Kundali Bhagya 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shaurya gets injured


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Preeta starts remembering her past, she gets very tensed when Raja asks if she is remembering something from her past, Preeta is not able to control herself so gets unconscious and falls on the floor.

Nidhi pushes Ak questioning what is he doing here, Ak replies she is the one who hired him but Nidhi warns him to not talk like this, Ak asks if this family does not have any work to do so they could let the police do their work and he is also able to kill Preeta. Nidhi replies she cannot understand what has happened to the environment of this house and why was he not able to control one women Preeta and Rajveer. Ak sees Rakhi so quickly hides behind the wall when Nidhi questions why is he trying to run away, Rakhi comes to Nidhi questioning who was she taking about and what did it relate to.

Rishab notices the marks on the floor so calls te Inspector informing it feels as if someone has been pulled, the inspector mentions a lady might be in problem and there was someone with her but they do not know who is the person. Mahesh mentions they have to search for it, Bani Dadi also explains that a lady might be trapped with him, Karina wonders who is the lady as everyone from their family is present here.

Rakhi insists on knowing where is the person, Nidhi tries to say there is no one here, Rakhi warns Nidhi to not lie as she herself heard her say that the person cannot handle Preeta and even Rajveer, she demands that Nidhi should reveal the truth. Nidhi says she was talking to herself as she was not able to take care of this family and even Shaurya , when everyone keeps saying how things would have been if Preeta was here, she gets emotional explaining she has failed. Rakhi consoles her assuring they all are standing by her side, Rakhi hugs Nidhi who signals Ak to run away, Rakhi says she could not have thought that Nidhi thinks so much for them, Nidhi leaves mentioning that enough has happened for one day.

The entire Luthra family is in the out house when Ak rushes to the gate, Shaurya along with everyone start following him, Raja seeing the opportunity once again starts pulling Preeta but she slaps him on the face, the police constables come back to the out house so Raja hits Preeta on the head with his gun before pulling her.

Mahesh stops everyone mentioning if they go in one direction then the criminal might get a chance to run away, Rakhi explains Mahesh has given a very good lecture but they should implement it, Rishab catches Ak but he seeing the opportunity threatens Shaurya with a knife, and even stabs him seeing which everyone is tensed and then Rishab asks Palki to treat him. Ak manages to run away after biting the hand of the constable, Nidhi is glad that Ak managed to run away otherwise today she would be ousted from this family.

Raja finally places Preeta beside Karan thinking it is very hot here so he should let them both die in this place together, he leaves when Karan and Preeta are unconscious.

Rakhi asks Shaurya what was he trying to do since the criminal could have harmed him, he sits on the chair and Rajveer also explains that Ak was not his family but a criminal so what was the need to get so close with him. Nidh asks Rajveer to not compare her son with a criminal. Rishab mentions they should not fight right now, he asks Sandy to go and close all the entrances to the house. Bani Dadi and Karina also agree to go with him but Rishab stops them mentioning this is why he is sending Sandy, so they all could remain safe however Sandy doesn’t move and keep staring, Rishab asks if he would have to call a pandit for him to leave so Sandy leaves. Rakhi also asks Mahesh to go and help Sandy, he leaves.

Palki tells Rakhi how they have to wash the wound before applying the bandage, Rakhi agrees and asks Palki to also come with them to the room of Shaurya because she can bandage him there.

Karina and bani dadi also leave to close the windows of their rooms, Rajveer and Nidhi are the only one standing there when Nidhi thinks how she is waiting for the good news that a dead body of a lady has been found near the house, she is worried if Ak is caught as then her entire plan would be ruined. Rajveer keeps angrily staring at her when Mahesh comes asking Rajveer to come and help him close all the doors and windows however Rajveer does not move when Mahesh assures he will sort out the problem after everything is fine.

Shaurya enters his room when Rakhi explains she will bring the first aid box however Palki says that she already has the medical box, Shaurya however says that he will not take any medicine from this cheap first aid box since his are special. Rakhi agrees to bring it and asks him to go and wash his hands, Palki says to Rakhi how both these medical boxes have the same medicines and only their brand name is different. Rakhi replies she also knows it and even Shaurya is aware of it but he is just stubborn. Palki questions then why have they accepted all of his desires, so he is stubborn. Shaurya then comes out when Palki sits beside him to apply the bandage, Rakhi leaves informing she will come back after a while Palki notices how Shaurya is not able to sit straight and is uncomfortable, she starts applying it angrily and does not listen to Shaurya who keeps requesting her to be calm. Shaurya getting irritated stands up before Palki can finish his bandage, Palki tries to complete it however Shaurya refuses to even let her touch him. Rajveer then enters the room when he requests Palki to leave.

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Palki angrily is walking when Rakhi asks if she finished the bandage of Shaurya, Palki questions why is Shaurya always behaving so rudely with everyone around him, mentioning she knows he has gotten a lot of attention and love but to the extent that he himself has not forgotten the meaning of love. Palki says he is always humiliating anyone who is in front of him, Nidhi angrily warns Palki to stop asking if she has any idea who she is commenting on, Palki replies that Shaurya has not done anything good that she should respect him. Nidhi warns Palki to watch her mouth however Palki replies Nidhi should first teach Shaurya some manners. Nidh mentions it is the fault of her son for allowing Palki to enter this house otherwise she does not have the right to even stand in front of their house. Rakhi asks Nidhi to calm down but she says that Palki should have been calmed down as she always stands with the outsiders. Nidhi informs this is why Shaurya does not love her as she never supports him and if this is how things go then he would not have to look outside for enemies. Palki exclaims Shaurya’s mom is really possessive about Shaurya, she mimics her so Rakhi starts smiling. Palki mentions she feels everyone in this house needs to smile since she has come here for the fist time but feels there is something missing in their lives, she asks if Rakhi is feeling fine when Rakhi says she just has a headache so Palki says she will bring some medicine but Rakhi informs she does not know what to do with whatever is going on, Palki asks her to come and sit down while just telling her the way to he kitchen as she will make a herbal medicine for her after which her headache would end. Rakhi informs that it is just on the right side, Rakhi says Palki has today reminded her of Preeta since she would also care for everyone but today Preeta is not with them and she does not even know what is her condition.

Shaurya asks what is Rajveer planning to do, Rajveer tries to help Shaurya but he stops him mentioning that both Palki and Rajveer has just come to hurt him. Shaurya twists the hand of Shaurya mentioning he has already said that he does not want an elder brother and neither desires any such relation. Rajveer mentions he also does not want to be an elder brother to such a boy, Rajveer angrily ties the bandage and is about to leave but Shaurya cuts it all in front of him, Rajveer asks if Shaurya has lost his mind because he is inflicting pain on himself, Shaurya says he will never let Rajveer win in any case. Rajveer says the feeling is mutual as he tampered with the mix without thinking about what will happen to him, saying it is only because he had to stoop to a very low level like Shaurya and he can do anything. Shaurya asks if Rajveer knows what he can do with him tonight, Rajveer replies Shaurya can not do anything since he is still roaming free when everyone knows the truth about him, he leaves calling Shaurya bro which angers him so Shaurya wonders how did Rajveer call him bro.

Rajveer sees Palki in the kitchen so asks what is she doing here, Palki informs Rakhi aunti said she does not prefer medicines so she is making a herbal medicine. Palki asks what happened to Shaurya when Rajveer says he bandaged his hand but Shaurya angrily removed it. Palki informs Shaurya does not deserve the care of anyone, he apologizes to her informing he feels that all these problems are because of him as it all started after he sabotaged the award function of Shaurya, he even feels the marriage of Palki ended because of him hearing which Palki gets stunned.