Kundali Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Rakhi is saddened to see the behavior ofShaurya


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Shristhi advises Preeta to not listen to Rajveer when Preeta asks if she saw how they both were angry with him but now are going back to their house with a smile on their face, Rajveer is about to enter the house when Shristhi pulls him back questioning why is he entering in the house like this, Preeta asks why did she name him Rajveer when he should be named Krishna because he is behaving just like him. Preeta exclaims she has to go and bring dry fruits for his milkshake as he has to go for his interview. Rajveer exclaims that his aunt is really good since she always remembers the important dates and is really caring, he leaves when two men arrive at the house. Shristhi thinks he feels so nice around Preeta because she is his biological mother and even though she has forgotten everything after what happened to her but their connection is of hearts. Rajveer enters the house and walking straight to the Mandir is about to place the money in the money box but Shristhi stops him saying today he has to buy a new shirt for himself since today is the wedding of Bipin. Rajveer once again puts the money explaining that he has placed the money in the Mandir and this is going to get the blessings of Bhagwan so he vows to save his money because his mother has done a lot of efforts to get him to study so now he is also only going to spend his money on her. Shristhi starts showering her love when he explains he would get late for his interview, he rushes upstairs when Preeta also walks in explaining she has brought the dry fruits.

Rajveer is searching for the shirt when Preeta walks in with the milkshake, he requests her help so she asks him to drink the milk while she would pick out the dress for him, he then starts searching for his shoes but is shocked to see that they are torn, Preeta asks what happened when he reveals he doesn’t have time to get them repaired however Preeta assures she will fix them really good, Rajveer is really glad expressing she is the best aunt, she also says she loves him.

Shaurya is also getting ready when he comes out and Nidhi also enters the room, she questions what has happened when he explains he does not know where is his favorite white shoe, he mention he is eagerly waiting for the favorite event that is going to happen for the whole three days, Shaurya once again says that he only wants his shoe, Rakhi coming to the door questions then what are all these other shoes that are in his room as he should be a bit humble, Rakhi explains she has brought Parshad for him, he tries to take it but Rakhi stops him when Nidhi explains that he must know they just take the Parshad, Rakhi then mentions that they cannot take the Parshad with just one hand but have to use both of their hands. Shaurya goes to place the Parshad on the side table, when Rakhi advises him to be a bit humble as he is always over spending the money and must be grateful that he was born in such a nice family. Shaurya says that she is not of his generation as in their generation it is normal to have seven to eight sets of shoes while Rakhi might have even walked barefoot but they are not like this, Rakhi is tensed explaining neither Rishab nor Karan have ever talked with her in such a way, but he has lost the respect. Shaurya going back signals Nidhi to send her away, Nidhi asks Rakhi to come as she told her that they are making breakfast in the kitchen, Rakhi says they say that the children are just like the elders and she can see that Shaurya is just like her and this is what she has taught him, Nidhi angrily turns back when Shaurya explains he just wants his shoes, Nidhi suggests that she will call the manager of the shoe store so Shaurya can find the shoe which he likes.

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Rajveer rushes down the stairs when Shristhi comes to praise him and he asks about his aunt, Preeta rushes inside with the shoes in her hands, Rajveer with a smile on his face explains that she has made it like a designer shoe for him, she says there is no need to do any sort of buttering because she will love him just as she loves Shristhi, he runs to leave but Shristhi stops him saying he must leave after eating yogurt. Shristhi prays of a way in which she can tell him that he is the heir of the Luthra’s, but she starts crying thinking she can never say anything to him after what happened because the Luthra’s are never good to them and have ruined everything, they have inflicted so much pain on Preeta di which has let very strong mark that she has lost her memory, she vows to never let Rajveer find out the truth about his identity because he is living with them and it would remain like this forever.

Rakhi slowly enters the room while Karan is busy in a meeting, she calls him so he comes to take the Parshad and turns to leave when she questions the reason he did not come to the Pooja, he mentions he has a meeting with international clients so would have to go back to it.

Rkahi starts walking with Karina who says that this house is not like it used to be because they all used to enjoy and joke a lot but now they are just living in a deserted mansion, she says it has had the most affect on Karan because he lost his face during that accident and they had to perform twenty seven surgeries just to save his life. Rakhi explains they did not only change his face but his entire life as he even lost his family so in order to forget the pain he has completely devoted himself to the business, Rakhi says it would have been different if Rudraksh was alive because he was older then Shaurya so would have surely kept him in check, she explains she feels that Rudraksh would come at any moment informing that her best son has arrived but he never came, Karina feels the pain of Rakhi so hugs her.