Kundali Bhagya 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer informs Shristhi that he has been arrested on the charges of stealing


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Palki asks Shristhi if she would like to have some tea, Shristhi mentions Palki is very beautiful and even has very good manners, she thanks Shristhi who asks Mohit if she does not know anything, he says even Rajveer does not know the truth because some people are very innocent while others are un aware of their intentions, Shristhi thinks she will once again call Preeta di as she might answer the call.

Nidhi is anxiously waiting for Shaurya who asks what has happened, she informs his sister is very tensed while his father is scolding her so she thinks that their plan might be ruined at all, Shaurya asks what has happened when Nidhi informs his sister is crying and she heard his father talking with some lawyer. Shaurya angrily leaves assuring he will handle the entire situation.

Rajveer sitting in the lockup is thinking of the moment when Shristhi maa warned him that he must go back to Mumbai but he insisted he needs to avenge his mother, Rajveer exclaims he is missing Shristhi maa very much since she is the only one who can stand beside his mother. Rajveer gets very tensed thinking how he saw his mother fell down while trying to protect him, he starts calling the constable or any from the police force to help him but no one responds so he goes back to sit down wondering what has he done as his mother would be in lot of pain and all this happened because of him. Rajveer exclaims Bhagwan does miracles so must do some miracle that Shristhi maa comes to this city.

The couple is waiting outside when the doctor comes asking if the lady who got in the accident is inside, she rushes assuring they will handle it. The doctor asks the nurse what has happened to the lady and she is informed that the lady has suffered a severe injury on the back of her head hearing which the doctors mentions they have to give her anesthesia and start the treatment.

Rajveer keeps calling the constable comes questioning why is he yelling so much, he requests to make one phone call but the constable informs that he cannot be allowed to make even a single call hearing which Rajveer replies that he wants to make this call to his mother, the constable agrees saying he will try to seek the permission when Rajveer requests that he must surely come back after taking the permission.

The couple is waiting when the phone of Preeta rings so they answer it and Shristhi asks about them, the lady explains that Preeta got in an accident and they are waiting for her at the city hospital hearing which Shristhi gets shocked and informs that Preeta got in an accident, they all agree to rush there when Shristhi asks if they have a car when Mohit replies he has a motorcycle, Shristhi asks how would they go on it together, Palki mentions both Shristhi and Mohit leave, he rushes to bring the key when Shristhi demands he must come quickly.

The doctor explains she cannot understand what is the problem of this lady, she is constantly thinking about someone even when she is unconscious and what is her problem, the nurse explains she is unconscious when the doctor informs when the give anesthesia then the body stops working but she feels the emotions of Preeta are still intact as she is thinking about someone who is very close to her heart and in a lot of danger, she says she will go and check her reports.

The doctor comes out and the couple immediately asks what is her condition, the doctor says that she is unconscious but still worried about someone who is very close to her heart, the lady says she was constantly talking about Rajveer.

Rajveer is waiting when the constable comes informing that the inspector has allowed just one call, Rajveer calls Shristhi from the police station. Shristhi questions Mohit where is the bike, he replies he parked it at his friends house when she instructs him to bring it quickly. Shristhi gets a call from an unknown number only to find it is Rajveer, she immediately asks how is Preeta di. Rajveer apologizes saying she warned him to not come here but he insisted on taking the revenge and this is why he joined the company of Luthra’s but is now locked up in jail n the charge of stealing one crore rupees, Shristhi assures there is no reason to be worried since she is coming to him, he asks if she is in Mumbai when she replies she is exactly in Mumbai as she is his mother and any mother would know if he was in any trouble. Rajveer gets very emotional when Mohit also comes so Shristhi leaves with him.

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Shaurya angrily enter the room calling KD, he questions why did she stab him in the back and did she forget that he is her brother and nor Rajveer, he questions what did she tell karan and must ask him to not call any lawyer. Kavya says Shaurya is furious so must not talk with her right now since he will not understand, Karan coming to the door questions Shauyra what is this way with which he is talking to his sister, Shaurya does not stop so karan scolds him demanding he must apologize to his sister, Shaurya indeed apologizes and then leaves after getting furious. Kavya requests her father to not interfere in this matter when she says Shaurya is mistaken thinking that karan is doing anything for Rajveer. Karan says he indeed called a lawyer but then also declined it saying he must take some time to think. Kavya asks how can he talk like this when karan mentions she is young so can make a mistake but he cannot do it.

Shristhi is with Mohit and explains they will first go to the hospital and then the police station, Mohit asks the reason when she says he does not know her, she informs both Rajveer and Preeta are very simple so anyone can make a fool of them both, Mohit says but she is very clever, Shristhi warns him to keep looking at the road and he does not know what she can do.

Kavya is sitting on her bed thinking how Rajveer protected her from the criminals, she apologizes to Rajveer saying he fulfilled all the duties of being a brother but she has not been able to do anything to help him even when he helped her a lot in the function when he called her as his sister.

Karan stops Shaurya mentioning he wants Shaurya to go back to the room of Kavya and explain that his rivalry with Rajveer is because of their past quarrel, Shaurya does not understand when karan says that both of them are not on the same page as he is angry with Kavya because he thinks she is preferring Rajveer while she is furious at him thinking he is furious with Rajveer because of their past. Kavya stops Karan mentioning she is not siding with anyone but just thinks that Rajveer is not at fault, she turns to leave mentioning she has to do something, karan and Shaurya both try to stop her but she leaves saying she will come back after some while. Karan turns to Shaurya asking if he saw as Kavya has become just like him, Shaurya asks if this is also his fault when karan leaves replying indeed it is his fault.

Shristhi enters the hospital with Mohit and calls the couple, the lady hands Shristhi the phone of Preeta when Shristhi asks where is her sister, the person informs she is in the ICU when Shristhi starts rushing towards it even when he keeps informing her that it is not allowed to go there. Shristhi entering the ICU is shocked to see Preeta unconscious on the bed, she exclaims she is the one who made the mistake and should not have let them come here alone, Shristhi mentions she is angry with both Preeta and Rajveer since they have really hurt her feeling, Shristhi exclaims Rajveer is indeed in a very troubled position, she wonders if the Luthra’s have found out the truth about Rajveer as they did not tell her anything, she thinks if they had known the truth then would not have blamed the theft on him. Shristhi thinks they would not have accepted him however assures she has come back so is surely going to take revenge from them, she promises she will surely bring Rajveer out of the jail but requests Preeta to open her eyes since she has come here, the doctor explains that Preeta is unconscious and must allowed to rest otherwise it might cause a terrible effect on her brain, hearing this Shristhi gets shocked.