Kundali Bhagya 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shaurya plans to trap Rajveer in a drug case


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Rajveer is also lying on the bed thinking about when he got in an argument with his mother who was just siding with Shaurya, demanding that he should be a little positive and think of Shaurya as his younger brother, Rajveer hearing Preeta calling him immediately starts pretending as if he is asleep, preeta comes to stand beside him saying she knows he is not asleep and even that he is angry with her, he got hurt by what she said but she herself got really hurt, she says she even has tears in her eyes so he immediately sits apologize to her. Preeta also sits beside him explaining she made a mistake and knows his bond with Shaurya is different so she made the mistake. Rajveer replies he should understand why she feels like this about Shaurya, she asks if he understands and replies she desires he should eat, Rajveer asks how did she find out he is hungry, she replies because she is his aunt and just like a mother who knows everything, preeta asks Rajveer to eat from her hands, he thinks she still does not know she is his real mother but still treats him like her own son. Rajveer is talking with Preeta and then also makes her eat the rice, they both are smiling.

Sandy comes questioning what is Shaurya doing, or would he rest once he is thrown out of the house as his father would find out everything, Shaurya is furious saying Sandy is his best friend but is making excuses of his father, Sandy asks what sort of help does he desire, Shaurya replies he wants Palki in his life which Sandy is not able to understand. Shaurya angrily says that he wants Palki but for it to happen they have to send Rajveer away for good and in his plan Sandy is going to help him, he explains that he is going to trap Rajveer in a drug case but Sandy says that he would not do it and tries to go back inside when Shaurya pushes him against the bonnet of the car saying he is the one who would tell him what he must do.

Rajveer is not able to sleep because Mohit is continuously hitting him in the leg, Rajveer gets worried when someone is hitting rocks and goes on the balcony to check, he is shocked to see Palki throwing stones at him when she demands he should come downstairs, Rajveer tells that everyone is asleep, she says she figured it out as he was not answering her call, she asks him to come meet her but he says that everyone is asleep right now, she turns back angrily when he asks if she is furious with him but she says that he can go back and meet her tomorrow so Rajveer leaves, palki is furious.

Sandy agrees to help Shaurya who helps him stand, Sandy asks if Shaurya remembers Raman who is going to help them, he calls Raman saying he should talk with Shaurya, who explains that he wants drugs in such a quantity that the person would be trapped, Raman informs that it is going to take alot of money and so names the price of five million, Sandy is shocked asking how will he arrange it, Shaurya says he is going to steal from his own house as from there the life of Rajveer would be ruined.

Rajveer is trying to call palki but she does not answering his call when he hears something moving out and goes to check, he is stunned to see Palki climbing from the ladder and asks what is she doing when she replies even her phone is on silent, she is about to slip while climbing when he helps her get up, Rajveer asks what has happened to her, she says he always claims to love her but she cannot find it from his attitude, Rajveer asks if she also gets angry but then explains he is very idiot as she was scolding him when they first met. Palki asks if he remember it when Rajveer replies he remember everything about her, Mohit asks Rajveer to be quiet, so he immediately covers the mouth of Palki but she pushes him away saying she knows they cannot talk loudly. Rajveer slowly places his hand around the ear of palki, Shaurya drives by the road and is shocked to see them both together. Palki asks Rajveer to leave her hair but he does not remove his hand asking her to say, she insists he should remove the hand when Rajveer asks what was she trying to say, Palki is not able to say it and Mohit demands that Rajveer should be quiet. Rajveer explains that if Mohit wakes up then would tell everyone and so can they go to talk in the kitchen, Rajveer and Palki both secretly walk to the kitchen. Rajveer asks what happened to her, she questions why was he not coming downstairs and what if someone had seen him. Palki says he went from the Luthra Mansion without telling her, he is shocked when she says that this is what he does as he cannot understand anything when it relates to her but she can see his attitude, Rajveer replies he wonders why did he make such a big mistake, Palki thinks he is being sarcastic and she is the idiot one who came here but she is not going to place any problem in front of him. Palki turns to leave when Rajveer holds her hand, she gets a bit nervous as he slowly walks close to her, Palki turns to the other side but starts smiling, he asks if she is angry with him but she questioned why would she be angry with him, Rajveer makes her turn towards him asking if she is angry, he says if she will not get angry with him then how would he cheer her up, he says that she has ever right to be like this with him promising to always tell her when he leaves any event. Rajveer promises when she asks if this is a deal so they both shake hands on it, Rajveer kisses the hand of palki and then wipes of his tears, she also wipes the tears from his face when he places his hand against her ear, they both keep staring each other. Gurpreet comes to the kitchen to get some water and is shocked seeing them both, she calls Palki so they both are stunned. Palki explains she needs some vegetables and then runs away with it, Rajveer says that she wanted to make a snack and so he leaves, Gurpreet starts smiling.

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Karan is smiling when Shaurya secretly enters his room, he tries to unlock the console but it is locked when he then opens the wardrobe which has the keys, Shaurya with a smile on his face closes the wardrobe but karan wake sup hearing the noise, he asks who is there and even opens the light. Shaurya is shocked as he has left the keys in the console so thinks that if his father sees them then he would be dead, Karan however enters the washroom. Shaurya thinks he must be quick otherwise everything would be ruined, Shaurya immediately starts taking out the money from the safe after which he closes the door of the room, Karan notices that there is someone out there and goes to check by opening the door but there is no one there, karan wonders what is making these noises.

In the morning Preeta is working in the kitchen when the milk boils, Rajveer laves saying he will return by the evening when preeta requests if he can not stay back here and work from home however Rajveer mentions that he has to attend a meeting, Preeta says she is not feeling well however Rajveer says today he has a meeting at eleven, Preeta wonders how can she tell him that she has a strange feeling today is not a good day.

Shaurya calls Raman instructing him to come to the office with all of the goods assuring he will get the entire payment, Raman is smiling.

Mohit is having tea when the door bell rings and Gurpreet questions why did he not open the door, she calls him a lazy person when both Palki and Shanaya enter the house and Palki even tease him, Gurpreet asks them both to disturb the sweets, Mohit assures he would do it. Shanaya asks Gurpreet to call Rajveer as she want to go to the Luthra house, Gurpreet replies that he is not in the house, Mohit informs that he had to go to the office, Shanaya replies Palki said he is still in the house. Palki exclaims that Rajveer keeps saying she is important for him but he did not have enough time to even text her, Gurpreet asks what happened to her, Mohit replies love hearing which Palki gets shocked and leaves, she after opening the door of the house exclaims she is in love with Rajveer.