but if she changes her clothes then he would not be able to recognize her, Preeta realizes that it might work so agrees, Shristhi asks her to cover her face when they both leave. Preeta while walking bumps into Kavya who is about to fall however she catches her, they both hug each other while Preeta asks Kavya to be careful otherwise she might get hurt, Kavya tries to see who is under the veil however is not able to see the face of Preeta, Kavya asks about her when Shristhi calls her as Radha explaining they have come with the dance group, Kavya is worried.

Rajveer immediately asks Kavya what has happened when she replies she is not crying but she met a lady who belongs to the dance group, she felt a weird sense of belongings after hugging her as she helped her when she was about to fall and she felt as if the lady was her mother, Kavya asks Rajveer if he knows that Nidhi mom is not her biological mother while the real father left her a lot of years ago to Bhagwan and so many years have passed, she still remembers her a lot and never feels as if she has left but feels her mother is always by her side, but today when she hugged that women she felt as if the mother has returned to her and hugged her, kavya exclaims she always prays that something magical happens and her mother returns to her saying that she has come back, Rajveer hugs Kavya saying that she will get both the love of her mother and her love as this is his promise, Kavya prays that his promise should be fulfilled and her mother comes back to her from anywhere, Rajveer asks her to cry as he is also feeling like crying, Kavya says that she suddenly remembered her mother, Rajveer wipes of her tears when he hugs her, she suddenly feels really calm. Rajveer signals her to always smile when Kavya agrees.

Shristhi forces Preeta into the room who asks what is going on since she brought her here from the girl, she felt the girl needs her help and the love f a mother because her mother is always prepared to harm others so she is sure that kavya would not have gotten the love of a mother, she can ever expect Nidhi to do anything good for anyone. Preeta says she could see that kavya is longing for the love of a mother and a good person like them both who are really nice, she explains that when Kavya fell over her and they both hugged each other, it felt as if it was meant to be and they both really liked hugging each other. Preeta explains Shristhi brought her here so quickly when she desired to talk with kavya as she even needs to thank her because she helped Rajveer a lot, Shristhi asks why is Preeta di so quiet, Preeta replies that she felt the love for Kavya just as a mother feels for her daughter, she felt as if Kavya is her own daughter but Shristhi still did not let her talk with kavya for even a moment. Shristhi apologizes that Preeta di was thinking like this but she pulled her away, she says she was worried they would be caught but Preeta di must not be worried as the relations of heart never leave but surely come back, she says Preeta di could meet Kavya whenever she gets the chance as they all are of their own family, Shristhi says she meant that they feel like their own.

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Shristhi opening the wardrobe is stunned as they all are the clothes of Nidhi and everyone would feel something is weird, she thinks she should do some mix match, Preeta says that they would belong to someone in the house but Shristhi assures that there is nothing to be worried about, Shristhi takes out the clothes and asks Preeta di to go and change the dress, Preeta is forced to agree even when she does not want to change, Shristhi feels like checking if anyone has seen them, she opens the door to see if there is someone out there, she rushes to close the wardrobe, when the wife of Garesh sees her and so Shristhi covers her face, Girja introduces that she is the wife of Garesh, Shristhi greets her and then takes out some money from her dupatta saying that Girja should keep it as she cannot let her leave empty handed, Girja explains this is the room of Nidhi mam so she should come down stairs for the pooja, Shristhi closes the door thinking how could she not remember this is the room of Nidhi, she opening the wardrobe completely ruins all of the clothes after which she closes the wardrobe Shristhi knocks on the bathroom door asking Preeta to come out, thinking they have to take Nidhi from the pooja and questions her about her behavior.

The Pandit jee asks Rakhi to call her entire family as it is time for the pooja, Rakhi calls everyone when the Pandit jee asks her to start the pooja but Rakhi says that Mummi je is the elder in their house so she would start the pooja, Shristhi and Preeta try to leave however Mummi je questions where are they both going forcing them to be present in the pooja, Bani Dadi and Karina both start the pooja after which Mahesh Luthra and Rakhi also perform the pooja, Rajveer kneels to correct the dress of Palki when he sees Shristhi and Preeta also standing there, he is about to go after them but is forced to perform the pooja with Palki, Shanaya rushes to perform the pooja with Shaurya who starts smiling, Kavya and Varun finally start performing the pooja meanwhile Nidhi starts walking down the stairs, Bani Dadi asks Nidhi to also come in the pooja, Shristhi and Preeta both get shocked seeing her, Preeta gets furious informing Shristhi that Nidhi came in front of her but she has to talk with Nidhi today as they need to surely talk with her, Preeta slowly starts walking forward when she accidentally touches the hand of Karan, he once again starts feeling the same weird sense that he gets whenever Preeta is around him, even she is feeling a bit weird. Shristhi thinks it is weird as no matter how hard she tries to keep Preeta di away from Karan they always come together and she feels it a relation of heaven which they cannot break, Karan and Preeta both start looking at each other