Kundali Bhagya 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Karan hires a detective to locate Preeta


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Preeta is smiling while covering the eyes which he also enjoys however Karan after opening his eyes starts calling to Preeta, he after a moment realizes she is not here but it is just her thought, he thinks as if his mind has stopped working so he has to control his emotions and not always think about Preeta because then he might get mad, he thinks he wants Preeta in this house while not in his dreams. Karan wonders why does he not hire a detective so thinks about Garesh, he calls the person asking him to come to his house since he wants someone to be found, Karan leaves with his injury.

Karan shows the photograph of Preeta to the detective informing he can even provide the location of where she lives but he is not sure about the house, the detective asks the name of the lady so Karan says her name is Preeta, meanwhile she is having dinner with Rajveer and Shristhi so also feels as if someone has called her. Shristhi notices she is tensed so asks what has happened and even Rajveer questions if everything is fine but Preeta does not respond.

The detective asks for three days time to find out the truth, karan also says he wants to find out the relation Rajveer has with Preeta and how close they are, he asks if he can ask a personal question from Karan so inquires what is his relation to her since he wants to know so much about her. Karan walks a few steps from the couch, informing that she is his wife. Preeta also gets up from the dinner table and starts walking towards the door to check if there is anyone there but she is not able to find anyone. Shristhi comes behind her along with Rajveer to see what has happened however they both are not able to understand anything, Preeta slowly peeks out of the house when Rajveer asks where is she going, Preeta replies someone is calling her so Shristhi asks who called her, Preeta informs Shristhi she felt as if someone has called her, someone tried to talk with her but she is not able to tell about the person. Peeta once again walks out to check.

Karan says he has also been searching for ever since she left as she did not come back but now he feels she will come back by herself to him, so he has to tell a lot of things to him and the most important that kavya is about to get married so he desires that Preeta should come to her wedding and give her blessings while she should once again gather the relations that have been ruined, so she should perform the wedding rituals of Kavya. Karan says this is why he wants him to find out Preeta, the detective agrees vowing to try his best and find Preeta as soon as possible.

Preeta keeps standing at the door with the strange feeling that someone is calling her meanwhile Kara is eagerly waiting for her.

Nidhi says to Shaurya that they cannot let this happen to them when Shaurya replies he said it before that Rajveer has turned everyone from their family against them. Nidhi says she told him that those who do not have a lot of money tend to emotionally blackmail everyone, so Rajveer along with his aunt and relatives are the same. Nidhi exclaims they have tow choices amongst which the first is to be scared, Shaurya says she must not say he is scared when Nidhi replies she knows but the other way I that they should give them all a reply in what language they understand. Shaurya exclaims Rajveer has become a problem for them so now he wants that Rajveer should stay away from this city and not just their family, he says Nidhi mom said they must think of what they must do so now he has understood what he should do at this time so he leaves.

Daljeet is scolding Mr Khurana saying he does not take car of himself but is going to the house of the neighbors and worrying for their problems. Mr Khurana leaves when Palki tries to calm him down when he says he does not need to listen to everything that Daljeet says as she would even have a problem with him taking the breath. Daljeet comes saying he does not care for even his own daughters because Shanaya was calling him but he did not answer, Mr Khurana says that Shanaya never called him when Daljeet replies he would know if he answered her calls, she informs Shanaya is coming back tomorrow. Palki is stunned asking why did she not tell them so asks Daljeet to send her the details about the train and she will pick Shanaya. Mr Khurana explains he does not have his mobile hearing which Palki says this is why Daljeet is furious with him so he leaves to pick his mobile.

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Arohi is performing self care when she gets a call from Nidhi asking how is she doing, Nidhi replies she would not have called if she was tensed explaining Kavyaa found out about who stole the money, Arohi is shocked when Nidhi explains the true problem is what would happen when Preeta comes back to this house as the Luthra’s still do not give her any importance, Arohi suggests Nidhi should first try to find Preeta after which they will see what they must do, Nidhi ends the call.

Preeta is sleeping with Shristhi but constantly dreaming of a past life which she does not remember so is just getting flashbacks meanwhile Karan is also dreaming about his life with Preeta, she after a while wakes up taking the name of karan and he also wakes up taking her name. Shristhi wakes up asking Preeta what has happened, Preeta says she got a dream in which she was seeing a lot of things but was not able to understand them property however after a while she saw Mr Karan Luthra, Shristhi gets shocked so asks Preeta to not take any tension revealing she went to meet him but was not able to, so must not be worried as dreams are never true. Karan thinks this can not be only a dream as it is said that certain dreams indeed become true, so he has just seen Preeta in his dream today but feels he would meet her one day.

Shristhi asks Preeta to not take any tension and go abck to sleep, she hugs Shristhi who is very worried meanwhile karan is also sitting in his bed.

In the morning the auto driver stops telling Palki that they have arrived at the station she informs that it is far ahead when the auto driver replies she can only walk till the station. Palki starts walking when two people riding on a motorcycle start teasing her and after a while insist that she should stop as they both should go together, one of them explains even the farmhouse of his friend is empty so they would enjoy a lot. Palki warns them to stay away from her but they keep teasing her, a lady stops her scooty to see that palki is being teased, she sees the incident from her rear view mirror so turns back to stop it in front of them. The biker says it is their charm since girls keep following her, they both decide who would they spend their time with, one of the biker acts but the girl revs her scooty seeing which they get tensed, she is about to hit him but the person falls after being scared so she starts laughing, the other rider goes to support his friend. The girl removes her helmet and palki is socked to see that it is her sister Shanaya, she after getting off her scooty threatens the boss mentioning he must leave after seeing her scooty, otherwise she would hit them with it so he should stay away from all the girls especially Palki. Shanaya explains she does not forgive people like her very easily, as Palki is her sister and she is Shanaya Khurana, palki is amazed to see this behavior of her sister.