Kundali Bhagya 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta gets memory flashbacks after seeing Kavya

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Rajveer is smiling staring at Kavya, he mentions she is looking very beautiful and desires if his mother could also see her as his is her right, Rajveer thinks of making a video call to his mother.

Preeta after getting ready is very amazed by the saree which Shristhi sent to her, she thinks she would ask her to send them as the best saree are in Jamshadpur, she gets a call from Rajveer and thinks that he always stops her but has himself called her today. Rajveer says that he has come to the function of a very pretty girl, he asks if she would like to see so turns on the video, Preeta gets a very strange feeling after seeing Kavya meanwhile Rajveer is smiling, he asks if she is still on the call. Kavya asks Rajveer to come to her, he then quickly places the mobile behind the vase. Preeta is just staring at Kavya and starts getting memory flashbacks, she feels very strange after hearing the laughing of a child. Preeta starts crying wondering what has happened to her so she leaves.

Shaurya takes a glass of juice from the waiter and then pours some of alcohol in the glass, he is shocked to see Nidhi standing behind him and starts apologizing to her, she says there is no need to be sorry for anything, he asks if she is not mad at him when Nidhi says she wants him to enjoy his life and not become a working machine since there is still a lot of time for it, Bani Dadi gets very emotional hearing it so goes to sit on the couch.

Rajveer notices that she is worried so coming asks if she is fine, Bani Dadi says she is fine but he realizes something is wrong, Bani Dadi mentions when she first met him then thought he was not a good person but she was wrong since he has been raised with immense good manners, Rajveer replies he does not know if he is worthy of this praise, Bani Dadi says that she is not only praising him but also his parents, as she knows that his mother has raised him well. Bani Dadi says that the mother of Shaurya has not given him the correct teachings, Rajveer replies she might feel bad but Kavya is also the sister of Shaurya, Bani Dadi says that it is not the truth as the biological mother of Kavya was someone else with whom she stayed for five years and got the start of her teachings, Bani Dadi mentions she really misses Kavya mother hearing which Rajveer thinks they all really miss his mother.

Rajveer sees the mother of Varun entering with a lot of gifts so he rushes to help her and takes all of the gifts to the stage, the pandit jee exclaims that he is glad she came on time so they can start the ritual, Sandy also reaches the function and he spooks Shaurya who hands him the glass, Sandy thinks that it is just plain water but is amazed when he takes a sip of the glass, Arohi also reaches the function.

Pandit jee mentions that the auspicious time has started so he asks both Varun and kavya to sit on the stage, he starts reciting the Mantar and then asks for the brother of the bride, he says that Shaurya must make both the bride and groom wear it, Rajveer says he will help her, Shaurya gets offended but stays silent and then Rajveer with a smile on his face helps Kavya. Karan thinks he is feeling very nice that Rajveer is fulfilling all the responsibilities of a brother and knows Shaurya would be furious but he will very soon realize that relations are not only made by blood but they have to be taken care of and fulfilled as a duty. Pandit jee asks Rakhi to come forward for the Tika, she starts performing the ritual and then asks them both to eat half of the sweet so that love exists between them both, Rakhi then blesses both Kavya and Varun. The mother of Varun also comes to perform the ritual, after completing it she asks for the necklace mentioning it as the Shugun from their side which she took to the Mandir in order to get the blessings from Mata Rani, Pandit jee asks them to place the Chunri in the Mandir, Rajveer offers to place it and leaves after blessing Kavya. Shaurya hugs Varun after which everyone comes on the stage to give their blessings and gift to both Kavya and Varun. Karan finally climbs on the stage, he hugs Kavya and stops Varun from touching his feet so he also hugs him.

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Garesh is working when Rajveer offers to help him but Garesh says he will do it however Rajveer mentions he feels nice by doing it, he says that he also liked Varun who is the choice for Kavya. Rajveer turns when Shaurya stops him, Rajveer asks him to leave from his way, Shaurya says his sister KD is not like him and calls everyone as brother, so Rajveer must not take it by heart. Rajveer replies Shaurya is possessive about his sister, Shaurya questions why is Rajveer not offended by it, Rajveer says he knows they all do not consider Kavya as their sister but he considers her, Rajveer leaves when Shaurya is furious.

Kritika is standing with Varun and Kavya asking on which song should the dance, she even asks for a second opinion and asks Rajveer who says romantic but Shaurya has some other opinion, Kavya tells Kritika that she along with Varun have already decided the song. Karina says to bani Dadi how kavya is just like Preeta, Bani Dadi does not understand when she says that kavya stopped both Rajveer and Shaurya from arguing.

Kavya along with the friends enter the dance stage, she starts her performance on the dance floor seeing which everyone is amazed and starts smiling, Rajveer is also enjoying the performance of kavya. Varun after a while also gets up to join Kavya so they both start their performance together, karan is also smiling, the entire family joins Varun and Kavya on the dance floor. Mahesh is also about to follow them when Karan stops him asking if Varun is the right choice, Mahesh does not understand when karan threatens that if Varun hurts his daughter even a bit then he is going to break the hands of Varun. Mahesh starts smiling frantically so Karan stops Mahesh to reveal the truth, Mahesh explains that Karan has become a possessive father and said he would break the legs of Varun if he harms Kavya. Varun assures that he would not do anything that would anger him, Varun says that they all must ask Kavya to not beat him, she gets tensed. Kavya exclaims that she did not know he is so possessive, Karan mentions that if Kavya gets even a bit tensed then must come to him as he knows how to handle everything, Kavya agrees with Mr handsome so hugs Karan. Rajveer standing beside them says how it feels he really loves Kavya, he exclaims it is good that loves at least one of his children.