Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shristhi stops Preeta from meeting with karan


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Nidhi is selecting the dress and finds one which is perfect for Karan according to her desire, she even kisses on the coat which leaves a mark, she thinks of removing it but then thinks that sometimes the mark on the dress of the husband seems nice, karan asks who is in the room. Nidhi says she is here but just about to leave.

Preeta is walking in the hall when she sees Nidhi coming out of the room, she thinks she has found her but is going to talk with her alone and not here. Karan says that she must first select the dress and then go only after doing it, Preeta stops and entering the room is wondering who is talking to her, Karan asks her to at least answer in yes or no. Preeta wonders how is he able to see her and this is why asked her to help him, he even knew she is about to leave. Preeta thinks that the clothes are already taken out but she wonders what kind of clothes are these as they seem to be a uniform of a waiter, Preeta selects another coat which she feels would be very different and is going to stand out.

Karan in the bathroom wipes of his body but then accidentally drops the towel, Preeta is about to leave when Karan asks her to give him a fresh towel since the one which he brought inside dropped and got wet, Preeta stops thinking he might actually be in a problem which is why asking for help, Karan raising his hand ahead asks her to give her the towel as he is very cold, Preeta quickly picks a towel from the wardrobe when she hands it to karan, he accidentally touches her hand so immediately feels something weird. Preeta and Karan both start remembering about their past life and even Karan starts getting flashbacks of his life with Preeta as his wife, Preeta meanwhile slowly removes her hand from his hand but is also really startled by the feeling. Karan pulls his hand back thinking that he felt it when he got trapped with Preeta in the fire. Karan realizes that this is the hand of Preeta.

Shristhi is looking for Preeta in her room and calls her asking where is she at the moment, she even goes out when she tells that Preeta di does not leave without saying anything, Gurpreet is also worried. Shristhi says she is not in the house, Gurpreet suggests she might have gone to the house of Daljeet. Shristhi says she is coming from her house. Gurpreet asks where else could she have gone, Shristhi recalls when Preeta asked her to come with her to the Luthra Mansion so runs.

Karan comes out in the robes and immediately starts calling Preeta but she is not present in the room, he thinks that Preeta came here in this room as that feeling could only be of Preeta, this means she was here but why is he not able to see her, karan wonders what is happening to him, he once again touches the corner of his hand.

Karan picks the dress thinking it is a nice combination but he is shocked wondering how can it be the choice of Nidhi, Karan wonders how can it be the choice of Nidhi and even wonders who else was present in this room, he runs out in the hall trying to look for Preeta but is not able to see her.

Palki suggests the place where they should place the pot, Rajveer also agrees with Palki when Karina says that it is a very good place so asks Rakhi if she remembers when they placed the pot in the other corner. Rakhi says that she remembers it was the idea of Karina bua when Rakhi says she is amazed since Karina di never accepts her mistake when Karina says that she accepts her mistake. The wife of Garesh comes when Rakhi asks if she brought all the things needed, she goes to Nidhi asking if she should bring anything for her as she is a guest, Rakhi tells her that Nidhi is not a guest when the wife of Garesh says then she would be with someone else, Nidhi warns her to stop with the assumptions explaining that she is the wife of Karan Luthra. Nidhi then scolds her once more. Karina asks if everyone has got their outfits and even asks Kavya to not sad if she does not have it, Nidhi explains she has ordered the designer who assured all of the clothes would be ready. Shaurya comes down but is not able to see Shanaya. The wife of Garesh asks Rajveer to go as Rishab sir was looking for him, Karina explains she never liked when the office work came to their house but now likes it, Rakhi says they all have changed including her but Karina bua says she not changed and only said it because Rajveer comes home, since he is a very nice boy. Rakhi mentions she forgot that she had to make coffee for Bani Dadi. Shanaya thinks this is the time to make her impression on everyone, Shanaya gets up saying that she would make coffee but Palki stops her asking if she will be able to make it offering to do it but Shanaya leaves informing she will do it this time.

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Shaurya follows Shanaya so Kavya asks where is he going when Shaurya says he thought he would go and help her since she is making coffee alone, Kavya starts smiling.

Nidhi is walking when Preeta follows her but she is about to fall after tipping from the corner of the carpet, Preeta thinks how does Nidhi leave after coming in front of her.

Shanaya entering the kitchen wonders why did she do it since she got really embarrassed when she made tea for everyone. Shaurya comes to the kitchen and picks the coffee bottle asking what has she thought about him. Shanaya asks what is he taking about when Shaurya says he is asking for coffee.

Palki tells Kavya that she must forget about making coffee as Shanaya does not know how to make it and does not offer it even back home, Kavya says that even he does not know it when Rajveer comes asking who does not know it, Kavya explains Shanaya offered to make coffee but Shaurya also followed her into the kitchen, Rajveer says they are saying Shaurya followed her so he immediately goes after them, Palki thinks this means Rajveer is so possessive about Shanaya.

Shanaya says she felt nice that Shaurya asked her for coffee date but she also likes it however Rajveer is very possessive about her, and would never understand they both are friends but he is not going to like it. Shanaya asks if Shaurya felt something in his heart for her. Shaurya says Shanaya herself does not know what she is like as anyone would get possessive for her, Rajveer reaches the kitchen when Shaurya says speak of the devil and he is here Rajveer asks Shanaya to come outside, Shaurya inquires of the reason.

Shristhi reaches the back door of the Luthra Mansion, she pays the auto driver who tells that he does not have change when Shristhi starts argue saying that this is what they always do, the auto driver says she is lucky as he first thought that he did not have change and so gives back it, Shristhi explains she is very lucky that she got her change, she says she is very stressed as her sister went into this house and he must pray that no one sees her, the auto driver says that she would be seen if she is not Miss India.

Shristhi thinks she has to first call Preeta di because if she meets with Karan jiju then it would cause a lot of problem. Karan enters the room of Nidhi when he finds out that she is in the bathroom, he thinks he would wait for her to come out and ask if she selected this dress as then if she refuses then he knows that Preeta selected it for him.

Shristhi calls Preeta asking where is she as there is some urgent work which she needs for her, Preeta asks what si the urgent work when Shristhi says her shoes broke and she needs someone to repair them, Preeta asks if she thinks of her as someone who can repair the shoes for her. Shristhi immediately ends the call and enters the Luthra mansion.

Karan is anxiously waiting for Nidhi but gets stressed so leaves the room, Preeta accidentally bumps into Karan who gets hit with her hair in his eyes so is not able to see properly, Preeta feels something weird and so starts smiling seeing him, he slowly opens his eyes because of which he can just see her shadow. Karan once again touches Preeta remembering how he felt the same when she handed him the towel, Karan gets strangled in the curtain so Preeta starts helping him, Shristhi is shocked seeing them both together so pulls Preeta away, karan after freeing himself wonders what happened to him.

Nidhi stops karan who is anxiously searching for someone, he says he saw someone but then says that something went into his eyes, Nidhi is worried but karan is still looking around, he thinks he felt as if Preeta hugged him but there is nothing now, he wonders where did Preeta go so quickly. Nidhi is really worried.