Kundali Bhagya 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shaurya vows to marry Palki


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Shaurya is just staring at palki when Shanaya comes to wish him but he leaves angrily, she thinks that he should be happy today since it is their Roka, Priyanka comes to Shanaya asking if she is fine because she saw that Shanaya was trying to talk with Shaurya, Shanaya replies she is very tensed as she had to make a lot of effort to come in the hearts of the Luthra family and now feels she would have to make the same effort again but leaves informing she would surely do it.

Shaurya walking with Sandy stops when the hair of palki covers his face so he is not able to move an just keeps starting at her, Sandy asks if he would say anything when Shaurya enters his room angrily and just keeps remembering about the moments he had wit Palki, how they both would always argue with each other but he had a strange feeling when helping Palki, Shaurya says that he wants it when Sandy asks him to be quiet as he thought that Shaurya does not take drugs, Shaurya replies he is talking of Palki as she can never be of someone else and just belongs to him. Sandy asks if Shauyra thinks he should have said it a little soon because now even her Roka has been performed, Shaurya replies he does not care vowing to even break her Roka, he leaves telling Sandy to just wait and watch.

Palki enters the kitchen when she climbs on a small bench to take out some things from the upper shelf, Shaurya comes to lean against the console, Palki asks what has happened he replies she will fall now and he will catch her but she would tear his kurta , he exclaims he would not have been able to come to her from far away so as he does not have any magical power, he says that he would surely save her. Palki replies she is not some damsel in distress that she needs him to help her as she is a strong women, Shaurya replies that she has always fallen when he is around her but then palki leaves replying that she did not fall.

Palki while walking stumbles and is about to fall but Rjaveer catches her, Shaurya also runs out when he gets a bit tensed seeing both Rajveer and Palki together, Shaurya is not able to control his emotions, Rajveer asks palki if she is fine when she assures he then picks the Thali after which palki turns to leave however Rajveer stops her to correct the tika on her forehead, when Palki gets a bit nervous after it and leaves, Rajveer is not able to stop smiling but turning back sees Shaurya staring at him so questions what is he doing here, Shaurya replies that Rajveer would very soon find out what he is about to do, Rajveer is worried.

Kritika enters the house requesting Kavya to bring a juice for her as she is very tired, Kavya brings the juice for her exclaiming it is very nice to be a bua as before Kavya she was the problem maker in this house but now she would get the kisses and hugs from Kavya, who replies she would even do it as Kavya is very nice. Varun signals Kavya who hugs him, but they both stop when Kritika explains that she will leave if they stopped due to her, Varun replies he would take Kavya to his house very soon after which she can hug him but kritika replies he is mistaken to think that she would let him take Kavya to his house that easily as he would have to give a lot of tests, Varun agrees but then asks Kritika how many boys would he have to fight to get Kaya as she is very beautiful, Kritika leaves so Varun turns to Kavya he was not lying when he said she is looking beautiful, Kavya asks why did it take him so long to meet her, Varun says he had a meeting when they both are arguing.

Karan is trying to talk with Rishab asking what does he think,Rishab questions for what is he talking about, Mahesh also comes asking why are they wasting the time, Rishab asks if Mahesh is not delighted to see them happy as Karan was asking him how he felt, Mahesh replies he does not know what Rishab feels but being the father of Karan can tell him what it means. Karan asks Mahesh if he knows what he was talking about as they both are becoming like children and should at least listen to what he has to say, Rishab says Karan is the one who has not told them anything but karan asks them both to be serious while they are making fund of him, Mahesh assures he is serious, Rishab and Mahesh both start smiling. Karan refuses to tell them anything, Kritika comes asking what are they talking about, Rishab warns her to keep her nose out of this matter, Mahesh says they are teasing karan, who informs both Mahesh and Rishab are the elder children of this house, Mahesh agrees with him but then Karan tries to leave with Kritika, he stumbles into Varun so blesses him. Mahesh tells Karan he would not be able to get away from him, Rishab explains that both Varun and Kavya look very good together, Mahesh hugs Kavya saying she would turn his house into a beautiful place, Karan explains that Kavya would surely become the daughter of his house, Kavya says that she is going to call her brother when Varun explains Shaurya was telling him that his life would be ruined after their marriage, Kavya replies she will then call Rajveer, kritika threatens to call Rakhi when Rishab replies then he will call everyone from the Luthra family after which kavya leaves, Karan stops Rishab but he says that he heard it a long time ago that if they do what no one does then it would make their name in the country which is what he would go to do, which is to support their mother and tell her that Karan and Mahesh threatened Varun to not marry Kavya, Karan says he did not say it and Mahesh also mentions it is wrong that Rishab is threatening him by taking the name of their mother. Rishab says that both Mahesh and Karan got married but they are telling Varun to not marry as this is wrong which is what he will go to tell Rakhi, Varun also says that it is wrong and Karan, Mahesh would cause his marriage to break so he will tell the truth. Karan tells Mahesh that he has also sided with them all but he learned that Mahesh would ruin him so he is going to go and not talk with him, Mahesh is left confused thinking everyone is going against him so he follows them.

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Rakhi is not able to believe what Kritika has said, she replies that Rishab, Mahesh and Karan were all warning Varun to not be married when Kavya tells that they would not say anything since her brother Rjaveer has arrived. Rishab also comes with Karan and Varun, Rakhi gets furious when Varun also explains that he loves her a lot, Rajveer informs that Varun is also a nice person but should never think about hurting his sister, Varun explains that he was just joking as Kavya is the best partner that he could ever desire. Rakhi gets furious over the behavior of men regarding the marriage, Kritika blames both Karan and Rishab who try to defend themselves but Kritika keeps instigating Rakhi, Karina comes asking what was going on when Rakhi says that all boys were saying that marriage is just a problem and she feels she might have not raised her sons properly, Karan explains that Rakhi has not done anything wrong and all the problems in them is due to their father seeing which everyone is shocked, Mahesh explains that all wrong but when he got married with Rakhi she would get furious and go to her parents house but then the relatives suggested he should have a son but ever since his son Karan was born he has been trying to ruin the relationship of his parents. Karan explains that his mother is very beautiful while their father would have trapped her to come to his life, Mahesh keeps arguing with karan to not use such words for him but Karan replies his brother has given him this words but he knows that Mahesh is just the one who is wrong. Bani Dadi comes when Mahesh asks her to sit down and tell everyone that her son is not bad and has a lot of good characteristics when Bani Dadi replies this was their secret so everyone starts laughing when Mahesh gets irritated, Bani Dadi then once again slaps him after hugging him, they then all share a family hug.

Shaurya walks down the stairs while everyone is standing when he goes to see palki who is smiling while talking with the guests, Shaurya is not able to take his eyes off her.