Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Palki and Shaurya get in an argument

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Gurpreet enters the house and goes straight to the Mandir, Mohit asks why is she tensed when Gurpreet says she is just relieved because now Preeta je is with her sister and all of her attention would be diverted from the Luthra family. Mohit notices that she is still worried so sitting beside her asks what is the problem when Gurpreet says that she sometimes feels tensed because she is hiding the truth from Preeta je that she is the daughter in law of that family when Mohit replies it is the good thing as they have just given her pain. Gurpreet replies but the truth would surely come out some time. Mohit questions why is she feeling, Gurpreet replies she has a strong feeling something would happen and they have managed to bring back Preeta je from the Luthra Mansion without anyone seeing her but it can never happen all the time. Gurpreet leaves while Mohit is worried.3

Rajveer is walking when Shaurya calls them from behind, Rjaveer asks why are they following them, Sandy says that they need some water so hearing it Shaurya is shocked when he agrees to the suggestion of Sandy, Shaurya asks Palki to come calling her the ear ring girl hearing which she is shocked saying her name is Palki but Shaurya leaves with Sandy. Shanaya tells palki to not be worried as what Shakespeare said what is in a name. Palki leaves to teach him a lesson and then forces him to turn when Shaurya questions what did she do because she scratched his hand. Shanaya is even shocked hearing him when Rajveer stops Palki, Shaurya replies he was foolish that he came to drop her when Sandy pulls Shaurya but he keeps arguing, finally is taken to the car when Shaurya says he hates that ear ring girl but Sandy replies that he loves her.

Karan is with Rishab explaining this is what he hates of Preeta as she leaves like this without meeting anyone, Karan is glad no one asked him about her but what about Kavya who gets emotional whenever someone talks of her mother. Rishab asks how does karan have so much energy even at this time and Preeta je would have some work which is why she did not meet them but would meet them some other day. Karan asks how can it be okay since this is not enough and he would not meet her if she does not come but he does not care as he was even happy without her, karan says he is fine even if she does not come but Rishab starts smiling, karan explains how can he run after her and why does someone come like this, Rishab asks Karan to not talk so quickly and asks if he has fought with her but Karan replies he was childish at that time and is now a grown up, Rishab replies Karan scolds at the present time when karan says this is his way of talking but Rishab replies he is tired and needs to sleep but Karan says he wants to talk however Rishab leaves so karan sits down exclaiming that Rishab does not pay any importance to him.

Rishab walks out to see his father sitting there and asks why is he still playing the game but Mahesh replies he is just checking his emails. Rishab explains that his son is mad, Mahesh replies both of his sons are mad so Rishab questions who is more mad. Mahesh asks what happened, Rishab replies ever since Preeta je left without talking to anyone he is acting very weird and gets irritated even at the smallest of things but he feels it is very cute. Mahesh says it is wrong and is it his age to be cute since he needs to behave mature, Rishab says that Mahesh should go and see his own face as he does not know how to behave mature, Mahesh asks if Rishab knows how to behave who explains that he is handling everyone, explaining that karan always works for the business but has started talking about his heart and so he is worried why did Preeta je leave without talking to him but Karan said that he is not going to talk with Preeta. Mahesh says that the day when Preeta returns Karan would just be roaming around her, Mahesh says he was handling Rishab till his childhood but Rishab asks him to come and they leave.

Shaurya warns sandy for the last time that he does not love palki and calls them both stupid, they both leave in their car.

Shanaya asks Palki what was it all as he was her brother in law, palki replies that she is good for not commenting on his stupid behavior, she is not able to remember it and then calls him a devil. Shanaya says that if Palki is the chudrail and he is the devil then they both are the same but Shauyra is her opposite so he is a prince, palki says Shaurya is not a prince. Rajveer asks Palki to calm down and look at him since Shauyra is a problem and they should not face it which Palki agrees to, Shanaya says that she really understands what Rajveer tells her, Palki leaves wishing good bye to Rajveer while Shanaya is a bit worried.

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Shaurya driving the car is thinking of when he threw Palki on the bed but she was fighting with him on the street, Shaurya says there is not even a single person on this entire world who talks with him like her, Sandy says even Shaurya did not behave politely with her but Shaurya tells Sandy can never praise palki but Sandy replies he was just making him see the truth, Shaurya stops the car telling Sandy to get out when he says he will but is the true friend of Shaurya and would never cheat, Shaurya asks Sandy to come to the place where he wants to apologize.

Rjaveer thanks Mohit for bringing his mother back home at the right time when Mohit asks how will it happen all the time and Rajveer stop her from going there, Rajveer replies she will herself not go there and forget the face of everyone. Mohit says that his mother told him that Karan Luthra really loves Preeta je and risked his own life to save her but he even got injured so loves her a lot however Rjaveer refuses to believe it saying his mother would not be in this condition if he loved her and he just cares for his own self. Rajveer further says that everyone there was saving each other and he even saved Shaurya but this does not mean he cares for him, Mohit says Rajveer loves her and this is why he saved her. Shanaya also explains that he loves her, Palki does not understand when Shanaya says Rjaveer loves her so she drops the glass, palki apologizes when she says that there is nothing to be ashamed off. Rajveer tells Mohit to not say as it is nothing of the sort and then says he is leaving, Mohit questions so Rajveer tells he is going to the house of Palki and Mohit also comes with him.

Palki tells Shanaya it is not the case as he was drunk and would have just said it but Shanaya says that he was drunk but Palki was in her senses and they can feel the change, the door bell rings when Shanaya is shocked saying he came and so palki runs to open the door but is shocked seeing her mother entered the house, Palki brings water for her when Daljeet says that she stopped in the parking of the Luthras and took photos with all of their big cars which she showed to their neighbors who was amazed and even asking for advises from, Daljeet asks palki how is her father, she replies he is better but asleep when Daljeet also leaves telling them to not wake her up. Palki tries to leave but Shanaya says she felt he has come when Palki says she knew that it was their mother. Shaurya is ringing the door bell but then when ti does not ring so he knocks on the door, Palki opens the door in excitement when she is shocked to see Shaurya and he keeps staring at her, Shanaya explains that is the wrong number and he is her but Shauyra replies that he does not belong to anyone. Shanaya asks Shauyra to come inside but Palki asks the reason when he still calls her a Chudrail when they both get angry so start arguing when Palki runs back inside, Shanaya tries to stop Shaurya but he says he will talk to her tomorrow when she says she is glad they both were arguing as she felt he was in love with her.

Shaurya walking to the car exclaims he was talking with palki but she closed the door on his face and he is angry with her, Sandy says but Shanaya opened the door however Shaurya says he was trying to talk with Palki, Sandy says that this is what he is trying to tel him that Palki hates him when Shaurya says even he hates her. Rjaveer explains that Palki is not bothered with what Shaurya feels for her and he warns him to stay away from palki but Shaurya says does Rajveer really think he is scared of these threats, Rjaveer mentions that if palki complains to him about Shaurya then he would surely beat him. Shaurya promises to take care of both Palki and Rajveer together when he Shaurya asks Sandy to come as they must leave. Rajveer asks Mohit to come as they need to leave for the hospital and bring back his mother.

Karina is sitting in her room when Rakhi comes explaining she saw a dream that she was thirsty in the night and asked her daughter in law to bring water for her when Karina asks if she wants to be such a mother in law who would ask her daughter in law to bring water when they have Garesh along with Girja and the children. Rakhi agrees but says that the relation of a mother in law is different, she asks Karina what if they should go and ask Daljeet for the hand of Shanaya for their Shaurya to which Karina refuses explaining that Shaurya loves palki hearing which Rakhi is shocked.