Kumkum Bhagya 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranbir questions Prachi


Kumkum Bhagya 31st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. Ranbir looks at her mangalsutra in his hand. Prachi takes her mangalsutra and gets up to wear it, says Akshay liked its design so bought it. Ranbir asks her to tell the truth. Prachi says you know all the truth. Ranbir helps her wear it. Prachi goes away from here. Ranbir says this is not garden, they will shoot you. The robber tells their boss that the girl is not found. The boss asks him to bring that girl and says she didn’t let me take the mangalsutra and also called the Police. He asks his robbers to bring that girl and asks the people to give whatever they have, as Police will reach there at anytime.

Prachi recalls and a fb is shown, she recalls Ranbir buying another mangalsutra for her. She says she has already a mangalsutra which he has given her during marriage. Ranbir asks her to wear it alternatively with other mangalsutra. Prachi says it is beautiful. Fb ends. She turns to go and sees Ranbir coming there. He says he wants his answers. She says she has no answers. He asks if you love me? Prachi looks at him and says no. She pushes him and asks him not to do the same thing with Mihika or other, which he did with her, and asks her to become of someone else. Divya and Mihika hide in the CCTV room. Mihika says they will come here also. They see Manager hiding there and is scared. She says you are Manager, and asks why you are hiding here. She asks him to go and save people. Manager says I am doing the same and tells that the jewellery section keys is with them, and tells that until they don’t get it, they will not harm anyone. He asks them not to tell anyone. Robber calls Prachi, asking her to stop. Mihika says someone is outside. She says may be robber. Prachi pushes the robber and runs. She then comes to the CCTV room. Mihika, Divya and the Manager get shocked. Prachi says robber has seen me, I will save you all. She asks them to hide and make sure that the robber doesn’t see them. The robber knocks on the door. Prachi comes out and says she is coming. She then pushes the clothes stand on him and runs. The robber doesn’t see Mihika, Divya and the manager. Prachi runs and hides, under the table. The robber checks the place and says she is not here. Akshay and Abhay come there. The robber aims gun at them. Prachi comes out and asks the robber not to shoot them. She comes infront of them. The robber takes them away from there.

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The Inspector calls the Robber, and asks him who is he? The robber says if you find out about me then I will not kill anyone with my hands. The Inspector calls him Shera and reminds him what he has done last time. The robber says this time, I have hostages with me. The Inspector asks him not to do anything else he will be jailed for 5 years. Shera says he will loot the mall. The Inspector asks constables to handle Media, as he sees them here. Inspector thinks he has to do something and tells Constable that Shera is mad. Constable asks if he knows him. Inspector says Shera was my senior in college. Ashok hears the news and gets shocked, thinking they went to the same mall. Divya and Mihika go out being worried for Prachi. The manager thinks it is good that they went and think to lock the door, just then the robbers come there and pushes the door. Akshay, Prachi, Abhay are brought to the boss. Boss asks if anyone wants anything. The salesgirl says she wants water. The boss says he wanted to say that do anything, but don’t eat my brain. He gives 30 mins to Prachi to give the mangalsutra with an apology. Akshay tells Prachi that it is good that she didn’t give the mangalsutra and says it has diamonds of 5 lakhs Rs. Prachi looks upset hearing him. She thinks it is good that Mihika, Divya and Ranbir are not here.

Precap: Mayank takes Mihika to side and keeps hand on her mouth. Mihika sees Dida and Ranbir having a hug. Dida tells Ranbir that she has seen him with Prachi and asks what he was doing with her.