Kundali Bhagya 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Karan feels the presence of Preeta in the market


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Rishab asks Karan what happened but he replies that nothing has happened, Preeta stops in front of the women who is selling balloons shaped like hearts, the lady asks Preeta to release a balloon as it will surely reach to the person who is made for her and she is sure their hearts would connect. Preeta gets really excited demanding all the balloons from the vendor, Shristhi pays the lady who leaves when she asks what is Preeta doing as she was just informing her about saving money but purchased all the balloons, Preeta explains it is very late and the lady was still selling balloons but would now go to eat with her family. Preeta replies that she was really moved by the words of the lady that these balloons would surely the heart, Shristhi gets tensed so asks if Preeta di remembered something when Preeta replies that she remembered that she also has a heart, Preeta starts releasing the balloons but a bike rider takes some of the balloons, Preeta starts following him while the rider passes by the car of Rishab and karan causing the balloons to enter their car. Karan and Rishab both start smiling, Shristhi is shocked to see them in the car and how Preeta di is about to go and ask them for their balloons.

Shristhi signals Preeta that she will go and ask for their balloons, Shristhi stands in front of their car then leaves snatching the balloons, Rishab is about to return the other two balloons but drives away as the people start honking the horns, Shristhi is relieved that Karan did not see Preeta, she finally releases all of her other balloons praying that at least one of the should reach its right location. Shristhi gets emotional so hugs Preeta.

Shanaya wonders who opened the window, she thinks she is very scared of lizards, Shanaya sees Rajveer standing in the balcony when Palki comes asking what is she looking outside, Shanaya says he is very cute and handsome, Palki replies he is not that cute or handsome, Shanaya does not understand when Palki replies he is good at heart, and cares for everyone when Shanaya replies she can see that he cares for a lot for her. Shanaya warns Palki to not look at him otherwise it might ruin her love, Shanaya is glad that Palki does not have anything in her heart for Rajveer otherwise how could he have become her, Shanaya goes back inside when Rajveer sees Palki so waves at her but she closes the window seeing which Rajveer gets a bit tensed, Palki wonders what has she done just now, she is not able to stop thinking about Rajveer who is still standing on the balcony, so Palki opens the window once again and Rajveer turns to look at her when she waves at him, Rajveer with a smile on his face immediately waves back at her so she signals she is going and closes the window. Rajveer thinks he thought Palki is angry with him but it is not the case.

Shanaya turning questions what is Palki doing there since she should come and sleep as beauty comes from sleeping, Shanaya explains she sleeps for eight complete hours and so sleeps.

Sandy asks Shaurya what is he doing as he is not replying to anything, Sandy asks why is he so tensed, Shaurya says he is thinking of Shanaya hearing which Sandy is shocked. Shaurya explains that girls are mad to go on coffee date with him but she refused to go on a coffee date for him. Sandy says that Shanaya is not his type, she is not giving importance to him but is getting mad for him, Shaurya replies he does not care for his reputation but this girl is very important for him, as she will help him take his revenge from Rajveer because he cares a lot for his Shanaya. Sandy says what if Rajveer does not like her, but Shaurya says they know both of them like each other, he has planned what they must do as he will make sure Shanaya cheats on Rajveer with him, because Rajveer first snatched his family from him so now he will snatch his girlfriend.

Karan tells Rishab that they will shift the meeting tomorrow, Rishab agrees when Sandy greets him, Karan asks Sandy why is he so afraid of Rishab. Rishab says Karan should not say anything when Rishab asks angrily questions why is Sandy so scared of him, Sandy replies he does not know the reason when Rishab says Sandy should figure it out.

Karan asks Shaurya to come and sit beside him explaining there is no one beside them here, karan says that the biggest relation is of a father and he cares a lot for him, Karan explains that he will always stand to protect Shaurya if he gets in any trouble, Karan mentions he will always protect Shaurya but warns that if harms Kavya then would get suffer since she is his only daughter. Shaurya says even he is his only son, Karan informs that boys grow out to be strong while the daughters are like princess so must be treated like such. Karan mentions that the meaning of his conversation was that if Kavya is harmed in the future, he is about to warn Shaurya but Rishab asks Karan to come with him as they need to discuss something urgently.

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Preeta asks Shristhi to also tidy her saree, she explains that she sometimes feels like remembering her past but is not able to remember it completely, she asks if Shristhi remembers it when Shristhi replies that she does not since the past has ended and even their enemies have died, Preeta suddenly remembers when Anjali died so asks what did Shristhi mean, she apologizes for what she has just said. Preeta says she is not able to understand who has such quarrel with her that they are trying to take her life as she has never done anything wrong. Shristhi informs there are some people in this life who are filled with hatred but they do not even know about them, Preeta replies they know it when Shristhi says that Preeta heard the person talking on the phone which means this is the planning of someone else and he is just a pawn, Preeta sits beside Shristhi, she smiles mentioning the weather is very nice.

Preeta tells Shristhi that when she let go of the balloons she had such a strange feeling and did not knew if it was because of being scared. Shristhi remembers when the balloon went in the car of Karan Luthra. Shristhi asks her to not think of much when Preeta replies she is not able to explain it clearly to Shristhi, hearing this Shristhi says she is going to come back and leaves. Preeta walks to stand in front of the window and starts enjoying the weather.

Karan asks Rishab to at least let him talk with Shaurya, Rishab says that so much drama happened in the morning and now Karan wants to create another scene, karan says he was trying to explain and what was the need to interfere, Karan says this is also the problem with Rakhi maa who loves Shaurya a lot, karan mentions they do not teach him but when he tries to do anything then they stop him, karan informs that excess of everything is bad. Rishab asks if Karan can achieve it like this, informing that their father did not scold them when they were young, he suggests Karan should be a friend of Shaurya. Rishab says that Shaurya is not giving an answer but when he starts doing it then Karan would feel really bad. Karan says should he sit without doing anything, Rishab once again suggests Karan should first be his friend as Shaurya has become an elder. Karan starts arguing which irritates Rishab so he sits down, Rishab informs that JanMashtri is coming and he does not want any problem to happen during the functions Karan starts arguing with Rishab asking if he likes to cause problems during functions, Rishab leaves asking karan to first correct his mood. Karan sits on his bed thinking about when the balloons came into his car, he smiling goes to pick them from his car.

Preeta is reading a book when she slowly comes to the window and once again gets the strange feeling, karan with a smile on his face also kneels on his car, he writes his name on the balloon and even makes a heart shape. Karan then starts smiling seeing the balloon which he lets go n the air, Preeta is standing in the window when the balloon suddenly comes into the room, she tries to see from where did it came but is not able to recall it. Karan wonders why is he feeling this is her heart which he is holding in his hands. Preeta thinks that it is just a balloon but she feels it has come after touching someone whom she holds close to her heart, Karan exclaims he really misses her and prays that she should also miss him, Preeta wonders who is remembering her from the depths of his heart. Preeta and Karan both start playing with the balloon, after a wile Karan finally starts walking back towards his room and Preeta is still playing with the balloon.

Karan entering the room thinks he has seen a lot of balloons but what is so special that he has started loving this balloon, Karan exclaims he is The Karan Luthra so why is he behaving like this, he starts smiling..