Kumkum Bhagya 30th June 2023 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 30th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Prachi asking Akshay to meet him once and then decide. She says my heart is saying that he will be good. Akshay says she doesn’t know what to do in life. Prachi says you are talking like possessive brother. Mihika says he is coming and asks Akshay to behave nicely with him. Akshay says it depends on how he is. Mihika says if you behave badly with him, then I will cut my wrist and will give my life. Akshay says that guy is so important in your life, he didn’t come in your life yet and you want to end your life for him and didn’t think about us. Prachi asks them to be quiet and says we shall not say anything until he comes. Mihika says we all shall get ready and have to do decorations also. They all have done decorations and are ready. The guests like the decorations and compliments Ashok. Ashok says would be damad is coming. Akshay says mihika will do everything grand that we have no choice to refuse. Abhay says Mihika has decided everything and is just acting to give us rights. Divya says so that we don’t complain. Neha says so that she tells that she has taken decision with her family. Mihika comes there with Manpreet, and asks them to talk bad about her on her face. Ashok says my daughter has come. Abhay says you are our strength. Manpreet says she will beat the person talking bad about her daughter. Prachi comes there and greets the guests. Akshay holds her hand and takes her for dance.

Ashok tells Mihika that dhol guys have come and all the arrangements are done, and asks when that guy will come. Mihika says he is stuck in traffic. She says she got him with much difficulty, gets worried and calls on his mobile. Ashok dances with Manpreet. Vishaka gets upset. Abhay asks Vishaka as Son in law will be coming. Vishaka says everyone is dancing. Abhay insists her to dance. She refuses. The lady tells that the same thing will happen like last time, and this time everything will be good. She asks where is the washroom. Vishaka takes her to washroom. Neha and Divya tease Mihika, asking if she is seeing Jaan’s photo. Akshay thinks his fear came true and comes to Mihika.

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Manpreet comes to the room. The lady tells that they shall go fast. Manpreet says the guy didn’t come till now. The lady says everything is happening like last time, Mihika had called us to see the Damad and he didn’t come. She says Ashok Bhai Saheb got heart attack for the first time then. They ask if everything is fine with Mihika. Mihika hears and goes. Manpreet praises her daughter and says she has no problem with her. Vishaka asks why did you come here if you have so many problems because of us. The ladies tell that they have come to share the happiness and will see the guy and goes. Akshay asks Mihika if she is worried that the same thing is repeating. He asks if he is ignoring her. Mihika is worried. Akshay says lets go and sort out things. Mihika says he is not like old guy and says he is a thorough gentleman. Akshay says he is doing the same thing as that guy, and asks her to stop liking him. Mihika asks why does he doubt her choice. Akshay says I love you being your brother and says you knows well, what can happen. He asks her not to force him to say bad. Mihika asks him to say and says when he said all this. Akshay says same thing is happening. Mihika asks if I shall not love someone.

Akshay says you will be only hurt and asks her to look at him. Prachi comes and says Akshay enough. Mihika hugs her. Prachi says we will figure out what problem he has. Mihika says I have his address, I will go and bring him. Akshay says fine. Mihika goes. Prachi asks him not to trouble her. Akshay says you don’t know what had happened due to Mihika. Mihika sits in the car and says I will make sure that nothing wrong will happen like before, everything will be fine. She recalls Akshay’s words and hits a biker accidentally, who is Ranbir.

Precap: Ranbir comes infront of Mihika’s car on his bike. They come home. Prachi is shocked to see Ranbir coming with Mihika.