Kundali Bhagya 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta returns to the Luthra Mansion


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Rakhi asks if everyone is still present here or someone went missing, karan questions where would anyone go, Rakhi replies she meant Rajveer and palki have gone to change while Rishab and Mahesh je are with the electricians so when they return the event of the Roka is going to start. Shaurya tells Sandy to wait here while he will bring the aunt of Rajveer down here, Varun stops Shaurya asking where is he going, he says upstairs and tells Varun he is fine, who says that Shaurya told him that marriage is going to ruin the life, Shaurya replies he is still going to say the same thing hearing which everyone is stunned, Shaurya looks at his father mentioning he is very lucky to get Shanaya as his life partner, he leaves taking their excuse, Bani Dadi asks karan to see how Shaurya finally found is actual love, Rakhi says she was sure Shauyra would surely fall in love one day, Karina prays that no evil eye should befall on them, Daljeet sees Nidhi so whispers to her how much Shaurya wants to be with her daughter, and what was he saying about her. Nidhi asks Daljeet to come with her.

Mohit tells Gurpreet whatever happens is for the good, Gurpreet asks what is good when Preeta je is unconscious, Mohit replies this is what he meant, Gurpreet replies how they should take her to the doctor and she gets unconscious all the time.

Mohit and Gurpreet are shocked when the electrician tells Rishab and Mahesh how someone might have purposefully pulled the fuse, Mahesh agrees saying they are going to find the truth, Rishab advises Mahesh that they would do everything after the event, Mahesh agrees but is worried as someone might have tried to ruin the Roka of Shaurya and Shanaya when Rishab says that it is something a lot more so requests Mahesh to wait for just two days after which he will tell the reason that the fuse was disconnected. The vase falls when both Rishab and Mahesh go to them, Gurpreet quickly covers the face of Preeta. Rishab asks who is she, Gurpreet replies she is the mother of Shanaya friend who had a lot to drink, Mohit mentions they are taking her outside as her daughter is waiting. Gurpreet and Mohit leave while Rishab is staring at them, Mahesh asks him to comes so they both leave.

Daljeet asks Nidhi what did she want to talk about, Nidhi replies her son is not interested in Shanaya and neither wanted to perform this Roka so she should lose her high hopes, Daljeet does not understand why Nidhi is like this because she first said that she does not like Shanaya but her daughter is getting married to this family but then she also heard Nidhi say she likes her, Nidhi replies she does not like her but Daljeet replies she heard Nidhi say to Arohi that she likes the idea of Daljeet but does not want her to know it, she feels they could be sister in laws who would even help each other but Nidhi replies she has never said anything of the sort, Daljeet replies Nidhi is a very habitual liar. Nidhi warns how Shanaya would not be married to this house, Daljeet replies she might get offended however Nidhi would not be able to do anything as Shanaya is going to get married to this house and even be her daughter in law, she suggests Nidhi should cheer up otherwise she might have to tell the truth that Nidhi keeps insulting her and Shanaya, she leaves telling they even have to give their blessings to the children so Nidhi follows Daljeet.

Mohit and Gurpreet are taking Preeta back home in the auto when she suddenly wakes up questioning where are they going, Gurpreet suggests they are going back to the house when preeta mentions they were in the Roka of Shaurya, Gurpreet says she got ill due to which they are going back to the house when preeta mentions that the Roka of Shaurya is still going on, she stops the auto informing that she might still be able to go to the Roka, she even has to give a gift to them, Preeta quickly gets in another auto to return to the Luthra Manson, Gurpreet and Mohit are really worried.

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Rajveer comes out of the room after changing when palki also opens the door, she slowly walks towards him and signals asking what happened, he says that she dances really well but Palki replies she was just following him, Rajveer asks if palki does not know how to take a compliment because she gives it to anyone else he says when he compliments her voice she says it is due to her mother while when he talks of her being beautiful she replies she got has it in her family. Rajveer says he just wants to tell her that he really likes her, she replies she does not know how to say it but even she finds him very good. Shaurya gets really jealous looking at them, Rjaveer replies he finally found some peace when Palki asks the reason, Rajveer slowly walks close to her and he corrects her hair due to which she gets really nervous. He praises her or being very beautiful then asks if he can kiss her, Shaurya is furious hearing it while even Palki gets really nervous. Rajveer slowly gets close to Palki who does not move even a bit Shaurya angrily causes the vase to fall then coming out apologizes for ruining their moment, he asks what moment were they both having but says he was going to look for something, Shaurya purposefully touches the hand of Palki leaving, she angrily turns to look at him as he walks away. Palki then stares at her hand an asks Rajveer to come with her, Rajveer notices that she got a bit tensed. Shaurya returns and places his hand over the lamp seeing Palki walking away with Rajveer, he keeps staring at his hand while getting a big smile thinking how he touched the hand of palki and even picked her up in the store room.

Karina praises Daljeet for being with Nidhi as they both have become friends and it is very good, Nidhi angrily vows to teach Daljeet a lesson as she would not even let her become the mother of the daughter in law of this house, Daljeet thinks that even if in the fourteen generations Nidhi is the mother of the sons of Luthra family, her daughters will surely be their daughters in law.

Shaurya is in the room wondering where did the aunt of Rajveer go as she was in the room he thinks she might have gone downstairs and then so runs out to check. Rajveer and Palki aslo come when Varun calls Rajveer to come to them. Mahesh comes asking them to not clap for him, karan replies no one is even clapping but Rishab claps for him saying that he got back the light, Bani Dadi scolds Mahesh who wile going to her accidentally steps on her feet so she starts slapping him, Rishab requests everyone to continue with the function. Shaurya walks down the stairs when Rakhi exclaims he has arrived, she asks where was he for so long so they are going to start the ritual of the Roka.

Shaurya sits on the stage with Shanaya and is very tensed, Pandit jee says they are going to start the ritual of the Roka before the auspicious time ends, everyone is enjoying the ritual. Karan is tensed that Preeta has still nto arrived, pandit jee asks the mother of Shaurya to come and fulfill the ritual of the Roka. Nidhi with a smile walks ahead when Rajveer thinks she is not a good mother so should not perform this ritual, he suggests some elder of the family should perform the ritual as he has heard it, karan agrees with Rajveer and even Rishab says that it should be like this, Rishab asks Bani Dadi to go and even Rakhi requests her to perform them but Bani Dadi says even Rakhi is the elder so should do it. Rakhi tells that both Shaurya and Shanaya are no longer single but about to be bonded in a very beautiful relationship, she while smiling makes Shanaya wear the dupatta after which everyone is clapping. Rakhi then applies the Tika on Shanaya and Shaurya, Shaurya is really tensed but cannot do anything. Rakhi hands Shanaya the Thali containing the gifts after which she makes her have the sweets followed by Shaurya. Pandit jee concludes the Roka when Preeta rushes into the Luthra Mansion, Rajveer gets shcoked seeing her.