Kundali Bhagya 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer reveals the entire truth to the Luthra family


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Shaurya says that his family always insults him in front of the outsiders, Rakhi asks Shaurya what has happened to him, questioning who is insulting him, she asks how could he even think they can insult him, Shaurya says he also knows how they are going to treat him after this, Mahesh angrily says he has warned Shaurya to not talk like this, Mahesh starts coughing when Nidhi comes defend Shaurya, Rajveer explains they can all argue right now or let Mahesh rest as he is not feeling well, Shaurya warns Rajveer to not interfere in their family matters as he is not going to get any feeling. Karina and Rishab both ask Mahesh to come with them but he refuses saying he wants to sort out this matter, Rakhi requests the Inspector to arrest her as she does not want to live in such a house, Mahesh asks what is she saying, Rakhi informs Mahesh never cares for his health and has even suffered an heart attack once before. Rajveer requests Mahesh to go and rest assuring he is going to reveal the entire truth and no hide anything, Mahesh only leaves on th condition that he will come back and listen to everything, he says Karina is his younger sister but keeps acting like and elder, Karina leaves with Mahesh explaining the only thing important is what is right and wrong. They all are worried.

The fire fighters are searching for the criminal when one of them spots him in the van, he however realizing that he has been caught rushes to suffocate him due to which all of the fire fighters are worried.

Nidhi is texting the criminal when Rao says she is glad that no one is paying attention to what is going outside, Nidhi question then why is her associate not answering the call, Rao says that she must let him do his work because he will call once everything is finished. Karina comes back when Rishab asks if Mahesh is fine, she informs that the medicine has a sleeping effect so he will sleep for some while. Palki comes asking what has happened and if everything is fine, Shaurya stops her from interfering in this matter, Rajveer warns Shaurya to not pass this comment but then Sandy also interferes mentioning this entire matter is happening because of this girl, Shaurya mentions that his Grand father wanted to know the truth but he has already filed an informal complaint against Rajveer so would also like to accompany them and file a formal complaint. Palki says if Shaurya wants to file a complaint then she will also file one against him, she reveals that Shaurya was the one who got her kidnapped and even her hands and feet were tied.

The contract killer warns the fire fighters to not come near him, seeing the opportunity he pushes the fire fighter away and runs away before advising them to call a doctor otherwise he is going to die, one of them mentions he heard someone saying inside that she is a doctor, he is send to bring her.

Karan is still unconscious however wakes up when a burning piece of food falls and burns his hand
, he sees that Preeta is still unconscious. Karan tries to get up but only manages to push the piece of wood away from him, he slowly starts crawling towards Preeta, however it is really difficult since he no longer has any strength left in him, Karan however manages to stand up using the support of the wall, he reaches the hall, Karan starts walking towards the room of Preeta but falls right in front of her,.

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Shaurya asks if she even knows what she is saying, Rakhi mentions Palki is making a very big accusation against Shaurya. Nidhi defends Shaurya mentioning he cannot do anything illegal, she explains they all are letting an outsider blame Shaurya when he is their own blood. Rishab mentions they are not supporting anyone but desire to know the truth because of which they are standing here, Rishab explains they want to know what is the argument and disagreement between them both Rishab asks if she cannot see they both start to fight so they have to sort it. Rajveer says he is talking as if it is a very small thing when this matter is a lot bigger then they think, Nidhi informs that she feels that he has only come here for the sake of money because this is what people like him tend to do, Rajveer replies he has no interest in money, Nidhi however mentions that in the present time money is the only thing required to life a causal life. Rajveer says that he does not care about money because he tends to have relations and respect around him. Rajveer informs he first met Shaurya on the highway because at that time Shaurya caused the accident of a passenger bus in which he was present along with his aunt, he explains he could have beard everything on himself but would not accept if anything happens to his aunt. Rajveer mentions that he could have made sure Shaurya stayed in the police cell but his aunt has a very big heart, Rajveer says but even then Shaurya once again tried to hit him with his car. Shaurya warns Rajveer to not lie, Rajveer replies that he will into hear anything against Palki because she is the one who helped everyone on the bus, Rajveer explains Shaurya even came to the wedding of Palki and said a lot of bad things to her entire family, Shaurya replies he had not given any speech but only said what he saw on the projector. Palki mentions that Shaurya not only humiliated her but even her entire family, only because he does not like her because whenever they have come across she has always given him a befitting reply. The fire fighters rushes inside asking if there is a doctor present here, he informs that there is someone disguised as one of the firefighters. The criminal thinks he has to inform Nidhi.

Rishab questions the fire fighter what is he talking about, Nidhi thinks that she is sure that everything would have been ruined, the criminal thinks if Nidhi mam does not want Preeta to be killed, he once again dials her contact.

The fire fighter informs that their leader saw someone in the servant quarter who did not belong to their team but the person managed to run away, however he warned them that if they donot save their partner then he would die, Palki mentions she is a doctor so asks where is their partner, they all rush outside when the inspector mentions there is something really bad going on here.

The criminal thinks that Nidhi is not answering his call, he leaves mentioning he does not want to do this work as there is a lot of danger. Nidhi furiously thinks she hired him to commit one murder but he is calling her after ruining everything.