Kundali Bhagya 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shaurya gets arrested by the anti narcotics force


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Rajveer enters the Luthra office and greets everyone, Shaurya is standing behind him at the entrance while looking at his watch, he thinks Raman is about to come with the drugs followed by the police so then Rajveer would be thrown out of his life, he exclaims Rajveer has no idea about the mistake he made by performing the Roka with Palki.

Preeta tells Gurpreet she is angry with Rajveer as he did not stay back today, Gurpreet says even she is furious with Mohit as he also did not listen to her when she asked him to come to the market, Preeta goes to the Mandir praying that everything should be fine but then the Diya goes out, Gurpreet asks Preeta to not be worried as the wind is very strong so nothing wrong will happen. Preeta once again lights the Diya but she is still feeling that something is not right, Preeta. Shaurya is sitting in his cabin when Sandy comes and Shaurya asks what is he doing here, Sandy says he brought Raman forcefully who was deciding to change the plan, Shaurya says he has been waiting for him for so long when Raman informs that the anti narcotic force is waiting for him but now everything is fine. Shaurya gives Raman the big but he questions how would he take the bag with him when he came empty handed, he suggests he should leave with a small amount then they can give him the rest of the money tomorrow, Shaurya assures they would figure it out tomorrow and then he leaves, Sandy is smiling.

Rajveer is working when he gets a call from Palki asking what does he desire, he replies her so she says she called to scold him, Rajveer explains that he can listen to her scolds for the rest of his life when palki mentions he promised her that he would tell her wherever he goes but left today in the morning without telling her, Rajveer says that she has gotten even more in love with him, Palki burns her finger and then says he s trying to calm her down, Rakhi also comes to the kitchen when palki demands Rajveer should apologize to her, he says she will not end the call if he does not apologize, Palki says he has no shame, she gets shocked seeing Rakhi and ends the call. Rajveer says she even looks cute while fighting, Karan enters saying that everything looks cute right now but after getting married he would think everything has become weird, Rajveer replies he will never change and it will always remain the same with him, Karan says it is still new however Rajveer replies this will remain the same. Karan explains that he was just like Rajveer in his youth and feels like he should lie to others saying he is his son, Rajveer thinks how he wishes he could tell Karan that he is actually his father.

Rakhi asks Palki if she is making the soup of Maa ji, palki agrees but while panicking drops the spoon saying she does not have a grandmother, Rakhi asks if she can say something and informs that the boy is very nice as she has got to know him and even evaluated him, so she should not be furious with him. Palki says he made a promise which he broke so what would he do in the future, Rakhi replies that he will start loving her even more as love only increases with time, while these small things can be tackled easily. Palki replies she just wants him to understand what she likes and dislikes and what bothers her, Rakhi explains their relation is still new and she has to talk with Rajveer, explaining what she likes and dislikes, or what irritates her along with what she expects from him, Rakhi further says that it is very important to talk about these things, Rakhi asks if Palki really loves him, she gets a bit nervous then leaves to ask if Bani Dadi would like to have lemon in her soup. Rakhi is smiling.

Shaurya tells Sandy he ha thought of a plan, he picks out the drugs from the box which Sandy says he can manage for himself, steal from the locker of his father but Shaurya says that these drugs are still bad for him. Shaurya tells Sandy he is giving him the drugs to plant in the cabin of Rajveer.

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Raman walks out of the Luthra office when he sees the inspector in disguise so calls Shaurya who gets tensed and then asks Sandy to plant these drugs in the cabin of Rajveer.

Rajveer is sitting when Preeta enters his cabin so Preeta says she was worried and could not sit back at home, Rajveer explains that he is fine and there is nothing to be worried about but she is feeling this as she scolded him last night, Preeta replies this is not that feeling and whenever she feels like this then something bad has happened. Preeta says he knows when she told him she has a guiding force by her side which always tells her when she must do or not do anything, Rajveer asks what does she want him to do. Sandy is saying he is about to enter the cabin of Rajveer when Shaurya explains that Sandy should quickly place it, Sandy informs Rajveer is leaving with someone who seems to be a worker, Shaurya instructs him to go and put the drugs in the jacket of Rajveer. Sandy while following Rajveer accidentally hits the police officials who are without their uniform. The drugs fall from his pocket which angers Sandy who warns him to watch it but the official puts his shoe over the drugs and then picks a pack which he starts opening, Sandy removes it saying this belongs to him, Shaurya also comes with the other box when Sandy asks who are the employees in the office, Shaurya asks who are they when the officer takes out his badge and then orders to arrest both Shaurya and Sandy, he warns Shaurya to not even utter a single word otherwise they would get in a lot of trouble. Shaurya is telling the inspector that this does not belong to him and they are making a mistake, Karan hears the voice of Shaurya so follows them.

Kavya is with Shanaya selecting the dress, Bani Dadi after a while says that she did not like any of the design that they have shown her, she prefers their designer Vandy who is a very good designer. Shanaya agrees but thinks she should focus on the designs a bit more. Palki comes telling Bani Dadi she has brought her soup, Bani Dadi is shocked when palki says this means she was just saying it however Bani Dadi explains she was just joking. Rakhi also comes with the jewellery box when bani Dadi asks when are they going to call the Pandit. Rakhi questions why is Palki worried, assuring they would get them all married at the same time, palki is worried otherwise her mother would not let marry Rajveer. Rakhi tells Palki that he is a very loving boy, Bani Dadi asks if they both have gotten in a fight when Rakhi replies Rajveer might not know how to convince her, Palki replies he knows how to properly convince her so they all start asking her when Palki leaves saying they are teasing her, Shanaya thinks Shauyra does not even talk to her properly while Palki is enjoying all these moments.

Karan is stopping the official when he says that he is sure that Shaurya would not be involved in the drugs and even tries to talk with the official when he says that karan is an educated person and owns such a big company so he should know the proper channel. Karan asks the receptionist to call his father and Rishab while he runs out. Karan once again requests the official to let his son go as they might be mistaken but the official asks karan to think about him and then leaves with Shaurya. Karan starts panicking when Rajveer rushes to him assuring everything would be fine and he then leaves with karan.

Bani Dadi asks them to turn on the television when they are shocked seeing that Shaurya has been arrested on the charges of having drugs, Rakhi exclaims it cannot happen.