Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranbir takes rescued Khushi to Prachi

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Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshay asking Rana to leave from there immediately. Prachi gains consciousness and says Khushi needs me, she is in chawl. She asks him to stop the car, else she will jump. He stops the car. Prachi run out of car. Akshay asks her to think about Khushi. Prachi says I am thinking about Khushi. He says I went there, and found you unconscious and that’s why taking you home. He says Khushi was not there, we will search her. He asks her to sit in the car. Prachi sits in the car and cries. Rana and his goon are taking Khushi from the bakshi chawl, while Khushi shouts for Ranbir, asking him to save her. Ranbir is unconscious. His friend holds Rana’s leg and asks him to leave Khushi. Khushi shouts Papa…..Ranbir gains conscious and breaks glass bottle on Rana’s head. He looks angrily at the goon and takes Khushi from him. He asks Khushi if she is fine and says I will not let anything happen to you. Rana looks at Ranbir. The friend stands up. Ranbir says if you touch my daughter then your family will repent. He asks his friend Surya to take care of his daughter and says he will handle him. Rana tries to take Khushi. Ranbir beats Rana. The other goon try to attack Ranbir. Ranbir beats them.

Rana and his goon are about to run, when Ritika and her team and inspector and his team comes from the doors. Ranbir tells Inspector that they are the kidnappers, and says I am showing the kidnappers, witness and also the proofs. The Police team takes Rana and the goon. Ranbir says I hope you don’t think me as my daughter’s kidnapper. Inspector says sometimes we also do mistake, and tells that you are a good person. Ritika says good father too. Khushi hugs Ranbir. Ranbir asks if you are fine. Khushi smiles. Ranbir thanks and hugs Surya, and asks him to tell him whenever he needs any help. Surya goes with the Constables.

Ranbir tells Inspector that you called me a good person, so I need your help..will you do it. Prachi is in the car with Akshay and recalls Akshay’s words that Ranbir was the boss. She says Ranbir was not there, so he didn’t kidnap Khushi. Akshay says Ranbir has kidnapped Khushi. Prachi says I know he didn’t kidnap her and asks Akshay to take her to the PS. Akshay gets worried and thinks if she came to know. He stops the car and pretends to get headache. He says I can’t drive and says we shall go home. He asks her to ask someone to get his medicine from the room, and says he can’t drive. Prachi says she will drive. She makes him sit on her seat and goes to sit on the driving seat. She takes Akshay home. Akshay asks Prachi to get his medicine. Akshay does a drama and falls down. Manpreet and Prachi take him to room.

Ashok calls the doctor. Prachi tells Manpreet that Khushi needs me, I have to go from here. Manpreet asks her to go. Akshay tries to stop Prachi and holds his chest, saying he can’t bear the pain. Prachi asks what happened to him. Manpreet says I am with him, and asks her to go. Prachi goes. Akshay gets up from the bed and throws Manpreet’s phone. He asks why did you let her go, when I said that I am going to die and was not able to breathe. Manpreet says Prachi needs to search Khushi, she is her daughter. Akshay says I couldn’t take breathe when Prachi was here, and you let her go. Manpreet says I am with you, your mother. Akshay says he doesn’t need anyone, but just Prachi. Abhay comes home. Ashok and Mihika tell that Akshay is unwell. Abhay says he will go and see him. Prachi is praying in the inhouse temple before leaving to search Khushi. Just then Khushi comes there and calls Mamma. Prachi runs to her and hugs her. Vishaka also hugs her. Khushi tells Prachi that Papa came there and saved her from goons. Ashok says I am happy that you returned. Khushi says Papa saved me. Prachi looks at Ranbir.

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Manpreet asks what do you mean by you want Prachi? She says I don’t see love, it is just stubbornness, Prachi is not a toy that you want her. Akshay tells that he married her even after knowing that she has a daughter and loves someone else. Manpreet says you can’t get her this way, and scolds him. She says she is his mother. He says he don’t want such a mother and gets angry on her shocking Manpreet. Abhay comes there and says Khushi is found and is standing downstairs. Akshay is shocked. Manpreet goes downstairs and hugs Khushi. Ranbir asks Divya to take Khushi inside, and asks Khushi not to get scared. He tells that he had not kidnapped her and says he found her and brought her back. Mihika tells Ranbir that she trusts him and tells Prachi that she should have trusted him. Ranbir says Prachi never trusted me, and says I thought she will trust me in Khushi’s matter, but I was wrong. He says Akshay took advantage and manipulated Prachi against me. He says he wants to talk to Akshay and calls him.

Akshay comes and asks what you are doing here, and asks Abhay to call Police. Ranbir says don’t take this effort and tells that he met Inspector and also Ritika, and Inspector apologized to me. He says they freed me with respect. He tells that Akshay knows the kidnapper as he himself is the kidnapper. Ashok, Manpreet and others don’t believe him. Akshay asks who will believe you, who has kidnapped Khushi before. Ranbir calls Rana there. Akshay is shocked and asks who is he? Ranbir says if your memory is weak, I will make you remember everything. He says when the identification of dancers were happening, when I identified a dancer as kidnapper, then Akshay was sure that he was not the one, as he knows Rana’s face. Prachi asks Rana to say truth.

Precap: Prachi asks Rana to tell who is the kidnapper. Rana aims his hand at Ranbir and then Akshay. Mihika looks at Khushi who is sleeping and says you are becoming reason for their union and will now become the reason for their separation. She takes the knife in her hand.