Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Karan follows Preeta in the Luthra Mansion


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Karan is holding Preeta in his arms, Shristhi is shocked to see them both together so runs over to Karan, she leaves running with Preeta while Karan is left shocked as he is not able to understand what is happening, karan tries to search for her but is not able to fin her, Shristhi also lifts her veil to try and see what is going on, meanwhile Shambu enters the house wondering where is Nidhi mam since he cannot see her anywhere, Shaurya while dancing with Shanaya asks if she can come with him to help him select his dress, she agrees so they both leave seeing which Daljeet starts smiling.

Preeta running in the hall wonders where did Nidhi went to since this is where she came to, Karan stops Preeta from behind, she gets shocked hearing his voice. Karan remembers when he saw her eyes through the dupatta and also when she hugged him the other day, Karan questions who is she, Preeta quickly covers her face when karan says he knows who she is since he knows her since the past many years, Preeta slowly starts taking her steps backwards and tries to run but he requests her to not leave, as whenever she gets away from his eyes he gets lost, he assures he will never harm her nor cause any pain as he cannot do anything wrong with her, Karan explains he knows she has seen him from behind the veil but he cannot see her, however feels he knows who is behind the veil, as their souls are connected and he feels if they even meet for a single moment, he would be able to live his entire life in that moment. Preeta starts looking at Karan who is also staring at her standing in the same position, he requests her to lift the veil and show her face to him.

Shaurya asks Shanaya to come into his room, he asks permission to ask a personal question from her, she wonders if he is going to propose to her when Shaurya questions who is she with at the moment as he feels she deserves the best, Shanaya asks what is he saying when he says he means who is one in a million, Shaurya opens the wardrobe explaining that all the dresses here are branded and the best so can she select a single dress for him, Shanaya starts checking the clothes when Shaurya says that all of them are branded so what is she looking, she picks out a couple of options when Shaurya comes explaining they are one in a million like he said, he explains that the salary of Rajveer would not be even in hundred thousands but a couple thousand, she asks what does he mean by it, Shaurya says that those who are one in million deserve the same, Rajveer angrily questions Shanaya what is she doing here, Shaurya says she is selecting the dress for him, Rajveer mentions that the person is not only good at heart, Rajveer asks Shanaya to come with him, she picks her belongings when Shaurya praises her for the selection, Shanaya stops Rajveer from pulling her questioning what is he doing, Rajveer says that he warned her to not go near Shaurya since he is not a nice person when Shanaya explains she has never given anyone the right to be her boss, Palki hearing their conversation wonders why should she interfere in their matters, Rajveer explains that Shaurya is not a nice person but Shanaya replies that he might not feel like it but she thinks Shaurya is a nice person, she leaves angrily when Rajveer thinks that he should talk with Palki who would have a solution to everything.

Sandy is not able to understand when Shaurya starts smiling explaining that he does not know what is the real plan, Shaurya says that sandy does not have any idea about it, Shanaya comes into the room explaining she can select even a better dress then before, she takes out a dress when Sandy leaves but Shanaya explains this dress would actually look good on him. Nidhi sees Shanaya with Shaurya so gets furious thinking she is trying to impress her son but now she would take care of her attitude, Shanaya apologizes for the behavior of Rajveer, Shaurya says that she is a princess and deserves the best, he says she has very good choice but he is wondering how her choice would look on him. Shaurya goes to change, Shanaya sees Nidhi standing outside the room so gets scared when Nidhi angrily pulls her out of the room.

Karan requests Preeta to show her face and lift the veil, Preeta remembers when Shristhi said that Karan Luthra has started loving her and might even propose but he is a married person, karan says he knows who she is and is the lost pearl of his life. Preeta runs away when karan starts calling her to stop, she seeing the mirror covers herself, Preeta speaking Punjabi mentions that he would have to suffer because he is the husband of Nidhi, Karan remember when Rishab told him how Preeta je would be feeling since she would think he married Nidhi.

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Palki is sitting when Rajveer comes explaining he was looking for her, she asks why was he looking for her so Rajveer says he is worried for Shanaya, Palki suggests he should talk with maa when Rajveer makes Palki sit on the couch, explaining he tried to explain it to her but she does not want to listen to her. Palki replies that it is the matter of Shanaya heart and he should talk with her, Rajveer explains Palki should take care of Shanaya since she is a very innocent girl but Palki is not able to understand it, Rajveer says he just wants to protect Shanaya from Shaurya since he has his eyes on her and she needs to talk to her, Palki asks why does he care for Shanaya so much, Rajveer replies because he cares for Palki and she needs to take care of her sister, he leaves when Palki wonders what did Rajveer just say, or did she hear her own name because this is what she desires.

Nidhi angrily pushes Shanaya into the room, she calls her aunt when Nidhi warns her to not make any relation with her since she either only makes relation with those who are of her standard or whom she likes while Shanaya is neither of her standard nor does she like her. Nidhi explains she can understand the reason Shanaya is coming into this house, Shanaya tries to act innocent explaining that she cannot understand what Nidhi feels she desires, Nidhi says she can clearly see that Shanaya wants to marry Shaurya and become the daughter in law of this wealthy family. Nidhi threatens to not even let her come into this house, Shanaya says she might be mistaken when Nidhi explains she knows girls like her as she has seen them very close, Shanaya asks if all her friends are evil like her when Nidhi warns her to not even try to talk with her in this manner, Shanaya assures that she would never go near Shaurya or try and befriend him. Daljeet enters the room questioning why is Shanaya standing here angrily, Shanaya says that something very wrong has happened to her today as she has been shown the truth of her, Daljeet questions what happened when Shanaya replies the mother of Shaurya humiliated her today, she swears on her self respect that she will surely become the family member of this Luthra family. Daljeet questions why is she swearing like this but Shanaya assures she will marry Shanaya, Daljeet warns her to not think so high and accept what Nidhi jee said, Shanaya replies she will surely marry Shaurya even if anyone supports her or not.

Karan enters the room of Rishab calling her when he says from the bathroom that he is coming, Karan informs Rishab was right, he replies he was in the bathroom. Karan says he meant Rishab was perfectly honest but then has the answers to all the questions, Shristhi hears Karan and Rishab talking when Karan says that Preeta is not meeting her because she feels he has married Nidhi. Rishab asks Karan to calmly tell him what is the matter, karan says that Preeta is in this house and he has felt her Karan says some dancers have come to this house and among them some are wearing a veil from them one is Preeta je, Rishab asks where did he meet her, karan says he felt her hearing which Rishab gets furious at him saying he confuses the entire situation. Shristhi gets worried thinking Karan has told Rishab jee so now she has to do something, she leaves quickly. Rishab agrees with karan when he asks what should they do at the moment, karan mentions he is going to go and tell all the workers to make sure that the CCTV are in the working position, Rishab sends Karan away but then also follows him.

Shambu is walking when he sees a knife which he picks up, Nidhi is shocked seeing him and tries to run away but Shambu explains he has only come for his money and wants to reveal a shocking news so tell her that the biggest enemy Preeta is in this house and searching for her, Nidhi is shocked hearing it.