Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mihika’s love worries Ranbir


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The Episode starts with Aryan coming to the restaurant and looks for Ranbir. Ranbir comes there. Aryan asks what did you make me drink yesterday. He says I remember that you came to take my help. Ranbir says Akshay made you drink that, and says Akshay had spiked Prachi’s drink and you drank it mistakenly. Aryan asks about Prachi. Ranbir tells that he thought about Prachi and followed her, when Akshay took her in room. He says I had knocked on the door, but he didn’t open it. He says then I lighted fire to raise alarm due to smoke detectors, and everyone started running, says just as Akshay came out, I went to his room and took Prachi out, and she slept in my room peacefully. Aryan says how did you manage alone, and asks how did you become real life hero. Ranbir says that fire idea was yours, you put small germ in my mind. Aryan asks for drink. Ranbir says you was sleeping then. Aryan asks where is Prachi?

Prachi comes there and says she is searching Akshay, but he is not in the room. Ranbir says he will not leave the battle field like this. He sees Akshay sleeping on the sofa and tells Prachi. Prachi wakes him up. Akshay says where was you Prachi, and says I was searching for you all night, and asks where did you go? Manager comes there and asks Akshay what happened to you, you had slept on this couch all night, and says no fire had break out, it was mischief by some kid. He says we saw you coming here and sleeping here, so we didn’t disturb you. Prachi says even I felt strange, don’t know what happened to me. Ranbir says someone must have added something in your drink. Akshay says I felt the same, I was fine, and then something happened to me, I had something. Prachi says we shall leave from here. Akshay says we shall stay here for a day. Prachi says we can’t stay here anymore, as there is Mihika’s marriage and we have to make arrangements. Akshay says ok, we shall leave. Prachi says she will pack the bags.

Vishaka wakes up mihika and says you are sleeping in the guest room, and I was searching you in the house. Mihika says good morning and hugs her. She says Ranbir picked my call and helped me at the right time. Vishaka asks what happened? Mihika says Mayank tried to enter my room, and then I called Ranbir and he made him scared on phone that Mayank ran away. Vishaka says you would have called me, and I would have beaten you. Mihika says to be honest, I just thought about him and called him. She says I love him a lot and can’t live without him. She says he is different and nobody can be like him. She says he understands love, and says he cares for me, respects me and tells that nobody handled me the way he has handled me. Vishaka thinks she can’t tell her, where is he and what he is doing. Mihika asks Vishaka to call Ranbir back and says she can’t live without him. Vishaka says Ranbir will come here and will stay with us, it is a promise. Mihika asks how can you be so sure? Vishaka says I have made all the arrangements and says when I had gone to temple, I just didn’t go to temple. Mihika says then where did you go.

Vishaka recalls and a fb is shown. Vishaka meets Pallavi in the temple and says she has called her to talk to her about Ranbir. She tells her that she came to know everything about Prachi, and tells that if she wants him to forget the past then he has to stay in Tandon house. She says I want to keep eye on him, and will inform you. She says once Ranbir and Mihika get married, then you can take them from there. fb ends. Vishaka tells Mihika that she talked to Pallavi and she agreed to let Ranbir stay here. She thinks she don’t want to upset her, as nobody can ruin Akshay and Mihika’s home.

Ranbir, Prachi, Aryan and Akshay reach home. Prachi thanks him. Ranbir says I shall thank you and recalls Prachi telling him truth. Akshay asks why is he thanking her? Ranbir says she helped me when I was unwell. Akshay says it was our helplessness. Ranbir asks him not to talk about it. Aryan asks Ranbir if you will do anything or will you let Prachi stay alone with Akshay. Vishaka comes out and says my kids came. She says I know that Ranbir and Aryan are here, and asks them to come inside. Akshay thinks what happened to Bua. Vishaka hugs Ranbir and asks them to come inside. Aryan says now I have to go for work. Vishaka asks him to go. She gets Mihika’s call and tells her that they are coming inside. Mihika brings aarti plate and stops Ranbir, says your proper grah pravesh shall happen. Ranbir says I have come before also, so don’t do it. Mihika asks him to let her do it. Manpreet asks Ranbir to let her do it. Ashok asks him to think it as supreme court order and grant it. Mihika says it is my wish.

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Akshay asks why you want to do her aarti, if he has won any battle? Ranbir says yes, I have won the battle, but can’t tell everyone. Mihika says Ranbir is right and says Mayank had come here last night, and I called Ranbir, and he made Mayank afraid so much that he ran away. She says Ranbir saved me from Mayank and he deserves my welcome. Prachi thinks Mihika is loving Ranbir very much. Mihika does his tilak and aarti. Vishaka asks Mihika if she has done her would be husband’s aarti, now let him come inside. Manpreet asks Renu to take the aarti plate. Vishaka tells everyone that Ranbir will stay here till the marriage happens, and says I talked to Pallavi, and she is bringing shagun today. Akshay asks why Ranbir will stay here, and says he has house and he shall stay there. Vishaka says he will stay here, as Mihika wants and asks him to understand. Manpreet says she is very happy. She asks Ashok, Akshay and others not to go to office tomorrow, as designers are coming there for the trials. Ashok asks Akshay about the clients and says there was no meeting in Manali. Akshay says they are new clients and tells that he will freshen up and will give him details. Vishaka says Mihika loves Ranbir a lot. She asks Prachi if she feels the same. Prachi says yes surely, it is clear seeing Mihika’s face. Ranbir goes to freshen up. Vishaka goes to give coat to Akshay.

Aryan comes to Kohli house and wonders where did everyone go. He calls Ranbir. Ranbir says I will stay here for few days. Aryan says you shall be happy. Ranbir says I am tensed as Mihika is in love with me. He says I have seen love in her eyes, and says she was welcoming me with aarti and was getting my proper grah pravesh done. He says she loves me a lot, and this can become a big problem later on. Aryan asks him to just think about Prachi and says Mihika might love you, but it is just a start and not intense love. Ranbir says I don’t want to do anything bad with Mihika, and has to leave with Prachi at the earliest. He says Mihika shall not be hurt. Aryan asks him not to think about Mihika, and asks him to think what Akshay will do now. He says Akshay must be planning for the next attack and asks him to plan to beat him. He sees Pallavi standing and ends the call.

Ranbir thinks I don’t care even if Akshay comes to know about the truth. He says I shall be ready, as Akshay will do something bad or very big. Aryan tells Pallavi that he was talking to Ranbir. Dida asks him to call him and tell that she will have dinner with him. She says he had come here, and then went back. Aryan says I will call him. Pallavi says Ranbir will stay there, as Mihika’s family is there, and he shall stay there, as Mihika wanted him to stay there. She asks them not to be stubborn and asks him to come back. Dida goes to have lunch.

Pallavi asks Aryan what you was telling Ranbir that how Akshay will react? Aryan says he didn’t understand. Prachi asks where did you both go in the night? Aryan tells that they went to the business meeting and Akshay was there too, and they turned Akshay’s success into his defeat. Pallavi asks what is your problem with him. Aryan thinks Akshay’s relation with the family will end soon. Prachi is cutting bottle gourd and injures her hand. Ranbir gets concerned and asks her to show her hand. Prachi looks on.

Episode ends.