Kundali Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Shaurya gets furious when his plan is ruined

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Preeta tells Daljeet that it spread even more when Daljeet says that it has gotten a bit lighter, Gurpreet also comes back when she asks Preeta about the Sindoor, Daljeet says that Karan Luthra came here and then Preeta accidentally dropped the Thali after which he applied the Sindoor, preeta explains that he did not do it purposefully, Gurpreet thinks Bhagwan does miracles in their lives because he tends to make people meet with whom their Kumkum is joined, Gurpreet says that the Sindoor is looking very beautiful in her Mang however Preeta replies she has been trying to wipe it off, Gurpreet says that there are certain things of relation that donot wipe out, Preeta does not agree with it however Gurpreet questions what was the need to remove it, preeta feels a bit embarrassed so walks back inside the room, Daljeet tells Gurpreet how she sometimes feels that Karan has some sort of relation from their past life with Preeta je, Gurpreet wonders how can she tell her that the relation is just from this life but she cannot tell it to her now.

Shaurya while standing against the room recalls the moment when Palki dropped the bouquet after feeling the burning, he is shocked seeing Shanaya so asks why is she staring at him when Shanaya says she wanted to thank him as he drove very fast, Shaurya says that he knows it and they only got here as he drove their new car that too very fast and she must tell this to Palki, he gets a call from Kavya so leaves, Sandy asks Shaurya what was the need for this lecture, Shaurya is smiling.

Mohit reaches the party in the Luthra Mansion but when he does not see anyone then calls Varun asking where did everyone go, Varun informs that Palki suddenly had burning sensation and so she was taken to the hospital, Mohit asks where was Shaurya at the moment, Varun questions why is Mohit asking about Shaurya and mentions that even Kavya was behaving very strangely, Varun asks if Mohit suspects Shaurya had anything to do in it so says that he is innocent but Mohit asks where did Kavya so Varun points towards the house so Mohit walks ahead.

Shaurya asks why is KD making a video call, she is sitting beside the bouquet saying she will herself pick the flower when Shaurya refuses, Kavya then picks the flowers, Shaurya gets shocked asking what is she doing, Varun also asks why did she pick them, Shaurya questions if KD is saying that he is involved in it and that KD has even picked them but did not feel anything, Shaurya blames Rajveer saying she should ask him, Kavya agrees with Shaurya when he says that she was going to pick the flowers so he got nervous and if anything had happened to her, he says he was just concerned about her and so demands that she should let go of the roses, Kavya apologizes to Shaurya, Sandy asks why did KD not get the burning sensation, Shaurya informs that the chemical is only activated for just thirty minutes but he is glad as the time had passed.

Rajveer asks the doctor if everything is fine when the doctor informs they had cleaned her hand with the cleaning formulae, Rajveer asks the reason when the doctor says that it was due a chemical, Palki says the floweriest is ust trying to sell his flowers and why would he apply such a strong chemical, the doctor is not able to understand it when Rjaveer suggests the flower seller might have used a strong chemical which had affected her, the doctor is glad saying she is now fine but had they come after ten minutes then they would have t bandage her hands, Rajveer gets worried but the doctor says she is fin now, he even gives the ointment to apply on her hand. Palki and Rajveer walk out of the room when Shanaya asks if she is fine, Palki explains she is now fine, Rajveer says that the doctor informed there was some chemical, Shaurya explains that he should have brought it from some big shop however says that he might not have that much money and suggests he should have asked him for the financial help, Palki assures that Rajveer does not have any fault in it and everyone uses chemicals., Shaurya however does not agree with it and says she got hurt due to it, he even asks Shanaya to tell them who agrees with Shaurya. Rajveer accepts that he should not have bought the flowers but Palki says he should not be silly, Rajveer thanks Shaurya for driving the car very fast due to which they reached here as the doctor revealed they could have been forced to bandage the hands of Palki so he thanks Shaurya as they reached here on time. Shaurya informs they have to go back as their party got ruined, Shaurya is furious thinking his entire plan got ruined.

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Shaurya along with everyone else reach the Luthra mansion, Kavya asks Palki how is she doing and even Varun asks her, Kavya asks what did the doctor say so Palki informs that she is fine now, Kavya informs even Mohit has come here hearing which palki and Shanaya start looking for him. Shaurya is standing when two boys come wearing masks and demand that he should recognize them both, Shaurya asks who organized such a party, Rajveer explains he is the one who organized the party which is themed as a maskerete party so he should enjoy.

Karan enters the Luthra Mansion and is just looking at Rajveer, Sandy goes to him asking if he got disturbed due to their shouting but Karan replies that the music would be loud as today sit he Valentines party, he then praises Kavya, Shanaya and Palki for looking very beautiful hearing which they all start smiling when Karan asks them all for a hug, Rajveer thinks he just remembers the pain of his mother whenever he sees Karan Luthra, so wants to ruin him but should he take the support of Panday. Karan even asks Shaurya to give him a hug who asks why is he showing so much love, Karan replies he loves Shaurya and even Kavya because he is blessed to have such a nice family who always remains happy except mom who is ill and had she been present in today party then it would be even more beautiful, karan says he is getting very emotional today and does not know the reason for it, Shaurya hugs him again. Karan notices how Rajveer is tensed when he thinks he has come here dot get the DNA test, Karan opens his arms so Rajveer slowly walks to him and he hugs Rajveer which makes Shaurya furious, Karan notices how there is something strange and then rubs his finger on his hair, Karan suddenly gets dizzy so they all are worried but Karan says he is fine, Kavya asks him to relax however he says he is fine so leaves wishing them all Happy Valentine, karan is walking when he open his wrist to reveal the hair of Rajveer thinking that now everything would be proven.

Karan while driving the car calls Dr Manish who asks how did he call his friend when karan mentions he wants to get a DNA test, Manish does not understand so karan says he feels that Rajveer is his lost son Rudra and promises to reveal everything once he reaches the hospital.

Shaurya is drinking in the party and even stops the waiter to take a bottle, Shanaya stops him from drinking when he asks why is she stopping him, Shanaya says she is not stopping him from everything and just wants him to be in his limits, Shaurya starts smiling saying she thought of it so explains that it is the same as stopping but Shanaya says that they are different and he can drink if this is what he likes to do, Shaurya then puts down the glass, he turning to Shanaya says she is a very nice girl but boys like him impress girls like her very easily, she does not understand when he says that he put the glass down when she said he should not drink after which she got happy, he even gifted her a car knowing it would stay with him but on the other hand her sister never gets happy and she does not know how to be happy, Shanaya asks why did she come in all this, Shaurya says that whenever someone talks of a girl he just thinks of Palki, Shanaya gets worried.