Kundali Bhagya 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta reaches the Luthra Mansion


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Karan smiles praying to Bhagwan wondering what has happened to him, Rakhi stops while walking past the room of Karan and secretly entering calls his name, Karan gets stunned when Rakhi asks why is he so surprised, she asks what is he doing with the balloon when karan replies that he does not know how this balloon came into his hand, Rakhi explains that she really liked this balloon and so asks if she can keep it, she tries to leave with it when Karan stops her explaining this balloon came to him so now belongs to him, Rakhi says that no one gave him this balloon, Karan asks why is she making such a big scene of it and says this balloon belongs to him as he loves it, Rakhi starts smiling calling Karan from behind, she says he has not grown older and still acts like a child, karan accepts that he will never grow up and so exclaims he will behave in the same manner, Rakhi asks him to keep this balloon if he has started liking it, she leaves after kissing him. Karan once again sits on his bed wondering what has happened to him, he exclaims he has fallen in love with this balloon so mentions he will not let it go anywhere and always keep it beside him.

Shambu thinks he is going to try and call Nidhi for the last time as then he will even give her the news, Nidhi answers the call as it is from an unknown number but after seeing that it is from Shambu she immediately ends the call, and even blocks the number. Shambu angrily mentions she will have to pay the price as he was about to inform her about the news, he thinks of going to her house.

In the morning Preeta is performing the Arti when she sees Shristhi coming so calls her to perform the Arti, Shristhi explains she has gotten ill so is going back to her room, Preeta replies she is not calling Shristhi for that reason, Shristhi apologizes as she got a bit late when Preeta says that it si her normal time for waking up, Preeta says she wanted to give her Parshad. Preeta asks if Shristhi is free today as they have to go to the Luthra mansion, Shristhi replies she has a lot of work today and is not able to think of any work, Preeta thinks of what work does Shristhi have. Gurpreet comes with the tea for them all so they all sit on the couch. Shanaya greets everyone and is about to pick a cup of tea but Mohit takes it from her informing that it belongs to her, they both start fighting for it but eventually Mohit manages to take the cup of tea. Rajveer also comes to have tea after getting ready for the office, Shanaya calls him as Raj asking if he can take her with him, hearing this everyone gets a bit awkward. Preeta thinks that she knows when Shristhi is lying and is aware that she does not have any work but is just pretending so they do not go to the Luthra Mansion, she however vows to go with or without Shristhi.

Shanaya says she calls him Raj out of love, and start acting innocent in front of everyone asking if this was the name of SEK in the movie, Shristhi getting up asks what is going on between them, Rajveer says they can ask Mohit who replies that nothing is going between them both, Preeta asks what is going on. Rajveer tries to plead for his innocence when Shristhi angrily questions what is the truth, Rajveer assures it is all a lie, Shristhi signals Preeta that something is surely going on between them both, Rajveer is also furious.

Gurpreet pushes Shanaya to the corner questioning what is going on with her, Shanaya asks the reason she is angry when Gurpreet explains they can see how Shanaya is talking with Rajveer but she must tell her that there is someone else in his life. Shanaya says Rajveer is single and not for her, but Gurpreet replies he is not completely single which Shanaya does not understand, Gurpreet explains there is something between Rajveer and Palki when Shanaya replies she has asked Palki a lot of times but she always said there is nothing. Shanaya asks if Gurpreet wants to know the truth that there is something between her and Rajveer. Gurpreet stops Palki asking what is Shanaya talking about and is there something between Rajveer and her, Palki gets really sad hearing this and leaves. Gurpreet thinks no matter if Palki does not say anything, her heart tells her that Palki has some feeling for Rajveer and he also has feelings for her so she knows they both are made for each other.

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Preeta is serving breakfast to Rajveer but he says that Mohit needs the breakfast, Shanaya asks if Rajveer can drop her to the Luthra house, Shristhi asks if Mohit has seen Rajveer drive a car, Shanaya gets excited asking if he has purchased a car. Mohit says that Shristhi jee is asking, Shanaya replies she has not seen him driver a car, Shristhi asks then how can he take both Palki and Shanaya to the Luthra Mansion, Rajveer asks why are they making such a scene since their bike has gone for servicing so he will go by Taxi, they all leave when Preeta thinks now she will go to the Luthra mansion as she knows that all her answers will be there.

Karan comes down calling Rishab when Rakhi asks the reason, karan says he has to go for a ribbon cutting ceremony so knows Rishab knows what to wear, Nidhi explains that she will select it for him. Karan turns to Rakhi explaining that he has not asked her to select the dress since her choice is really worst, Rakhi says Karan does not know how to select the dress for himself but is questioning the choice of Nidhi. Karan gets angry with her when Rakhi smiles saying that she really likes teasing him as he will always remain her younger son, Karan hugs Rakhi exclaiming he loves her, he then leaves to check what has Nidhi selected for him, Kavya goes to Rakhi who asks her to come and help her, Kavya says she really likes the relation she has with Karan Luthra when Rakhi explains she is the mother of the best son in the world.

Rakhi goes to open the door after hearing the ringing when Rakhi is glad to see Palki and Shanaya along with Rajveer. Garesh comes with his wife when Rakhi greets her, Kavya says they have not forgotten her since she used to live here but then left for her village when the lady says she has once again returned and will now work, Rakhi stops her explaining that when she left Karan got married and if she sees any new face in this house then must remain quiet and not talk back to her as she would then be scolded for it.

Preeta enters from the back door of the house, she accidentally drops a vase and so hides after seeing Nidhi. Preeta bumps into the wife of Garesh who says that she was looking for her and has heard a lot form everyone, she requests Preeta should take out the clothes of her husband when Preeta replies she has no husband, the worker leaves thinking that times have changed since when she gets angry with Garesh then says she does not have any husband.

Shaurya is in his room trying to select the dress for the functions when he is really frustrated and so is glad to see when Nidhi enters the room, she assures she will select the dress for him. Nidhi explains she does not like the Khurana sisters and does not even like Shanaya, Shaurya asks why is Rajveer so interested in her when she is not his type, Nidhi asks why is he so interested in Shanaya. Nidhi explains Shanaya always comes to their house and she is sure would be downstairs helping Kavya with her preparations, Shaurya leaves immediately when Nidhi says she does not know what does this boy desire.

Nidhi enters the room of karan and thinks that this is the best feeling as she is going to be like a typical Indian wife who is selecting the dress for her husband.

Preeta walking in the Luthra mansion wonders where can she find the room of Nidhi as there is not even any name, Preeta stands in front of the room of Karan, he immediately gets a strange feeling while taking the shower so wonders why is it happening. Preeta walks away from his room further into the Luthra mansion.