Kundali Bhagya 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shaurya places the money in the wardrobe of Rajveer

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Preeta tells Gurpreet and Mohit it was very good that she went to the office of Rajveer yesterday as how else could have she found out that he works in such a big company, Gurpreet asks if she is really proud, Preeta replies she is very proud because he is very talented and where else can they find such people. Preeta says they would always seen him like this and she is sure that Karan Luthra would also seen the same qualities in Rajveer. Gurpreet exclaims she desires to also say the same about Mohit, but he always makes mistakes and sometimes does not even pay the local vendor. Gurpreet warns Mohit to not stare her like this and says he must come with her to the house of his uncle, she requests Preeta to close the door.

Karan asks Rajveer what is he searching for, he says that there would be a first aid box in the office, both karan and Rajveer get a bit awkward when he leaves after placing the first aid box on the desk. Karan starts smiling seeing the injury on his finger, he slowly picks the first aid box when Rajveer returns with the file mentioning that the file he gave yesterday was not the correct one, Rajveer turns to leave but notices that karan is just fixing the papers and not applying the medicine, Rajveer starts taking out the medicine without even listening to karan, he applies the ointment so karan is just staring at Rajveer who is focused, Rajveer the takes out the other cream with which he covers the injury. Karan starts smiling seeing Rajveer who feels a bit weird, Rajveer then turns to leave but Karan stops him, saying Rajveer is always ready to help him as he saved him when he was trapped in the fire and even today. Karan thanks Rajveer for all his help and then hugs him, Rajveer feels a very weird sensation and is about to embrace Karan, he gets a bit emotional.

Preeta opesn the door to find Shaurya standing there, he takes her blessings when she asks him to come inside, he asks if she would not ask why did he come here. Preeta says he would liked to meet her, Shaurya sneezes when she says that he could have had something cold to drink, Shaurya replies it is nothing of the sort as he just took a cold shower after his gym. Preeta makes him sit down explaining that she will bring a herbal drink for him to treat his cold. Preeta leaves explaining he is very nice, Shaurya asks if there is no one else in the house Preeta mentions Rajveer has gone to the office hearing which Shaurya gets furious, Preeta requests him to not start fighting there, he agrees when she says that she even has to tell Rajveer one thing twice but he accepted it only once. Shaurya smiles thinking he is nice only when the matter realtes to him and this is why he came here. Shaurya gets a call from Nidhi who asks if he finished his work, he says he has gotten a cold when Nidhi replies they will surely take care of everything, she asks him to get out of there after finishing his work. Shaurya ends the call and sits beside the bag full of money.

Rajveer while hugging karan thinks that he feels Karan is a very good person and father but then why does he not care for his other son and wife who have been missing for so long, Karan also thinks that his son Rudra would be the same age of Rajveer, he asks Rajveer to leave now as he is perfectly fine now and the cut is also better. Karan sits down why is he comparing Rajveer to his son Rudra, he starts getting memories about the time he spent with Preeta, he exclaims he is very worried since he cannot find her even when she is so close to him, he knows that Rajveer is aware of her location but he fears that if he asks him directly then he might leave the job, Karan thinks he can no longer stay away from her and would do everything to make sure she returns to his life, he exclaims he really misses her. Karan starts crying.

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Shaurya is slowly walking into the room with the bag when Preeta stops him asking where is he going, he replies he is just going to attend the bathroom. Shauyra quickly places the bag on the couch. He enters the kitchen asking what is she doing, she replies she wants his help in taking this bag from the shelf. Shaurya places it on the table but wonders what happens to him whenever he comes to this house since he does not even lift a glass in his own house but is helping Preeta here. She after searching for a while informs that they do not have one of the spice which she needs to use in the herbal drink, she leaves to quickly bring it from the neighbors. Shaurya enters the room of Rajveer where he searches for the bag, Shaurya then starts transferring the money from his bag thinking it is for all the insults he has suffered due to Rajveer and the problem that are in his life. Shaurya exclaims Rajveer should have respected him but he insulted her that too a lot of times, so he must be taught a lesson for everything, Shaurya gets a call from Nidhi who asks if he completed the work, Shaurya says that he placed the money in the wardrobe of Rajveer, Shaurya sneezes when Nidhi exclaims that it is not good to sneeze in the middle of a good work. Shaurya picks the frame when he exclaims that she would also get hurt because of Rajveer and he desires he could keep her away from all this problem. Shaurya is about to leave when Preeta stops him, she forces him to sit on the couch explaining he must drink the herbal medicine. Shaurya refuses but Preeta mentions she will force him to drink it, Shaurya once again refuses when Preeta explains that it might not even taste good but has very good results, Shaurya gets up after taking just one sip of it but then Preeta mixes honey in it and says she will even give him a spoon full of honey. Shaurya completes it and he says he has never listened to anyone and eats whatever he desires but he has some relation with her, Preeta replies she also feels she has some relation as she also does not force anyone else but with Shaurya feels it is her duty to make sure that he is fine whenever he leaves from her house. Shaurya after getting up once again touches her feet and he thinks what has gotten into him since he does not even take the blessings from his own Grandmother, so if anyone sees him then it will ruin his image. Shaurya decides to leave when Preeta asks him to keep coming to her house like this as she likes to have his presence.

Kavya is talking on the phone when Mahesh asks why is she talking with him secretly, Kavya asks where is he going when Mahesh replies that he felt like he will bring something special for her after coming back from the office. Rakhi standing behind them says that he is asking someone who gets everything but has never asked her for it. Mahesh says she is saying as if he has never brought anything for her, Mahesh explains that today is the function of Kavya. Rakhi explains that he feels when she announces her own function, Mahesh gets furious questioning how can she talk about her own function, Rakhi replies so that he can give her some attention. Mahesh starts getting a bit romantic with her seeing which Kavya gives a sign, Rakhi also warns him to behave and consider his age, Mahesh going back to Kavya mentions Rakhi would have gotten old but he is still young, kavya also agrees with Mahesh mentioning he still seems like young handsome person, they all start laughing, Nidhi standing on the balcony exclaims they all can enjoy the company of eachother, she just has a problem when they smile talking about Preeta.